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Is this related to PCOS?

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by beachlover24, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. beachlover24

    beachlover24 Guest

    Are large blood clots during periods a symptom? Just wondering if anyone with PCOS has expereinced this...I my doctor doesnt think I have PCOS, but I think I might...she wouldnt test me for it last time as I seemed too "thin" to have it :(
  2. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Well...not necessarilly but i would say it could be if you never experienced them before your pcos was triggered.

    Before i experienced full bloomed pcos symptoms, my periods were regular with a light to average flow...after my periods were still regular but they started to get heavy and i started to have clots (i never had those before age 23/4)
    So i would say it is if you have been experiencing heavy periods due to pcos... but you have to know that clots can be normal for many women without pcos too.
  3. Michella

    Michella Guest

    I get blood cots and large ones every month with my period and I have pcos it my doctor thinks its somehow related but I am not sure.

    as for being to thin to have pcos I am slim and have it so get your doctor to test you.
  4. I haven't been officially diagnosed with PCOS yet. (I have an appt with a specialist on 9/15) But I do have all the classic PCOS poster girl symptons and I too have really bad clots during my periods. The clots started happening around the time that my hairloss started (age 27) and have continued to get worse. I plan on discussing this with the reproductive endo that I'm seeing in a couple of weeks and hopefully she can shed some light.

  5. Eztli

    Eztli Guest

    I have that and my doctor has attributed it to my pcos.
  6. beachlover24

    beachlover24 Guest

    I thought maybe I have PCOS as I have irregular periods and mpb looking hair loss.....But....

    I read that heavy periods can be related to Hypothyroidism, and I know I have an imflammed thyroid and TSH level which teeter on the edge....needless to say this may be the cause of my probelms...

    But for some reason it has been really bad the best few months...so i am thinking something is up with my thyroid..or maybe i could have PCOS ...cuz i heard u can get hypo from that too???

    ahh so confusing...I am going to make an appointment with new gyn and get it checked out....

    It was sooo bad the last few months i thought I was having a miscarriage
  7. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    you dont get hypo from pcos...mh generally hypo comes first, but true they are often intertwined

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