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I'm a model. And was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata.

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by DianaMiranda, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. DianaMiranda

    DianaMiranda Guest

    My general physician told me that it was telegum effluvium, and not to worry. But the shedding continued, and I noticed bald patches on my legs and arms, so I decided to go to the dermitologist. Good thing I did, right?

    I am a model. Or I was. That's the hardest part of all of this, for me.

    I don't know. I've been surfing these forums since two months ago, but now that I have been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, and this is going to be a more permanent thing, I figured I should register and be vocal and try to find support.

    My parents are on vacation in Mexico, and my mother was so scared that my hair loss was due to Alopecia Areata. She's going to freak out when she comes home and finds out. Plus, my hair has drastically shedded within the past three weeks, and now I have a huge ring of baldness all around my head (I only have hair on the crown of my head).

    I'm twenty by the way, and I live in a dormitory at my university. I feel like every day it's a god damn Pantene Pro-V commercial. I'm so jealous of all the girls around me with their gorgeous hair.

    EDIT: My avatar is a modeling photo from early November. Crazy to think how I had a full, healthy head of hair only three months ago!

    SAMANTHA07 Guest

    hi diana
    well i am the same like you till the begining of december i had only 2 patches.
    now i am almost compltely bald
    why did he say it is something permanent?

    SAMANTHA07 Guest

    and please don't feel alone.
    we all feel your pain, because we are feeling like you.
    we know how it feels.
    i am 27
  4. DianaMiranda

    DianaMiranda Guest

    Yes, it's so comforting to know there are others going through the same thing. I just hate the erratic mood swings I've been having. I'm fine one moment, then I get angry about it, then I'm sad, then I'm back to the "it's only hair" mentality. LOL!

    The dermitologist hasn't said it would be permanent, but, if I grow my hair back, I could always lose it again, right? That's what I've gathered from my browsing the forums, at least.

    SAMANTHA07 Guest

    no, not everyone is the same.
    have had some stress this period of time?

    SAMANTHA07 Guest

    you, know. hope is the key to life i think.
    and if you have hope, you can feel really better.
    there is a condition that is something permanent, when the follicle becomes damaged.
    but if they told you had Alopecia Areata, it is notthat, or not that condition at the moment.
    about 3 weeks ago, i start losing my eyebrowa and eyelashes and now they are almost gone.
    but i have hope, because i am seeing some new growth on myscalp.
    are you using some kind of treatment?
  7. DianaMiranda

    DianaMiranda Guest

    I have already lost my eyebrows. They're a very thin line, and they used to be thick and full.

    I'm on oral steroids. I haven't seen any improvement since I started shedding; there isn't really any regrowth coming in, just a few spikey hairs on the top of my head. No regrowth on the sides or back. :(

    Patches of hair have fallen out on my arms and legs, the fine downy hair that was on my stomach is gone, same with the downy hair around my hairline on my face.
  8. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    Hello DianaMiranda,

    That's a lovely modeling photo. I'm sorry to hear the suffering in your posts, and I do not have Alopecia Areata, although I do hear of women on this forum who have regrown their hair under the same condition.

    It could also be true in your case. Are you happy with your doctors, and do you feel you are getting the best possible treatments?

    You will receive much advice and insight on the hair loss issue here with this forum, and I do wish you a complete recovery.

  9. tearie

    tearie Guest

    You are very beautiful, with or without your hair. Keep your chin, go see you doctor, and try not to panic.

    Let us know how you are doing.

    Good luck to you and your hair.
  10. DianaMiranda

    DianaMiranda Guest

    Thank you for the welcome. And for the compliment on my photo.

    My dermitologist hasn't explained anything to me, really. He told me he's had some good success getting his patients to regrow their hair. I tried to get him to give me cold, hard facts, but, he said there isn't any way to know for sure. I literally asked him for a percentage, an approximated statistic, and he said each case is different. So I have NO idea. I figure, since I only just met with him, and we only just started treatment, I'll know more as I continue seeing him, and that right now he just needs to see how my hair is responding to the Minoxidil and Prednisone, because he was definitely reluctant to tell me everything. He actually suggested I look it up online. I think he just didn't want me to cry in his office, or anything. LOL!
  11. tearie

    tearie Guest

    I feel the same way as you. I want cold, hard facts...but there aren't any. Most articles I have read about Alopecia Areata indicate that many people recover their hair in a year. But it may fall out again. Or it might not. Or you can go into permanent remission, or always have bald spots popping up. It's so frustrating. But you are NOT alone. The ladies on the board are very helpful and compassionate.

