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Just gave myself a haircut

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by maisydaisy, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. maisydaisy

    maisydaisy Guest

    Well, I just cut my (remaining) hair to 1/4". It's much better than the Cryptkeeper style I was sporting before (I know somebody out there used to watch "Tales from the Crypt" on HBO).
    However, I'd still like to get rid of that last 1/4" but don't know how to cause 1/4" is the shortest attachment on my clippers. For those of you who are shavers out there....how do you do it? Do you literally just break out the razor you shave your legs with, lather up your knob and proceed?
  2. Karen

    Karen Guest


    I did this very exact thing. I couldn't stand to watch the remaining fall - so I cut it as short as I could. I felt better after having done that but that's as far as I got. I couldn't shave the rest off. Some women have stated that it was very liberating and gave them the power. I was still trying to hold on to what I had. I'm with ya no matter what you decide to do.
  3. marnthoen

    marnthoen Guest

    I have done both - used the razor and a clippers.

    When I shaved my head in college, I used the razor and shaving gel. I would nick my head often :x , but it got rid of the 'map of the world' syndrome that I have because of my very dark hair. I now only use the clippers. I bought a regular hair clipper set, and do not use an attachment at all.

    Some days, like today, I am tempted to bust out the razor again. Since it is now hot here, I go Alopecia Universalis-natural as I am miserable with anything on my head. I seemed to get more than normal stares and weird glances today, or maybe it I just noticed them more. I hate it when I let others affect me :evil: I know that I an beautiful and that they don't matter, but I guess that I cannot always stay 100% upbeat... :(
  4. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I simply do not understand people who stare. Why? I mean... it's not like you have a tattoo on your head telling them where Charlotte Russe is.... you're bald. Look, think " bald woman" and move on. Jeesh! Of course, they could be ME and be thinking " Oh look at her rock it... Ok... maybe I can too".
  5. maisydaisy

    maisydaisy Guest

    Marn, do you ever nick your head using the clippers without the attachment? I thought about doing the same thing myself but was afraid my lack of hand-eye coordination could lead to some real negative consequences...
  6. marnthoen

    marnthoen Guest

    Using the clippers without an attachment is MUCH safer than using the razor! Although I can do it myself, I usually have my husband shave my head for me because it is easier for him to get the small patches of hair that I have on the back of my head. He may have nicked a pimple or something once cause he said that it was moist - I hate that word! I don't really know because it didn't hurt and surely didn't bleed.

    I love the days when I get a smile from people that tell's me "You go girl!" It always gives me a high for the rest of the day. :D I think that it just shocks people, and it makes them uncomfortable or something. BUT I am not going to suffer in the heat for others to be comfortable. :roll: I hope that it gives confidence to other women, and I hope that others will spend the rest of the day thinking about what they would do if they lost their hair...
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Marn, that's my big thing about wigs, the heat. I mean, since I've been on this board, I've seen so many cute ones and I think I could pull it off, but I KNOW that in the summer months I just couldn't. Heck, I can barely take my bio hair when it hits 100 degrees ( the only plus about this mega shed is that I'm cooler than I was last year).
    Do you wear scarves to protect your scalp, or do you just use sunblock?
  8. marnthoen

    marnthoen Guest

    I know! I wish that I could wear my wig, it is so cute! But between the heat, my itchey head, along with the added itch of the wig - it drives me crazy!!!

    Scarfs and hats make me just as hot so I usually go Alopecia Universalis-natural. I guess that I should consider some sunblock for my head? I didn't think of that as I tan very easily and usually don't have to worry about burning...
  9. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    BTW folks, the guest was me... I forgot to sign in.

