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I’m 25 And I’ve Been Losing Hair For 10 Years

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by KG0524, Dec 8, 2017.

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    Dec 8, 2017
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    This is my first time posting “my story” on any type of forum. My hair loss started when I was 15. I had crash dieted for several months to get ready for a formal dance when I noticed my hair was shedding a lot in the shower and when I combed it. Freaked out, I immediately started eating normally again. Months went by and my hair was still shedding like crazy and I was losing density (I had extremely thick hair before) so I went to my pediatrician. The pediatrician said “puberty, it’ll pass.” And sent me on my way. Ashamed and embarrassed, I let it continue for another year, when My Mom said enough is enough and took me to a dermatologist who ran blood work and diagnosed me with a thyroid problem (hyperthyroidism) so I started on thyroid meds and MY HAIR STOPPED SHEDDING. I didn’t really recover what I lost but it stopped shedding and I felt on top of the world. Time went on and my thyroid had “flare ups” now and then and my hair would shed on and off, but It never regained thickness. Between junior year of high school and Sophomore year of college (age 17-20), my hair was relatively stable. Sophomore year of college I went to a dermatologist who specialized in hair loss and she did a scalp biopsy and diagnosed me with female patterned hair loss. I completely lost it and started crying uncontrollably in her office as she told me to use rogaine, it’s genetic, and so on. I used rogaine for about a year and saw little difference (although my hair shedding remained still “normal” ) so I continued to use it. The following summer I forgot the rogaine when I went on vacation and for some reason I just never started using it again even after the vaca, and I didn’t notice any differences in my hair. Fast forward a few stable years, I’m now 25, my hair has been on and off shedding for 2 years now despite completely normal thyroid levels, and I’m getting married in september. I can still cover up my loss (bangs area is the worst). I go through days where I feel very depressed about it and days where I feel somewhat confident. I’ve done enough research to know that there are extremely high quality toppers and wigs out there that look very natural. I constantly ask “why me” and I am so envious of my sister who has beautiful thick and long hair. Sometimes I worry that having this condition at such a young age is saying something else about my health - -am I aging early? What else is wrong with me? But I’m otherwise completely healthy (besides my thyroid, which is stable and controlled). I want to have children but I’m scared to pass this on to them.

    Does anyone else have a similar story?

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