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Immune system

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by ginawat, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Merry

    Merry Guest

    No, Bunnyheather, I have NEVER shaved my head.

    I wear a topper with my thin hair all over my head. I have enough hair to clip the topper into. In fact, I just ordered another Kiki topper. It will probably be my last topper order, and at some point will have to wear full wigs.

    I will never shave and glue down a topper. Glueing onto my scalp is NOT for me (might work good for others). When my time comes, when I don't have enough hair to clip into, I will shave my whole head.

    I take off my toppers at bedtime. It is a very sad and emotional time when I look at my face. I look so much older, saggy face, and it changes my features to see myself with such thin hair. It is remarkable how much better I look with my toppers on! The reason I have posted pics of me in my toppers is to give hope to others. It takes less than 60 seconds to put the topper on, to look normal again......actually better than normal! I just wish those of you who are suffering from thin hair, no matter what the cause, go get some supplemental hair. You can feel good about your appearance again.

    I was helping someone out with a custom topper tonight. I'll attatch a pic I came across from three years ago.

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  2. alicat

    alicat Guest

    yep very true. just asked because i know it's easier to get a diagnosis if you have anotehr autoimmune disorder.
  3. ginawat

    ginawat Guest

    That was me - eat like crazy - do not gain a lb!
  4. katielou

    katielou Guest

    I agree something is wrong with our bodies!!!! I also seem to not gain weight. The doctors think its no big deal. I disagree.
  5. Lee112780

    Lee112780 Guest

    damn I wish I had that side effect!!
  6. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    :notworthy Me too!
  7. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys Guest

    Gosh I am the odd man out here.

    As far as sickness I have had a horrible time with colds, flu, chest infections. Unfortunatly when my problem began it was this time two years ago and in a 45 day span I had the stomach flu, then a bronchial infection follwed by another sore throat and cough then another sore throat. Very concerning. Then throught the next year I would get colds, sore throats etc. Then just earlier this year or I should say late last year, starting Dec 15 I got the stomach flu, a week later bronchitis, two weeks later another cold then yet another. I tell you it is alarming. My immune system must be not working VS overactive - I get sniffles and scratchy throat often,have three boys and tend to get every single issue they get. Both boys wrestled and one got ringworm, the other impetigo and I literally sanitized the showers, tubs and towels for 4 months - othwise i think I would have gotten a huge wide spread skin infection

    I wonder here the logic - I am loosing hairs and have something wrong and get sick very often. so I wonder if no colds or flu even fit into the picture.\

    I agree that Diffuse Alopecia Areata is brushed off. To be honest if anyone mentioned diffuse Alopecia Areata to me 8 mos ago I would have said yea right that is not really a condition, but now I do wonder about alot of you gals.

    I do feel the immune system has alot to do with hair loss, but I dont think its all just Alopecia Areata. My intuition tells me that for some its the biproduct for some underlying immune condition - I dont know if i feel hair loss from say lupus is Alopecia Areata, but sort of a subclass of Alopecia Areata with different diffuseness and different outcome if this makes any sense. So lets say the girls who get a biopsy many times over and it never shows perifollicular inflammation or other Alopecia Areata signs - perhaps its stress or immune hair loss from another factor? One lady I spoke with from wig support, lets call her sally told me she had the same horrific pain I had and has lost a tremendous amount of hair. She has had 4 biopsies spread out over some time and not one showed Alopecia Areata or any sign of it. As a matter of fact all of them were normal. She has an auto-immune condition so I bet its related to this.

    I was talking to a gal who has lost hair for along time, it got very thin and now its filled in all over significantly. It was bad diffuse loss. So it just makes me say hmmm what is going on here? So much doctors just dont know nor can understand completely.

    When in doubt get the biopsy!!! get it done from a good doctor, preferably a hair specialist and a lab that has the experience to read it. There are labs that are mediocre and some that are outstanding same goes for doctors - one local doctor I saw said diffuse Alopecia Areata was BS - so this goes to show you that the key is hair specialist because that local derm was misinstructed or uneducated on diffuse Alopecia Areata

    Merry once again I am taken back by your beauty! And the topper is sensational

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