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Is this diffuse alopecia areata or TE?

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by sadlady, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. sadlady

    sadlady Guest

    I am in the same situation as Gina - i have severe diffuse thinning of my hair, not only on my head but also in my eyelashes and some in my eyebrows. I have been to four different specialists - on of them is really good on hairloss, and works in the best clinic in my country specializing in hairloss. I have been diagnosed with either diffuse alopecia areata, or tellogen effluvium. I have had an biops taken, that was inconclusive - that meaning, they still dont know if its diffuse Alopecia Areata or TE. Its been really hard - well, it still is really hard, my hairloss have been going on for nearly six months. It seems to get better in periods (never really god, meaning no hairloss, though, just slightly better), and then it just starts over again. Now its worse again, meaning that i loose a great deal of hair again, mainly in my eyelashes and on my head. It seems to grow in some hair at the same time - its thin and whispy, blond at first and then it turns darker - very slowly though.

    So, my question is the same as Ginas: how do i tell if its TE or diffuse Alopecia Areata? Is the hairloss in my lashes typical for Alopecia Areata? My doctor told me that you can have hairloss in your lashes too when its TE, even if its rare. Has anybody on this board experienced the same thing? Has it gotten better, or worse? My hairloss really gets the best of me some days, especially during the times it gets worse. It seems to be affected of a) my period - it allways gets worse before my period (my hormonlevels are OK though, i have had them checked) b) stress and pressure - i have been travelling, and my hairloss got way worse after i got home/got to the place i was travelling to (jetlag seems to be no good for hairloss, since it stresses the body). So - i just dont know what to do anymore... i keep hoping for it to get better, and now instead it seems to go the other way around - it just gets worse. And since the specialists dont really know what it is (its probably not diffuse Alopecia Areata, instead some kind of severe kind of TE) they will not treat me with anything for the hairloss. All i can do is wait and see what will happen. Its a miracle that i still have hair left on my head, lashes, and eyebrows. So some hair must be growing at the same time as i loose hair. But i cannot see much reghrowt - instead i just see how my hair gets thinner and thinner and theres bigger and bigger parts where theres just nearly no hair - but no smooth patches, actually no patches at all - just diffuse all over - worst in a spot in the back of my head, over my ears, and on the top of my head. It makes me sick.... I am sorry that you have to read all this, and that i cannot seem to see anything positive today.... But i ma just so tired of it, i am so tired of shedding, shedding and shedding....
  2. ginawat

    ginawat Guest

    If I wasn't shedding so profusely for so long (over 8months) I would just know I have Androgenetic Alopecia. I just can't seem to understand why most women with Androgenetic Alopecia claim it to be a slow progression and not so fast and furious like mine and Sadlady's...and others out there. some say this is still Androgenetic Alopecia though...so I guess that is what we have.
  3. Mirkin

    Mirkin Guest

    My shed was fast. I lost over 50% of my hair. I would think diffuse Alopecia Areata could be treated. Androgenetic Alopecia is slower rate of shed. I go to a very well known hair loss doctor on the 11th will ask him these questions. The shed has slowed on mine but you really never know when its over since I have had three mega sheds with mine. You think its over and it restarts. My doctor said TE when I went in three months ago. He checked hair with microscope and no inflammation or abnormal hairs. All that fall out when he pulled were te hairs, Will ask him some questions on diffuse loss. Interesting about eyelashes.God Bless you both.
  4. sadlady

