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I LIKE MY . . .

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by Guest, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey guys,

    We all tend to focus on what is challenging us right now (HAIR) so I thought it would be a good idea to relate what we really do "like about ourselves". Okay - Okay - none of us are thrilled about the follicles but surely we have something we really like and maybe it would be good to share that and what the heck - toot our own horn so to speak - I will go first:

    PERSONALLY - I am a LOYAL soul - if I like you I will be with you through thick and thin - Heck and High water - you name it.

    PHYSICALLY - I am tall and slender (was more slender just days ago before the Christmas pounds but hey) anyway -the thing I like is my neck - goes well on my tall body - I acutally do have a lovely neck - oh and nose is cute.

    NEXT ??

  2. Kath

    Kath Guest

    Oookay here goes:

    Personality: I am usually pretty happy and upbeat and I can't hold a grudge or be mad for long. And I'm fairly silly, which comes in handy when teaching small children, because they relate well to that.

    Physically: When my eyelashes are staying put I like my eyes. They are my favorite part of me. And even though I didn't used to like it, I really enjoy being tall and having long legs. (Funny, my two least favorite things when I was a kid, because I thought I looked like a big monkey!)
  3. Dorinha

    Dorinha Guest

    Hi, I like this thread Janie!!

    I like my eyes and mouth and my skin is nice. My legs are pretty good too. I'm only 5'6 but they are long for my frame and very slender.

    I like my personality, like Kath, I am very happy, goofy and can't stay mad at a living soul. I am pretty good at seeing both sides of the story before getting upset about things. I am loving and empathetic and cannot hold back my tears, even at some commercials!

    I like that God blessed me with a nice singing voice and some musical ability.

    That's it.
  4. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I LOVE this thread!

    I like my personality. I view things ( like cars breaking down, getting lost, ect., going into labor) as an adventure and something that someday will make a great story. I like that I write. I like that I FEEL.

    I like my eyes ( when they aren't thyroid puffy) they're a pretty color and sparkle a lot. I like my wrists, they are tiny and slender and elegant ( weird, I know).

    Add to this. I like the fact that I don't OVER ( jeesh LOL) do things. :twisted:
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok Janie, since you asked.

    What do I like about myself?
    These are the postive qualities;
    When I am not pregnant like I am now, I have a sexy little body.
    I am petite and slender. But I am a somewhat shapely lady too. :D :wink:
    I believe I am pretty also.
    I have a great fashion sense, and like to dress beautiful and feminine.
    I am a postive person who enjoys life and is usually nice to people I know and meet in everyday life. I like to have fun. I am good to my friends and family members.
    And I am pretty smart.
    I also believe I can work hard and get at least some of the things I want in life. I am not lazy if I really want something.
    I am affectionate and a good at lovemaking.
    I even like my smooth, sexy, bald head! (and my husband likes it) :D :wink:

    My negative qualities,
    I can be very obstinate and stubborn, too much so at times. I can be sometimes almost too feisty and I like to win an argument (no matter what!).
    I used to be quite shy but as my confidence has grown in myself I sometimes have become arrogant, more arrogant than I should be about some things.
    I used to be insecure and shy about my bald head, but after meeting men in recent years that believe I am beautiful and sexy bald, I have become more confident, sometimes perhaps even vain (which may seem strange and unusual for a completely bald woman to be vain about her looks, but sometimes I probably am. lol!)
    I sometimes am too much of a perfectionist, every hair has to be in place (if I had any hair! lol!)
    I am sometimes honest to a fault, even brutally honest. It is good to be honest but not necessarily brutally honest. Even when you think you are right. Sometimes it is good to take it cool and easy.

    Growing up in a mostly Caucasion area of New Hampshire, I sometimes used to be shy about being a Black person. Now I am comfortable being an African-American. I don't really care what race or ethnic group people are as long as they are nice people.
    I am not racist at all. I even married a guy from a different race, a White guy. And I have friends of all races. So I don't have many racial hangups these days.

    Good question Janie! :D
  6. ncny

    ncny Guest

    hey janie,
    Nice idea...

    I like that I'm creative and sensitive. The sensitive part can sometimes be a double-edged thing. I'm intuitive, caring, supportive but also sometimes easily disappointed. My creativity is probably my favorite thing about myself. I have alot of energy when it comes to making things, sharing ideas, or using my artistic skills. I get a thrill working with color or design. Actually I get touched pretty easily by things.

    Physically, well of course it used to be my hair. But now I would say it's my slim, somewhat athletic build. Not that I actually am an athlete....haha. Looks are deceiving. My eyes are ok too. Kind of expressive.
  7. moviegirl

    moviegirl Guest

    Thanks,Janie, for the upbeat thread!

    I like that I am one to stay in touch w/ those that matter to me. Thank God for the 500 minute calling cards! No joke! :)

    I like that I am able to make some people laugh --being able to connect w/ others and the ablility to see humor in situations is priceless.

    Physically I like my eyes which are light green and expressive.

    I also like my feet--not too small or large--bring on the OPI nail polish!

    Ladies, there are several hundred of us registered on this site--please respond to this post and put a smile on your face 8)

  8. Treesa

    Treesa Guest

    Hi Janie,
    Like you i'm a loyal soul and I take a lot of pride in that. I'm strong and extremely independent. I value strong friendships and the bonds of family. I have a great sense of humor, love a belly laugh!

    I like my dark brown eyes, high cheek bones and my feet. People have always commented to me how nice my feet are. To me they look like Barney Rubble feet. That could be cute right??!!!!

    Thanks for the smiles ladies!
  9. AprilLynn

    AprilLynn Guest

    Great Thread! =]

    I am a great listener....people come to me with the problems all the time because I just sit and listen and comfort...thats just how I am...I will never turn one away if they need me to help....

    I have a great sense of humor....oh man...I love to laugh and will try to turn any moment into a joking moment (well most of the time!)

    I have been told a thousand times that I have a beautiful smile and perfect teeth ...... =)

  10. worriedgirl

    worriedgirl Guest


    This is a great thread!

    If i had to pick a part of me that I like the most, I would say my smile. I had horrid teeth growing up, but suffered through braces for over two years - senior year in hs and freshman year in college, and it has made a world of difference. I like my smile, and I think it's the part of me that gets complimented on a lot.

    Ppl also tell me i have nice eyes - they're not that special to me b/c they're not a fantastic color - just really dark brown, but ppl seem to like it.

    I think the one thing I wouldn't change about me is my voice. I can't sing or carry a tune, but I like my talking voice. Although if given the chance I would re-do almost every part of me, I would keep my voice.

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