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It looks like I have PCOS

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by Claire10, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Claire10

    Claire10 Guest

    After over 4 years of dealing with hair loss, it looks like I have diagnosis. Went to the endo today armed with all my labs from the past year or so. This was my first appt with her. Previously I've been working with a derm and GP's.

    I will be getting an ultrasound to confirm this in about a month. More waiting, but I'm pretty prepared for the results.

    My only symptoms are the hair loss, and about 30 lbs over weight. I've never had acne, in fact I have super dry skin. I'm also not at all hairy, on the contrary I have so little hair on my legs I don't need to shave. My periods are always regular.

    I've long suspected that Androgenetic Alopecia is not my problem, and it looks like I was right.

    What do I do next?
  2. cwoc

    cwoc Guest

    How was this diagnosis reached? Hormones? I think hormones are the only reason that hair loss would occur with PCOS... (I could be wrong though)

    Anyway if it's hormones then I assume BCPs or an antiandrogen (Spironolactone etc) would be prescribed!
  3. Claire10

    Claire10 Guest

    Yes, horomones. Off the charts DHEAs and LH. I'm not sure about taking BCPs (I'm 40) but there is no way in hell I'm taking Spironolactone.

    Thanks for responding. I've been incredibly depressed since I left the doctor's office.
  4. Kay777

    Kay777 Guest

    i'm sorry you feel so down, claire. i'm really not sure what happens after you find out you have PCOS, but i'd imagine that docs would have a plan of action in mind since it is not an uncommon diagnosis.

    weirdly enough, i am HOPING to learn i have PCOS (or some other condition) because i somehow feel worse having Androgenetic Alopecia without a so-called identifiable "cause." i know that's silly reasoning, but i don't think i want children and i don't think that PCOS necessarily causes other issues anyway.

    i too am going to have an ultrasound within the next month or two--i just have to find a local gyn.

    good luck and hang in there,
  5. cwoc

    cwoc Guest

    My DHEA-S is about the same as yours although funnily enough my hospital's range goes to 380 or 430 (can't remember) so mine is "normal".

    Oh but natural ways of balancing hormones: saw palmetto, spearmint tea, etc. You might want to search the soulcysters forum for help!

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