    sadlady Guest

    I just dont know what to think anymore. My hairloss was really getting better, and now im in to my third megashed - i just washed my hair and i did it really throughly to get rid of all the hair that just comes out and comes out and comes out - i think i lost moore than 300 hairs in this wash. Its devastating. What makes me think its diffuse Alopecia Areata is that its mainly in the front of my head that i loose hair from. Every other place on my head seems to have slowed down: i have a spot in the back of my head where my hair is really, really thin but i dont shed from that sprot anymore - now its mainly in the front. Which of course is really, really hard - because theres just no way to hide it.... My scalp shines through, and in the middle of my front head, behind the bang, theres just no hair left. This is devastating. I just dont know to handle it anymore. When will it ever end? A good thing, on the other hand, is that the hair loss in my lashes and eyebrows seems to have slowed down. A bad thing, is that my doctor still will not belvie that its diffuse Alopecia Areata (he think its perhaps acute TE - its been going on for nearly six months now - and i thought a TE was supposed to slow sown instead of having these dread sheads coming in, one after another). So - i dont treat my hair loss with anything. I used topical cortisone, but since it doesnt seem to help so i will quit using it. The hardest part for me, is that i am in a rough place in my life just now - i dont work, since i have stressed so much at work that i got hoigh blodpressure (and the hairloss!), and this stresses the rest of my life, and now my husband is thinking of leaving me. My life really sucks these days and i just dont know what to do about it. I wonder if it will eve get better, and i cry alot, its hard: especially with my marriage - i am still in love with my husband, and i just desperatly want him to love me back. I am sorry for writing all this, and that im just kind of pouring it all out, but i just dont know to handle this anymore.
  5. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Sadlady....I think if your doctor is not willing to consider diffuse alopecia areata NOW for you...you should find a new doctor. I went to 5 ot 6 dermatologists in the last 3 years all who told me I had either androgenic alopecia or stress related TE. I knew it was neither. I had had TE once before and this was different. It was this last doctor who actually looked at the abnormal hairs I showed him under a microscope and immediately noticed something very wrong...exclamation point hairs. He ordered a Biopsy and I should know officially in a week or so. I guess what I am saying is be proactive. If you think your doctor is wrong, see another one! My experience is that doctors are human and make just as many mistakes as the rest of us. No matter how great they think they are or you think they are...if something doesn't feel right, move on to another doctor who will take your concerns seriously. Also, I know relationship problems is the last thing you need right now! I just went through a divorce from a man who Ioved very much still too and for all this to happen now seems a bit cruel, but I am looking into wigs now and have to accept my fate. Cried all day today...got the news from my doctor that he believes I have Diffuse Alopecia Areata just today. Stay strong and I wish you all the very best!!! God bless.
  6. Claire10

    Claire10 Guest

    I wish I had some answers for you, I'm in the same boat with no diagnosis. Derm said it could be Androgenetic Alopecia, diffuse Alopecia Areata, CTE, or a fragrance allergy. I also have, and always had, VERY thin eyelashes and eyebrows. Have no idea if this means anything, but I have almost no hair on my legs nor my arms. (My pits and "other" area though could use some serious waxing or laser treatment).

    I've been on minoxidil for almost four months, seeing some regrowth on my head and surprisingly my eyebrows as well.

    It frustrates the h*** out of me that I do not have a diagnosis. I just want to know what I'm dealing with.
  7. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Claire10...I am so sorry you are so frustrated! I know that feeling! I have been feeling it for years now! I can honestly say that perhaps the best way to get answers you NEED is to get a biopsy. I had one done today...it was not too bad at all. I was numbed up...rather painlessly...and the sample was taken. I got a stitch and that was that. After the derm looked at some hairs I brought in (exclamation point hairs and other weird keratin deposits and crazy things), he gave me the diagnosis I dreaded and yet fully expected and agreed with...Diffuse Alopecia Areata and ordered a biopsy to confirm it. I think the anxiety of this happening to us AND not knowing what it is or when it will end is just so cruel! But I truly think you will feel better if you get the biopsy done. That will at least rule in or out Alopecia Areata.

    Also...you said you have always had little eyelash hair and eyebrow hair so that may not be a factor in anything but did you USED to have lots of arm and leg hair and now do not? That is something to consider maybe. My hair on my arms is less than it used to be...the same for my legs. My 10 year old daughter who is also experiencing very severe hair loss right now...same diffuse pattern too...used to have really hairy legs...she was a model in LA and I used to have to shave her legs when she booked jobs. Now she has VERY little hair on her legs! I don't know what any of this means. I can promise you this...if I get any answers to any of this....I will post it for you and everyone else to see. Information helps relieve anxiety and I would love to do that for you if I ever can. I am hoping and praying you are diagnosed soon and things really turn around for you! God bless and thanks so much for your response and sharing your story. :)
  8. Maelle