    I've been getting cortizone shots and have had good results in one of my baldies so far. Do your research, then go see your doctor again.
  12. Mirkin

    Mirkin Guest

    I feel your pain. I am shedding like crazy . I have always been told how pretty I was. Im 35 my boyfriend is a very successful doctor. I have red hair and its half what it was. I feel lost in all this. i went to a hair doctor in la and was told te no inflammation and hair follicles are good. It hard to deal with. I bought several wigs. I went to Wilshire Wigs and got three great ones. I felt better just doing that. I also put myself on Xanax to control all the anxiety and it helps a lot. All things in life are temporary. Problems come and go. One day the feelings you are having will be different. Lets get through it and be happy we arent dealing with chemo right now. Im a nurse and work in surgery., Once a month we find a woman that has breast cancer. So hang in. I would go to a hair loss doctor that will look in a microscope and do a scalp biopsy. You need to be informed. Take care of your health. I recommend antioxidants to help with your immunity. Eat blueberries and take grapeseed extract. Get healthy that always helps. :smack:
  13. SAMANTHA07

    SAMANTHA07 Guest

    i took steroid pills for a month, i was supposed to retake them, but i don;'t want to.

    they have too much side effects, like gaining weight and the lists never stops.
    the thing is when i read about them is, when you stop them the hair that you have regrowth wit h them, will fall.

    well i am feeling like you.
    at the moment i am using minoxil with tretinion, taking vitamins a,d e and taking vitamins pantogar. all good for hair, nails and skin.

    h ave you wondered what triggered your condition?
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    welcome to the boards.

    there are several famous fashion models who are completely bald with alopecia universalis, who get alot of work; beautiful bald women like anna fitzpatrick, margaret baker, and laura hudson.
    there are other women fashion models who shave their head and wear the bald look.
    these bald women model with wigs and model bald.

    the bald look on women these days has become a chic, sensual fashion style on beautiful women.

    in fact some bald women use it to their advantage, as an exotic, sensually smooth, and unique look. they doll themselves up ultra-feminine in a sexy dress, 'hose and 'heels, with makeup and long dangle earrings to complient their bald look.

    alot of handsome men like beautiful feminine bald women also (like my wonderful handsome husband).
  15. DianaMiranda

    DianaMiranda Guest

    I've always dressed like really messy and bohemian. I relied on my hair as a marker of my femininity.

    I've never heard of those models. I tried to look them up, but only found information about Anna Fitzpatrick. There may be some models who can get away with working while having Alopecia Areata, but, I have not booked one job since my hair started falling out, so I know my modeling career is going out the window unless I get very, very lucky.

    Skirts and hose and heels. :) Cute.

    That ebook, Samantha, would be great. I'll message you right now.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    there is all sorts of info on margaret baker and laura hudson on the internet.
    just google in MARGARET BAKER BALD or LAURA HUDSON BALD, and you will find out alot about them.

    there are a number of other bald women fashion models who don't have alopecia but shave their heads and model bald, including eve salvail, alec wek, and the beautiful bald lady who represented miss tanzania at the miss universe contest.

    check out the bald women fashion website, BOLDISBEAUTIFUL.COM (that is spelled B O L D is beautiful). that website was started by a bald woman who is a designer in the fashion industry. there are all sorts of beautiful bald women on that website who work in a number of occupations, including as fashion models.

    the bald look has become a fashion style. if you feel you have to rely on your hair to be feminine and beautiful, maybe you shouldn't be a fashion model.

    hair is the least important thing about female beauty.
    a woman's beautiful feminine face, womanly body, feminine charm, personality, is much more important than hair.
    that is why beautiful, feminine women often look so good bald, or with very short hair.
    look at women like halle berry or alyssa milano, when they were wearing ultra-short hair, they still looked gorgeous, they were very feminine stunningly beautiful women with their ultra-short hairstyles, as are the beautiful bald women models i mentioned.

