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Is weave/Weft Hair Extensions OK?

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by JaneRichie, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. JaneRichie

    JaneRichie Guest

    recently,I was looking for some ways to hide my loss hair,someone told me buy full lace wigs,someone suggest me wear lace front...
    but I think hair extension will more cheaper than lace wigs,I know a FLW or LFW cost $250 to $400,too expensive for me.And I have
    a great ideas about my new hair,I like long straight hair just like Taylor Swift’s hair...But I have not apply any extensions before,
    I seen one kind on site - weave/Weft 100% Indian Remy Hair Hair Extenions...it's just cost $72.99,
    the problem is that i don't know if it's Ok for me to get long straight hair like Taylor Swift’s???:(
    Every beauty expert,
    Help me please!!!
  2. verbatim

    verbatim Guest

    Hi Jane!
    if you want more hair in your scalp, you would need sew in weave extensions like Naomi Campbell and lots of afroamerican girls use to wear. I don't know in your city, but in Spain they are more expensive than 250 us dollards. I can confirm it because I wore afro sew in extension in all my scalp for 7 months and I payed more than 500 US $ the first time (weave extensions included), and about 200 US $ for readjustments each six weeks. Maybe in your city its cheaper, I dont know.

    But if you just want to have more density or lenght in your temples and nape, you can buy those Sourcewill extensions, and ask a hairdresser to sew them in your head. That would be easier and cheaper. You can readjust them each 9-12 weeks (it depends on your hair growing).

    Sorry about my grammar!

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