    Maelle Guest

    Getting in your boat ladies with my eyelashes, eyebrows and thinning hair.
    You are lucky in a sense that at least you have skillful docs who can make a biopsy. In my tiny country we have only 1! derm with decent equipment who is more or less aware of current dermatology trends but even she managed to perform one of my hair tests wrongly (comparing with test description set in the guidelines) and she diagnosed me with Androgenetic Alopecia totally ignoring any of my comments about shedding eyebrows/eyelashes. So I don't see myself making scalp biopsy with her.
    Whatever I have - yet can do nothing but to use Minoxidil an food supplements ... Yet apparently I'm having my 'improvement' phase, maybe because of Minoxidil. Eyelashes and brows shedding decreased together with hair shedding ( tell me that they were unrelated after that, docs :devil: ) but God knows for how long will it last. MY condition becomes worse usually during my cycle so again this should be somehow hormone related.
    Ladies after being diagnosed with diffuse Alopecia Areata did you have any treatment options that would be different from typical Minoxiil prescription?
  9. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Hello Mademoiselle! First let me say I am SO SORRY you are going through this. I know how scary and traumatic it is. And it is even more scary when there seems to be no good doctor who can help. Can I ask you some questions? Is your hair loss mostly on the top of your head or is it pretty evenly coming out all over your head? Also, are you losing body hair also...such as leg or arm hair? Also, is your hair coming out very fast (as in fistfulls) or is it coming out slowly? All these things make a difference. I am not a doctor but have been dealing with this for a long time now and I am hoping I can help you at least figure out what it could be. In the meantime, no matter what it is, the minoxidil can help so you should definitely use it. Just don't stop. Whatever is regrowing will fall out in 3 months. It can help with hormone related hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) but it can also help with Telogen Effluvium and other forms of hair loss until the cause is found and reversed.

    I wanted to tell you that from what I read, the way diffuse Alopecia Areata is treated is with topical or injected steroids. However, you should know this condition is very rare...so rare that the doctor who (wrongly) diagnosed me with this condition said that he had never seen a case before (he had been in practice for 30 years or so) and he told me that they do NOTHING at all for it. He is a very experienced and well-educated doctor, yet he did not even know enough about it to tell me anything about it. Another derm I have seen I do not think has ever seen a case of diffuse alopecia areata either...and she is the best in my very large city of over a million people. I have seen some of the best dermatologists in the United States...have seen two of the best in the country...and I can tell you that this would be very rare if you had diffuse A.A. Not impossible, just rare.

    If you can answer some of those questions, I may be able to give you some good ideas of what it could be. I understand this is so scary and really such an awful thing to have happen to us women, but please try to smile an know you are not alone and there is much hope. :)
  10. Maelle

    Maelle Guest

    Hi Paulina and good to hear from you!
    Mine hairloss started quite suddenly with handfuls of hair but then it was long plus ruined by bleaching two weeks before+plus severe emotional stress. So I thought it was TE and was basically waiting for improvement taking some vitamins. After 3 months I became worried because the situation wouldn't change an my temples became extremely thin an there were two symmetrical balding spots on each side of my parting. But in general the loss has been and still is diffuse. On month 4 I noticed eyebrow loss that the docs related to severe stress from hair loss. Later my eyelashes started shedding and to less extent-my pubic hair. Hair in my armpits and on my legs remained the same and I got even more vellus hair on my arms than before. On month 5-6 I moved to the place where my daily life scenario excluded any kind of stress, an actually I had one of the worst eyelash sheds 8-10 from each eye daily. However despite shedding my eyebrows and lashes didn't develop any bold spots, the hair grows back there apparently.
    Yes I am using Minoxidil (1,5 months yet) - a few days ago my shedding decreased a bit and brows and eyelashes have been ok for about a week already (using some Mavala lotion for thick lashes, but I'm sure it is not because of this lotion).
    The worst part is that docs seem to disregard totally any symptoms that don't fit into clinical picture of some well know disease and leave us figure out our own diagnoses. I think I really need a biopsy but there is none I could go and ask for it, so the only hope is that I can visit some reputable doctor somewhere abroad.
    Thanks a lot for support and let's keep in touch! :)
  11. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Hi Mademoiselle,
    I would like very much to keep in touch! :) So, I have a lot of information for you. One of these things will be the cause for your hair loss, you will have to figure out from your doctor which one it is. It is a lot, but you WILL figure this out and overcome this! It will take time though so keep smiling ok? :D

