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In your early 30's?

Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by dee01832, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. dee01832

    dee01832 Guest

    is there anyone out there who is in their early 30's and have a regimin that woks for Androgenetic Alopecia?
  2. VAgirl1

    VAgirl1 Guest

    I am in my late 20's ( 28 and my hair is WORSE than most older ladies I see ( i mean that with respect, just stating my Androgenetic Alopecia is starting and progressing very FAST)
    I wanted to bring this subject up, WHY is it that my loss is progressing so fast? I have lost so much hair, I literally see NO ONE my age with as little hair as me.
    I wish I knew what worked, but I have a feeling nothing will, and I will be stuck with toppers the rest of my life and eventually total wigs............
  3. dee01832

    dee01832 Guest

    I hear ya

    I just started the blue spray thing.. I hear ya.. i know NOONE even Older than me with this problem, Im so glad i found this site so theres other people to talk to. You from VA? Im in Mass. My hair has been falling out for 3 years, and now my scalp shows on top BAD. Im so sick of family saying its not that bad" I HATE going out in the day cause in the light it looks worse
  4. bek1014

    bek1014 Guest

    I'm 29, and the whole top and front of my hair is see through :cry: I don't have a regimen though. The thinning started at about 21 or 22 and has gotten progressively worse. So, your not alone!! I too hate to go out in the sunlight because I feel so aweful. It looks terrible!!
  5. dee01832

    dee01832 Guest


    Has anyof you considered a hair transplant?
  6. leg366

    leg366 Guest


    thinning gal is getting a hair transplant.

    You can read my story. I have had some success but it is a long hard road and far from over. I try to be grateful for the success I have had.

    good luck,

  7. dee01832

    dee01832 Guest

    thank you

    hi leg..
    do you think the laser comb is the main thing? I bought it a year ago, and returned it while i had that return period. I just started the blue spray, and nizoral shampoo. There was a segment on the news about Lasewr therapy, theres a guy ion Boson who does it, and the girl they had on tv was young,. Id rather talk to someone on here on their thoughts. What vitimins are you taking? I have a script for oral Spironolactone... i got fed up a few monthsa ago and stopped it I blammed it for making me sick, yet im still sick. Maybe i should start again.
  8. singlemom

    singlemom Guest

    I am in my mid thirties. I started rogaine about 1 1/2 yrs ago, I don't see regrowth but I think it has helped maintain what I've got. I also alternate between tricomin and folligen spray...I like both of them, and I just ordered 2% nizoral, we'll see how that goes. Although I haven't seen the regrowth, I am happy right now just keeping what I've got....I have not had a dred shed in almost a year and a half. :D
  9. leg366

    leg366 Guest

    hi dee

    I updated my signature- think it is complete. MSM is 5 g, biotin is 5mg, omega 3 is about 2g.

    I do think the LC has been really really helpful but my hair had started to improve even before and when my iron was improved my hair growth accelerated so I know there are many many factors.

  10. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Early thirties (feel older :lol: ) .. on Proscar, switching from Diane35 to Yasmin and on rogaine 5% .. shedding slowed recession hasnt ... been on all this for a year (ish) give or take ...... looking into cosmetic options as not totally happy with the forever growing forehead ! oh yeah use Nizoral 2% also Progaine Shampoo was using a bunch of supplements BUT I was sick of spending an hour sticking pills down my neck I dropped them !!!!!
  11. Thinning Gal

    Thinning Gal Guest


    I'm 30 and definitely feel so much older b/c of this hair disaster. I am getting a transplant in May and praying this helps put this nightmare to bed for once and for all.

  12. dee01832

    dee01832 Guest


    anyof you close to massachusetts?
  13. seeme

    seeme Guest


    I have had some success with my regimen (see below). By success I mean, my shedding has slowed down considerably and has been that way for about 4 months. This after over 2 years of profuse shedding. I do have some regrowth, but some of them fall out. :( I do not know what is working "best". It may be a combination of all of them. Personally, I really like the lasercomb. If nothing else, it makes me feel very pro-active when I do it and my hair always looks so much thicker afer using it. If I know I am going out for the night, I time it so that it is a "laser comb" day. I will say, I would not drop any of them at this point. I also use Toppik when I go out. It really helps hide the scalp. I'm still sick about the seeing scalp and nervous about wet hair and about the sun. But, I will say I think about it less these last few months... Good luck.

    ps. oh, really try and stick with something once you start (unless it is making you sick) most things take a minimum of 6 months to start to work.
  14. Agnes

    Agnes Guest

    My cousin used Minoxidil and had instant success.
    But I think it's possible that hairloss just runs it's course and stops as it pleases.
  15. neraky

    neraky Guest

    from Boston

    Hi Dee,

    Just want to introduce myself to you, I'm from Boston, MA. I have been losing hair for the last 3 years (may be longer). I'm on Rogaine, Nizoral, LC , MVI, iron, and niaicin. Don't see a lot of hair growing, actually thinner than 2 years ago , but at least I think these have maintained my hair loss to around 20 hair a day.

    Need to talk, send me a message
  16. TG

    TG Guest

    I know what you mean about no one having a scalp as thin as yours! I am only 24, and have had this problem for about 6 years - it became noticeable to the world when I was about 20 with see-through sides and top of scalp. I often look at older women - 50+ and there are women that are 80 with thicker hair than me....including my 83yo grandmother whom everyone used to say (including my mother) that she had abnormally thin hair - probably where I got it from, but mine is about half thickness of hers and I'm only 1/4 of her age!

    I think I managed to stabilise things on Androcur for 12mths, but then I had to continually reduce the dose due to other problems and things sped up big time mid last year. I am now on Aldactone and Nizoral and somedays I think it has settled for now, though I should still be wearing a wig but for some reason the fear of it falling off at work (teacher) makes me rather just be see through and let people draw their own conclusions - they probably think I'm dying of cancer or something. I am considreing trying the lasercomb to thicken the very fine fluff I do have left, but not sure if it has really worked for people or not....

    Good luck everyone!
  17. dee01832

    dee01832 Guest


    Have you made your choice on the hair transplant ? Ive been watching, and you sure did your research.
    Im so confused on what i want to do!

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