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Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by lharrison, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. lharrison

    lharrison Guest

    Hair loss ..sucks!!! just when you think you are ok...the patch appears!!has anyone ever gone to the tanning bed..I heard that works? anyone input?
    I go to the derm on 11/16..I hope I don not get anyone patches before then....I don't like this disease..I have no control at all .....another dumpy day..Hopefully tomorrow willl be a better day.I guess I feel like this because I feel like I have let everyone down..again..I was hoping to not wear my hat anymore...Halloween has came and gone...I still have it.I will continue the injections..for I year....until June...if the patches continue..I may look for a wig. Anyone's input on getting the injections?
  2. orbit

    orbit Guest

    I tried scalp injections and unfortunately they didn't work for me, however I have read on here that it has definately has worked for others in these forums, so chin up!!! :)

    Part of living with this condition and overcoming it, is the nourishing your whole self. Try not to focus on the spots (I know its nearly impossible) but focus on positive thinking instead. When you change what's going on inside your head perhaps the exterior will follow?! I found that once I started yoga and I learned how to breathe properly and meditate things seemed SO MUCH BETTER! At the end of my postings I have my Mantra posted, I say it when I wake up, every time I look in the mirror and various other points throughout the day. I know it seems a little silly but it does help with the overwhelming feelings you're experiencing.

    The bit about the tanning bed...I haven't heard of that. What I have heard of, but never bothered trying was the PUVA ray therapy (or something like that), it is essentially concentrated light therapy (also used for various other disorders like psoriasis etc.). The tanning bed idea also seems like it could have an overall positive effect, as we all look a little better with a bit of colour! :mrgreen: Give it try, even if it doesn't give you the hair reaction you're looking for, maybe it will give you a self esteem boost as you'll be healthy looking and positively glowing :sun:

    I know exactly how you are feeling and have been there so many times in the past, makes my heart aches to know others are experiencing the same.

    There is hope and things will get better eventually :grouphug:

    Kind regards,
  3. rayneStormRN

    rayneStormRN Guest

    i got results from injections, but only while i was still getting them, obviously my condition is still active.

    the tanning bed thing sounds hoaky to me. is potential skin cancer a worthy trade off for hair? tanning beds are worse for you than the sun.
  4. orbit

    orbit Guest

    You're totally right, tanning is putting yourself at risk - and that's just not worth it!
  5. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    ((((((((((Big hugs))))))))))) to you lharrison. I totally understand your frustration & disappointment. All who have experienced bouts of Alopecia Areata have gone through the same emotions .

    My bouts of Alopecia Areata started at 4. I lost nearly all my hair at that time. Usually the prognosis is not good when you start so young and so severe. However, it eventually grew back & although not as thick at least I had hair. I also had about 20 years when the Alopecia Areata was in remission. No bald patches or excessive hair falling out.

    The most important thing that I've learned about Alopecia Areata at this time is that there is no " sure cure" available yet that puts the Alopecia Areata into permanent remission. The injections work at regrowing the hair that has been lost in hopes that Alopecia Areata will turn itself off and the hair can continue to grow. If not hair can be regrowing back in one area and falling out in another.

    This is exactly what happened with the last bout I had . Eventually more was falling out then what was growing back. It became too large an area for injections.

    You must also remember that so many people with Alopecia Areata do not go on to have the more severe froms of AT or Alopecia Universalis. I know of cases where hair has regrown even after AT or Alopecia Universalis. Hope is certainly a word that can be associated with Alopecia Areata because the hair follicles can always produce hair if the immune system settles down.

    I have heard of the PUVA treatment but after having a very bad experience with the last treatment I tried, in spite of being told the only risk would be an irritated scalp, I would be very reluctant to recommend this one.

    Having hair that may not stay anyway is not worth any risk to your health. I found this out the hard way and want to spare anyone my experience.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Joann
  6. lharrison

    lharrison Guest

    Thank you for all your support...this is all disappointing!!I have just really been feeling down..I am not as active...as I am in the summer, it is cold, gets dark early...I know we all will get through this.
    Orbit..do you have Alopecia Areata? if so how long? do you know why it started?
    I wish this form had Instant messaging!! I will tell I have spent alot of time..look for a site like this one..I am glad I found this site, I found others, they are not as active as this one. Talk to you all soon, Take care
  7. scraggy

    scraggy Guest

    Hi there....I could have sworn i sent you a hug earlier....where did it go.... :dunno: aaanyhow better late than never....! I am soo sorry you are feeling down in the dumps....this hair thing is really sooo bloody hard to come to terms with, if we ever do...??? well i supose it can be done... :whistle: i work at this daily...trying to count the good instead of the bad.... I have to second Orbit...by trying to have positive thoughts in our minds truly does help, its a sloooow process.....bjut worth a try...! This is a wonderful group of ladies....try and cheer up...the sun bed is really a bad thing, besides the cancer etc u get..u get "wrinkles and old" from it... :freaked2: argggg not to add to this aging thing...(smile)...I am sending you a big hug...hoping you are feeling slightly better....

  8. lharrison

    lharrison Guest

    Thank you all for your support!!I could ask for a better group of women!!
    Thank you again,

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