    I know you would like to have a biopsy very much to tell you what is going on. It brings a peace of mind...I know my biopsy gave me answers and peace of mind...so I hope you can get one abroad somewhere if that will help your anxiety over this...I really do understand. However, I do want to share something with you. You may be experiencing hair loss from many causes...if you are losing hair by the handfulls, usually that is from Telogen Effluvium (if you do not have chemotherapy treatment for cancer). You said you were very stressed so perhaps this is what started it. And then you said you bleached your hair...this ALSO can cause hair loss. My twin sister bleached her hair once and lost a great deal of it...but that was very very fast (not a slow process) but there may be some damage from that. However, that is not the root cause of the hair loss because that will not cause the eyelash, eyebrow and public hair loss. I don't know how old you are, but hormones could also play a part in it as well, but also could not..we just don't know. Only a biopsy would tell how big apart Androgenetic Alopecia is playing in this...but it surely is not the only thing going on. I think you have chronic Telogen Effluvium. I want to tell you that with chronic Telogen Effluvium, hair loss CAN and IS seen at the temples. Of course, that would be both sides. Also, chronic Telogen Effluvium can cause hair loss in other areas of the body as well (pubic area, arms, legs, etc). AND...to further comfort you...stress can ALSO cause hair to grow on peoples arms or other areas! One of the best doctors in the country told me of a case where a woman was so stressed she had hair on her arms grow like crazy...a lot and very long! I say "comfort you" because if it is just stress causing this, then it IS totally reversible. It just takes time. It does not sound like diffuse alopecia areata to me at all, but I am not a doctor. I think stress played a big part in it initially but if you are not feeling stressed anymore for many months now (about 6 or so) and in fact, feeling much better in that area, I would say to think about other health conditions (diseases) that can cause chronic TE or to consider toxins in your environment ...Let me address the toxins first: Have you moved just before this? Have you had a leak in your home? Have you bought new carpet? Do you live in an agricultural area where there could be pesticides (chemicals used to kill bugs) or molds or anything like that? Those are things to consider if you are no longer feeling stressed but still losing hair and eyelashes and eyebrows. Toxins can cause this exact pattern of hair loss also. So think about the time of your hair loss...did anything change? Any big changes occur a few months PRIOR to hair loss? I say this because this is what caused me to lose my hair. I had been exposed to toxins (did not know it) and caused chronic telogen effluvium (can look exactly the same as diffuse alopecia areata and only a biopsy can tell which it is)...chronic TE can cause diffuse loss of scalp hair (severe) over long periods of time. You can get bitemporal hair loss (on the sides/temples) and you can get body hair loss as well. It will only go away once the problem is removed...whatever that is. It would be a puzzle you would have to solve. The other more likely causes could be diseases or vitamin deficiencies. The thing is, chronic TE (hair loss) is secondary to a cause. It is not the cause itself. For example..something is causing the chronic TE. What that means is SOMETHING is causing your hair loss and you have to figure out what that is before the hair loss will get better and reverse. For me, it was exposure to toxins. For you it could be that (would have to figure out which one or from where) OR the more likely scenario of a systemic disease or deficiency. If you go abroad for testing, here are the tests you absolutely NEED: be sure to have heavy metals test done, be sure to have your ferratin and folic acid, vitamin D and vitamin B-12 levels tested. You also MUST have your thyroid checked (T3 and T4) and you need to be checked for Lupus and PCOS and thyroid problems. Please look up the symptoms for Lupus, PCOS and hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism...all these things can cause hair loss in the way you describe...including eyebrows and eyelashes! This is VERY important to have these tests done...even if you feel fine. You can have some of these and not have symptoms yet..except the hair loss! I have had all of these tests done...several times by different doctors...until we figured out it was toxins. In America, these blood tests are the FIRST things they do and check because they are most often the cause of the chronic hair loss and that includes eyebrows and eyelashes. Again, the diffuse Alopecia Areata would be very rare. Doctors here have never seen one case in their whole careers. It is not impossible...just very unlikely. I was SURE I had diffuse Alopecia Areata and then when a doctor diagnosed me with it...I was devastated. Then the biopsy showed I did not have that...I have chronic telogen effluvium. You more than likely have the chronic TE as well. You just have to find the cause. The great news is..it is reversible and hair will grow back when you figure out the cause. Again, I am not a doctor but I believe it will be caused by one of the things I mentioned in this very long message (sorry about that!).

