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I just wanna have a bang

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by sadgirl, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. sadgirl

    sadgirl Guest

    yes,,thats it i want to have a normal bang from my normal hair,,i wanna do my hair as cute as those other girls,,,,thick bang,,,but i cant,,coz it's too thin from the front
  2. samging

    samging Guest

    I know exactly what you mean. I can't have bangs either because my hair is too thin. I fiddle with my hair every day to try to conceal the thinning on top and at the hairline. I wish I too had a solution to this short of getting a topper or wearing a wig.
  3. sadgirl

    sadgirl Guest

    thank u for replying and sharing ,,, i guess we'll have to find other style...we just need to realize that hair doesnt matter,,i'm waiting for this stage
  4. Madcludwig11

    Madcludwig11 Guest

    I feel ya, all I wanna do is braid my hair so badly! esp the one where it goes over the front of your head with your bangs and to the back. But i can't with my wig. Wish girls would understand how lucky they are that they can curl/straighten/braid/crip/dye their hair whenever they want...
  5. beachlover24

    beachlover24 Guest

    I feel you. I wish I had bangs too. I kind of am at the point where I just wish my Androgenetic Alopecia was typical female pattern rather than male pattern. :p

    the grass is always greener.

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