    you probably won't get work modeling though with scraggly, unattractive hair though.
    a smooth bald head on a lady looks much more sexy and fashionable than thinning, patchy hair.
    either have lovely hair, or shave your head smooth and wear the bald look.
    the bald look only works if you are completely bald (like i am).
    horrible looking hair isn't attractive on men or women.
    beautiful hair is attractive, and so is a sensually smooth, exotic, bald head on a beautiful feminine lady.
    fashion models like anna fitzpatrick, margaret baker, laura hudson, alec wek, eve salvail, miss tamzania, are very feminine women, and they are completely and beautifully bald.

    you need to give yourself more credit, you would probably look very feminine and quite beautiful with very short hair or the bald look!
    ............. and lady, learn to doll yourself up ultra-feminine, with a sexy dress or skirt and blouse, with nylons and high heels, wearing perfect makeup and long dangle earrings!
    you are a fashion model, you should be dolled up ultra-feminine!
    and that is half the fun of being a lady, getting all dolled up ultra-feminine and turning on the handsome men! ;) :)
  17. Redheaduk

    Redheaduk Guest

    Have your parents come back from holiday yet?

    I've been finding going home quite difficult over the past six months or so because my hair loss (Alopecia Areata) has increased considerably although not as far as yours has yet. Your parents will find it hard and will come up with a million different things for you to try, which I find exhausting. I think the most annoying thing is that I've accepted that I'm going to have problems with my hair and although I can still hide my bald patches, I know that I will adapt to wearing wigs when the time comes but my Dad is still insistent that there must be something someone can do. But as your dermatologist has no doubt told you, there are no guarantees - some things might work but they might not. But as frustrating as it is listening to them run through possible ways to help and having them freak out a little over it, you just have to remember that it's because they see it as their duty, their job to help you with all your problems. And remember, they are often the people who know you best and although I'm always apprehensive about going to them with problems, in the end you half them just by sharing them.
  18. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    Hi Miranda,

    This is a difficult time, and I know there must be all kinds of emotions. It's best to focus on the positives, even by way of your career. Once you find a regimen you're comfortable with, (you know you may not lose all of your hair, and it could actually regrow)focus on the positives, and maintain the best appearance you possibly can.
  19. DianaMiranda

    DianaMiranda Guest

    I had an awful shedding day yesterday. Ugh.

    Anyway, RedSkirt, what you're saying is completely true. But, I really don't feel I have the face to carry of the bald look! LOL! I'm so unfeminine in the way I dress and act, to be honest, and my hair has literally carried me, I think, because it was SO long and straight and full, and I could flip is around my shoulders and still feel girly even if I was wearing a pair of sneakers and some sweatpants. I guess it's time for a bit of an overhaul in the way I percieve femininity. It isn't dependent on just hair, you're right. It's just a huge change. And, I'm already having photographers request to work with me, then change their mind once they see a snapshot of how I look since my hair loss. That's the hardest. To have them change their minds about shooting with me. I can't blame them; who wants to deal with a model whose bald spots needs to be disguised when you can just shoot one with a full head of gorgeous hair?

    It's just scary, you know? I never thought I'd have to deal with this. I wore a head scarf around campus today, and I was even more self-conscious than if I had styled my hair with one of those wide headbands I usually push over my ears and the top of my forehead. I tried to be stylish, but, all I kept thinking is, "I look like I'm hiding the fact that I'm bald." I'm absolutely hair-obsessed, now. It's ridiculous.

    I think, though, that talking with my mom is going to make me feel a lot better. She's coming home this Saturday. I hate to bombard her with bad news, but, I cannot go through this without her for one moment longer than I have to.

    I promise the next time I post, I'll have something positive to say. I'm going to find some way to feel beautiful despite everything thats going on.

    Thank you all so much for your support. You're God-sent.
  20. SAMANTHA07

    SAMANTHA07 Guest

    diana, have you thought about purchasing a wig.
    it won't make you totally happ, but it will give you confidents to carry on, i purchaed one synethic in december, and yesterdayi bought one real hair.
    no one notice that it is a wig as today wig's are simply very natural.
    i bought this one knockout.


    if you consider it, it really may continue your life normally, even in modelling

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