    I understand so much how you feel. I also have the thinning in my temples too! Almost bald areas. I also am losing my eyelashes (have maybe 1/3 of what I used to have) and losing my eyebrows and arm hair. I have lost 80% or MORE of my scalp hair as well. My daughter who was also exposed has lost 60% of her hair an eyebrows and eyelashes and leg hair thinning (arm hair just fine and too young for pubic hair). So...we are all in the same boat and we will ALL get through this! You will see. :) One day this WILL all be just a bad memory. We just have to get through it...and we will! :)

    So, you have lots to do to figure out what is causing the chronic TE. Please be sure to see a reliable doctor. If you must go abroad to do this and can afford to do so, I think this is the best thing to do. Please keep in touch with me dear one. I would LOVE to know how things go for you and to encourage you and give you hope when you need it! Big hug to you!!!
  12. Maelle

    Maelle Guest

    Dear Paulina
    thank you so much for taking care and trying to help me figure the things out with my situation!
    When I think about the situation myself it feels like I had TE that might have opened the door for Androgenetic Alopecia or I'm having them both. But somehow I just cant put my eyelash and eyebrow loss into the picture :dunno: .
    It might be hormone related for sure. I was on Nuva Ring but my hairloss started while I was on it, plus my doctor told that Nuva Ring has very small medicine dosage and it never causes hair loss. Another issue is that I do have PCOS. It also shows in my oily skin and some acne. I thought if minoxidil in combination with topical anti-androgen I'm using in case I have Androgenetic Alopecia don't work I might address my doctor and ask for additional medicine. She just considered since I haven't given birth yet and there are no bigger problems than acne and hairloss I don't have any reason to have any additional hormonal drugs.
    Otherwise I went also to endo (thyroid is ok, TSH, T3 and T4 blood work ok), my liver and stomach work like a Swiss clock. Ferritin is good and testosterone is normal. I was still thinking what other blood work could I do. Which hormones etc? I think I found suggestion in your post - I also havent done folic acid, vitamin D, B-12 levels and Lupus.
    I'm pretty sure it is not about toxines in my case - during my hair saga I changed two places of living, both in places with very favorable ecological situation, fresh air and plenty of old good wood in the appartments. Now when I'm shedding eylashes I'm in the house I was born at and never had any hair problems here (+none of my relatives had) - so it is obviously not my my case... Even sad because it would be so much easier if I could simply eliminate the reason of hair loss :(
    By the way since you are in the Sates, did you try Latisse for your eyelashes and if yes - did you have any success?
    Thank you, thank you very much for your kind words and your encouragement! :heart:
  13. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Dear Mademoiselle,
    You are so lovely and so very kind. You are VERY welcome and I am so happy to help and comfort you. I think you are right and toxins are most certainly not causing the problem. I think it is very possible a combination of stress and the PCOS is the cause for the problem. You should absolutely have the Ferratin, Vit D and B-12 tests...here in the States that is a MUST and one of the first things they check. And yes, an ANA (anti-nuclear anti-body) test is something you should have to check for Lupus as well. What I think is this (just my opinion)...I think you had Telogen Effluvium from stress AND you likely could be experiencing hair loss from PCOS. One of my best friends has PCOS and had experienced a lot of hair loss...hand fulls..just like you...and she was found to have blood sugar problems associated with the PCOS and given medicine to get those blood sugar problems under control. You should be checked for blood sugar/insulin problems right away. MANY women with PCOS not only have blood sugar problems but also have Vitamin D deficiencies...I read 70% with PCOS have Vit D deficiency! Take Vitamin D no matter what if you have PCOS...is VERY VERY helpful to manage the problems associated with this disease...please look it up on the internet ok? :) It would be wonderful for you to take even if you are not deficient...and there is a very good chance you are. So these are very important tests for you to get since you have PCOS. Please be sure to have the blood sugar/insulin test done where you fast overnight (no food or calories at all..just water) and then in the morning just before the blood tests, you drink this very sugary liquid. Then your blood is taken right away...then half an hour later...then another half an hour later...then an hour after that! Four blood tests in all! It sounds like a lot, but if you are having blood sugar/insulin problems associated with PCOS, this will tell. Again, MANY MANY women with PCOS DO!! It is very well known here in the states and your doctor must do this test for you. My friend got this test done, was found to have PCOS AND blood sugar diabetes-like problems and was put on a medication called Glucophage. Her hair loss stopped and re-grew after starting the medicine!! Today she has a very thick head of hair. :) You must have this blood sugar/insulin test done and the other 3 (Vit B-12, Ferratin, Vit D). These are critical for you. Not just your hair loss but your overall health. I think this may be your answer. Please talk to your doctor as soon as you can. The sooner you can find out...the sooner you can get your beautiful hair growing again my dear friend! :) There is GREAT reason for you to hope right now. Also, there is a chance you could also have hormone related hair loss mixed in with all of this (Androgenetic Alopecia)...we don't know..but use the Rogaine (this stuff works!) and never stop it. You may not think it is working until you stop it and three months later tons of hair falls out. Don't stop it. :) Also, if you can find it in your country or get it online, order Nizorol shampoo and use it twice a week. This helps keep Androgenetic Alopecia from progressing as well. It has Ketoconizole in it and this stuff works very well in conjuction with the Rogaine to stop Androgenetic Alopecia related hair loss. You have to always use them...but it is worth it to have your beautiful hair! Be blessed sweet friend. You may have your answer...it is my deepest wish. Please see your doctor soon and let me know how it all goes. I KNOW your hair is on it's way back soon! Sending you more big hugs!!
  14. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Oh..I forgot to mention I did not try the Latisse. I hear it works well, however my hair loss is from toxins so I don't think it will be helpful...but if this gets much worse...that will be the next thing I try. :) If you can, I think you should try it as well. :)
  15. Student29