    I burn to a crisp, so I have to wear sunblock if I want to do outdoor shopping! It's crazy, you'd swear that red was my natural color.
  10. maisydaisy

    maisydaisy Guest

    It's not, Claire?!
    You had me fooled if not...
  11. Karen

    Karen Guest


    You made me really think today. This time last year, I had lost all about 80% of my hair - and did not go outside without the wig, bandana, scarf or hat and totally sweltered with the heat of that wig. This past year taught me things about myself that I didn't know before - and I was thinking - if I had to do it all again, would I do it differently? I think after reading posts like yours, Joanne's, Kimby's - I, too, would just shave off what I had - and go Alopecia Universalis natural. As long as I could be free to be me, I could up with a stare or two. What bothers me the most is that as truly devastating all this was for me, I was too frightened of "what others" would think had I dared. Well, now it's a year later and ya know, my family and friends loved me with no hair and they still love me with hair and you know I even like myself better than I ever did. I think it took me to this point, I could walk out proudly with hair or no hair.
  12. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    LOL, nope, I pay a whole five bucks a box for that color. I'm sad to see it going.
  13. at_a_loss

    at_a_loss Guest

    Thought I would chime in here... since all of you know how much I favor shaving it all off... I've had some regrowth but it's all patchy and just looks plain stupid... even I think I look a little freakish... :shock:

    When I did the initial shave, I chopped the stupid strands off and then had a pro clean it up for me... he used clippers with no attachment... no nicks... no cuts... he really did a bang up job...

    My hubby cut my patches for me the other day because, once again, I was starting to look like Bozo the Clown with a patch here and a patch there... and he used clippers no attachment... I'm scared to death of the razor for fear of getting cut... and hear I am talking about getting a tattoo... I'm such a woos...

    Be sure to wear sunscreen on your head!! I got a nasty sunburn on the tops of my ears last year that just about killed me! :cry:
  14. marnthoen

    marnthoen Guest

    Karen - do you now have regrowth or are you still sweltering in the heat? Was last year your first onset?

    Believe me, my attitude did not come overnight. My first bout lasted about 10 months and then I had full regrowth for a few months only for it to fall out again. When it got to the point that I could not hide it again, I shaved it off.

    The first time I lost it, I was terrified of what other people would think and tried to hide it even from my friends. I did not know anyone else who had Alopecia Areata, nor were there message boards at the time. Once my hair started to grow again, I did a lot of self reflection. I was also able to start talking about it and realized that people still liked me.

    That was a long time ago, now all I want to do is to help others and to do my part to increase public knowledge of Alopecia Areata/AT/Alopecia Universalis. I have recently created a flyer explaining my condition, and my acceptance of it, to give to co-workers and other people that I see on a regular basis. I don't want people to think of me as being 'sick'.

    Acceptance it a difficult stage to come to, but life is much better when you achieve it. I think that shaving my head years ago allowed me to come to terms with it. It made me realize that I was still me, even without hair.

    I want everyone who is reading this to remember that you are still the same beautiful person that you were when you had hair. If you act like a victim, people will avoid you like that plague. If you let your confidence show and just explain to people what is happening, they don't think anything of it. How people perceive you is all about the image that you put out. YOU are in control!

  15. Karen

    Karen Guest


    My mom tells me my first onset was about 3 or 4 years old - but I ddn't remember it and neither did she until this happened. I am now 48. My hair loss started in May 2005 - by August it was almost gone. I used white iodine in November - December and get cortisone shots every six weeks. I have a short pixie now and the last bald spot is now filling in. I haven't worn a wig since the beginning of April. God willing, it will stay - always checking Marnie and never leaves my mind for one second.

    I love the idea of the flyer. My employers did not know what it was when I walked in and showed them. They stuck by my side every step of the way and so did my co-workers.

    I talk to my derm alot. We have become friends and she is very supportive of any ideas I may have that will help her with her patients, because I was one and she didn't know what to do -- then later admitted that when one of "us" walks in - she gets a lump in her throat and prays that the treatment she gives will work. In my case, it did. I too would like to help in any way I can. I have given her my phone number to call if a patient asks for help. So far, I have one teenager and her mom over for a talk. I hoped I helped them. I'd like to do more - with a full-time job and two kids it's almost impossible. But I do what I can.

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