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just hoping it will stop falling out

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed Alopecians' started by Lauren0424, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Lauren0424

    Lauren0424 Guest

    I'm not usually one to blog or join forums but i'm having a hard time dealing with my progressing alopetia areata and i've read some posts that help me know i'm not alone!
    I actually noticed the first medium patch last December. It was approximately one week after a really traumatic and horrible experience. Basically my place was broken into in the middle of the night and i was woken when the theives came into my room and robbed me at gun point. I was gratefull to just live through it but a week later my hair started to fall out. i was dealing with so much else that i first i didn't pay a lot of attention to my hair. but the area just kept getting bigger. its now higher way above my earline on both sides and right accross the back. I've had 2 sessions of the cortizone injections and i do see some regrowth in small areas which is a really great sign - but at the same time it continues to keep falling out more and more, up to this morning in the shower. I dont feel worried about it growing back but its freaking me out that 8 months later it continues to fall out. Luckily because its not dropping much from the front i can still hide it as long as i wear it out and style it every day (gone are the quick poney tails). I worry i'll have to try a wig if this keeps up and concerned it will be obvious and everyone will know. i also live in a very hot country so i'm concerned about a wig just being a big hot sweaty mess on my head!
    anyone have any ideas, comments or suggestions please let me know. especially if maybe you have a similar alpecia situation. does anyone think they know what triggered it to STOP falling out? doubt it but worth asking nonetheless!

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