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I'm on Met now

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by alicat, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. alicat

    alicat Guest

    I called my endo a few days ago to tell him I haven't had a period in the 2 months I've been of off Diane 35. He has me on Met now to see if that helps my body regulate itself.
    I am starting at a very small dose of 500mg a day (250mg x 2 a day), and in a few weeks I'm to up my dose to 500x2 a day. I am to try 1000mg a day for a few months before upping my dose.
    I am hoping so much that Met will give me a darn period (and maybe a baby?)
  2. finaleofseem

    finaleofseem Guest

    I hope so, too, Alicat!
  3. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    YOu can get pregnant on Metiforim??
  4. hwag5149

    hwag5149 Guest

    it helps regulate the way your ovaries work...

    Good luck ali :)
  5. alicat

    alicat Guest


    You can if it helps to regulate your hormones. I am hoping Met will allow me to ovulate, hence possibly getting pregnant.
    I have read so many success stories on the Soul Cysters forum! I am hopeful!
  6. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest


    I didnt know what metiforin (or however you spell it) did. All I know was it supposedly lowered androgens...?? And like birth control you should'nt get pregnant while taking it. But I was wrong!! :woot:
  7. alicat

    alicat Guest

    Metformin is generally used to treat type 2 diabetics. But because a lot of women with PCOS have high insulin, Met helps to lower the insulin and thereby regulating hormones. Yay.
  8. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest


    I heard Met was a hair loss drug too?? Thats why I thought it lowers androgens...

    Thanks for the correct info!
  9. hwag5149

    hwag5149 Guest

    technically it does lower androgens... that is part of what it does to regulate your hormones... :)
  10. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Thanks for the info..I was right about the androgens
  11. alicat

    alicat Guest


    it's just "usually" prescribed for diabetes.
  12. alicat

    alicat Guest

    i don't think docs prescribe it for hair loss, but maybe they do?
  13. iisara21

    iisara21 Experienced Member

    Oct 7, 2008
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    Good luck! (Throwing baby dust around liberally) :)
  14. hopelina

    hopelina Guest

    good luck with Met ! I took it and got pregnant pretty soon (I also took about hundret other things prescribed by my RE) but Met helped me a lot, too, for sure. I had to take it during my first trimester too, in order not to lose the baby. Some women take it during the whole pregnancy.
  15. kimm

    kimm Guest

    good luck alicat!

    Remember to take a good b12 supplement with this because met has been known to deplete those levels. Also I've read that taking calcium has been shown to help stop this from happening. (also good to take in case you do get pregnant) :)

    I've just upped my dose to 1500 mgs.

    I'm on fortamet. I don't know if it's affected my labs yet (cycles still wonky but I think I ovulated last week) If regular met is too hard on your stomach, I can say that Fortamet (extended release met) is much easier on the tummy. I've had very few issues in that department.

    I'm taking met to help with hair loss and hopefully get my cycles back in check. I keep having periods of shedding but multiple reasons why that could be happening. I don't think it's from met though because I've had periods of low shedding recently and don't think that would be the case if I was experiencing that side effect .... I hope. I think my facial hair has calmed down a tad though so hopefully my Testosterone is coming down?

    Good Luck Ali. I think it helped my sister. You just need to be patient. :)
  16. Janie-Ann

    Janie-Ann Guest

    Hi, Ali!
    Try to stay close to the bathroom when you up the dose, esp. to 1000 a day. Maybe you can time it for when you have a few days off in a row, just to make sure you're able to get used to it without any (can't figure out a nice way to say this...) diarrhea. That's a really common side effect at first, as I'm sure your MD will tell you.

    Good luck and good wishes on the baby making!

  17. missmyhair

    missmyhair Guest

    Ali--do you have insulin resistance? I'm just wondering if met would only be prescribed for girls that have that.

    I have my fingers crossed that it works for you!
  18. alicat

    alicat Guest

    No that I'm aware of. I had my insulin checked like a year ago. It was slightly high (but this test was done 2 hours after I had a slice of pizza). I think the proper way to check insulin is by fasting, right? I have never done a fasting insulin test. I really should.

    I think Metformin can be given to any girl with PCOS whether she has IR or not.
  19. alicat

    alicat Guest


    All I need is the runs! Ewwww.

    I am totally hoping to up my dose when I have a few days off in a row. I feel no different so far! *fingers crossed*

    Oh yeah--my hubby told me that the reason a lot of people get an upset tummy while on Met is because they eat too much. I am trying to limit what I'm eating so that I don't get nausea. I HATE nausea!!!
  20. alicat

    alicat Guest

    Thank you for telling me about the Vit B12. I do have a B100 pill that I can take. I'll start tomorrow.

    I haven't found Met to be hard on my tummy yet. I am only taking 500mg a day so (low low dose!!) In a few weeks I'm to take 1000mg a day. I will be making sure to eat small meals when taking my Met then for sure!

    I will be patient!!! It's hard sometimes when you crave to be pregnant!!

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