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Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by nunibela, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. nunibela

    nunibela Guest

    How high do insulin levels go before your body stops producing it? I have insulin resistance and my last fasting insulin level test was 51. When should I be worried about my body stopping the production of insulin? Is there a different level for everyone when it shuts off?
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  2. joan

    joan Guest


    I wanted to respod to you as I know how lonely it can feel when no one responds. thus, here is the little i do know on insulin resistance. I think when your body starts to produce less insulin, your blood sugar will go higher and your insulin levels will become lower. A fasting level of 51 seems very high, therefore I don't think you are on the downslide yet. If you get on metformin or other of these types of medications, you should prolong the use of your own insulin. Additionally, cutting down on carbs and reducing sugar and caffiene will help your levels too. And exercise should help your body absorb your insulin better as well. I don't know if you have tried other things like vitamins (D and such) that are supposed to help with insulin but have read some postive things about hat as well. good luck.
  3. Kristi

    Kristi Guest

    Hi Nunibela,

    I'm pretty sure that this is something that would be unique to each individual. I am including a link to the American Diabetes Association that you may find useful. I know you only mentioned having Insulin Resistance and not Diabetes, but it contains some interesting information. And if you search Insulin there are several results that you can research.


    I also have Insulin Resistance (PCOS), which had already progressed to Diabetes by the time I was diagnosed. My fasting Insulin level was initially 126.2, so my Insulin Resistance was pretty severe. Since your level is much lower than mine, it probably just means that you caught yours much earlier than I did. Otherwise, you would be Diabetic. My level after going on Metformin ER 1500 mg went down to 38.6, so I have had major improvement, but since it was still considered high, my doctor increased my dosage to 2000 mg.

    Also, my grandfather had Type II Diabetes as well. He developed the disease later in life and had it for many years before he passed away. He never did have to take take Insulin full-time. He only needed it occasionally towards the end, but mostly when he was indulging in his favorite sweets. He knew his body could not handle it, but he was choosing quality of life over quantity of life at that point. He did not seem to require the Insulin when he watched his diet. I have heard that most Type II Diabetics always have some reserve of Insulin no matter what, they may just need help in situations such as the above.

    I think it sounds like you have caught things early enough (since you do not mention having Diabetes) that with some diet modification, among other things, you should be able to prolong your own Insulin for a long time to come.

    Have you tried Metformin?

    I hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. catfancy

    catfancy Guest

    51 is very high!

    My fasting insulin was 51 the first time I had it tested in 2003. My doctor said that anything over 5 is bad. Anything over 10 (or 11 possibly) indicates insulin resistance which is bad news.

    I have been on Metformin for nine years now. My insulin levels now stay around six.

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