    Student29 Guest

    Hi, I'm quite new to this website so I do not know if I'm using it right. I was told I had hypothyroidism a year and a half ago, but only started taking thyroxine 4 months ago after failing at other methods. But due to the stress of having a disease, 3 months after being told I may have a thyroid problem are started losing my hair, and soon after started losing my eyebrows and eyelashes, also I do not lose hair on my legs, but I do see little areas where the hair has thinned or doesn't grow a lot. Since taking the thyroxine, my levels have come down to the right levels, however I am still losing hair from my head, eyebrows, eyelashes, nose hair and pubic hair, none of which have slowed down. I have an appointment with a dermatologist in two weeks but don't know what questions I should ask them. I'm currently in my last term of university and am now thinking to take a gap year, to rule out stress. Even though my thyroid levels are back to normal, is there still a chance I have any of the problems you have been talking about? If so, will minoxidil help me?
  16. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Hi Student29,

    First of all let me say I am really sorry this is happening to you. I know how stressful this is and you are obviously too young to have to deal with hair loss. But the good news is that hypothyroidism can cause quite dramatic hair loss and loss of eyebrows (particularly the outside edge near the temples) and eyelash loss. You have not been on your thyroid medicine long enough to really see a difference in your hair loss or regrowth but you will in time. Your doctor will need to make sure you are on the proper dose of medication and monitor you closely for a while. When your thyroid is functioning properly for some time (more then 3 months...maybe more like 6 to 8) you will start to see some regrowth and it will be slow. But it should get much better. I think you are on the right track and just need to give it more time. I don't think you have alopecia areata or anything like that. Of course I am not a doctor but from everything I know about hair loss at this point...and I know a lot...I am quite confident you just need to give it more time and you will recover your hair. As for Minoxidil, if you do not have androgenetic alopecia, the best Rogaine can do for you is help you keep your hair a little longer. It has done absolutely nothing for me because I lost hair due to a toxic exposure. When you start it lots MORE hair will fall out for 4 to 6 weeks (know from personal experience) and it is not worth it if it won't help much or at all. You can try it but I am not sure it would help you and it will surely cause a lot more shed for some time.

    Take courage and know that you just need to give it more time. You don't need to take time off school in my opinion. Hair loss is incredibly stressful and chances are THAT is stressing you out so much...not school. If you take a year off, you will only have more time to think about hair loss...the likely REAL source of your stress. The distraction of school would be good for you I think. Also, it is acute stress that causes hair loss...death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job...that kind of thing. Stress over classes and exams doesn't cause hair loss so you should absolutely stay in school. One key for people to remember is if your hair loss lasts for more than 3 to 6 months...it is most likely NOT stress...no matter how stressed you feel. Chronic TE's seem to be caused by some other factor like a disease (thyroid problem, Lupus, PCOS...and others), a vitamin deficiency (B-12, Ferratin...and others) or toxic / fungal exposure (many chemicals and toxic mold cause hair loss). Further, stress doesn't cause eyelashes or eyebrows or body hair to fall out...that is something else entirely. So the GREAT news is you don't have to leave school (will hurt, not help) and your hair and eyebrows and eyelashes WILL grow back. I mentioned in a post earlier that I know someone who lost a lot of hair due to thyroid problem and now that it is corrected her hair is back. :) Give it time. All will be well. :)

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