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Just ordered some toppik

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by minx, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. minx

    minx Guest

    Have ordered 2 small bottles of toppik to try today. in medium and light brown. Hoping one of these, or mix of both will be good match. Can't wait for it to come..hurry up please.
    Hope it will help to fill in thinning parting and baldy patch at right temple. Don't expect miracles but must be better than all that pink scalp.
    Will let you know how I get on with it.

    Minx :p
  2. moviegirl

    moviegirl Guest

    Hi Minx,

    I love Toppik--tried Kerasome but it doesn't do the trick like Toppik!

    Keep us posted on how it turns out,
  3. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I really like Toppik. I don't use it every day, but the days I want to wear my hair down it really gives me a lot of confidence.
  4. tigerlily

    tigerlily Guest

    where do you guys order this from? I was thinking folica.com?
  5. minx

    minx Guest

    I live in Uk, just googled Toppik Uk and loads of hits came up. Ordered 2 different shades in travel size just to try first. Site I ordered from was hair123.co.uk

  6. Lily

    Lily Senior Member

    Mar 26, 2005
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    I have used Toppik for quite some time. Of course as my hair gets thinner and thinner, it functions more as a scalp cover rather than a hair thickener. I lightly spray my hair w/hair spray first, then shake on the Toppik. I think that keeps more of it on my hair and less from clumping on my scalp. There is a new spray applicator but I haven't tried that yet.
  7. minx

    minx Guest

    Well Toppik arrived and have had a go with both bottles. Was really nervous about shaking it on incase I put too much on at once. The dark brown shade seemed too dark and more seemed to stick to scalp rather than hair. :? lighter shade worked better.
    Found it difficult to apply along my parting so that I actually did still have one, if you know what I mean. Hmmm practice makes perfect I suppose, am optimitic that once I crack how to apply correctly it will help. Like the cute little Travel size pefect for my handbag.

  8. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I've read that you can take a pipe cleaner and slide it along your parting so that the Toppik doesn't settle there as much.
    It does take practice. I still have trouble when I try to apply it to my hair line. If you need both colors, maybe you can layer. Put the light shade on first and then the dark shade and then more of the light if you need it. That way the light shade sticks to the scalp and sort of buffers the darker shade.
  9. roxanna

    roxanna Guest

    T o Toppik users...does toppik damage your hair further? Does it look natural..I ordered some...and can't wait for it to come..but I am afraid to use any product that will cause any more damage /loss... at this point, each hair is precious...I mourn the loss of each single one!
  10. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    No, it's not going to cause any damage at all. It takes some practice to get it right. I find that I like a little spray on shine after I use it, but just a tad. It takes practice, that's all. Don't be afraid to "waste" it with practice, because a little goes a long way.
  11. Daydreamer

    Daydreamer Guest

    Hey Redclaire, I'm new to the boards. I'm guessing by your screename that you have red hair. I do too! What color Toppix do you use? Do they have several reds??
    Thanks in advance,
  12. Sissy

    Sissy Guest

    Hey Daydreamer,

    I am a redhead too. I bought Toppik and sent it back because their red was way too dark for me. That was before I found this site and didn't know that I should buy 2 colors, like the red and blonde and mix them so I am going to try it again. Since I have Alopecia Areata, I think that the woman that I spoke to at Toppik told me to buy the Fillmore which works better for actual spots rather than thinning.

    I would love to know what color Redclaire uses as well.
  13. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I have the auburn, but I don't like how it looks on my scalp... if I can get it to blend with just the hair, I like it. I've been considering getting blond too. What I want to try is putting the blond on first ( so that the color that adheres to the scalp is lighter) and then shaking the auburn on over that. I have a feeling that it would look much better.
  14. Sissy

    Sissy Guest

    I agree with you Redclaire, putting the blonde on first then maybe a little bit of the auburn would probably look better. When I put on that auburn it looked so brown.

  15. Daydreamer

    Daydreamer Guest

    Thanks for the mixing tip! I figured that one color wouldn't work with my naturally red hair (so many shades). Between the color and long curly locks I used to have can't tell you how many times hairstylists would gush and say "Hun, you won't believe how much people would kill for hair like yours"

    Now, unfortunately, I do :?
  16. Sissy

    Sissy Guest


    You wouldn't believe how many hairdressers and others would say the very same thing to me. "Do you realize how many people would kill to have your hair?" I too had long thick curly hair all of my life. I just had my hair cut to short about 2 years ago. Its short with long layers on top. For me, it is easier to cover the spots.

    However right now I am going through a big shed and I am battling depression pretty bad right now. No one understands even my family and that I have had this for 10 years. They act like it is nothing. I was telling my Mom yesterday that I was going to go back to the derm again and Endo to have my levels checked (haven't been to one for my hair since 1996) and she interupted me to say something to someone else that walked in the room. I just looked down and walked away. I guess it is my fault for never bringing it up or complaining about it to people. Still hurts like hell though. :cry:

    Sorry to vent,
  17. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    {{{Sissy}}} It's not at all your fault. That WAS rude. If you can't use your mom's shoulders, then where can you go??? Ok... besides here... I've got good mom shoulders, you're welcome to use mine.
  18. Sissy

    Sissy Guest

    Thank you Claire, that means a lot to me. {{hugs}}

    It sounds so funny to hear someone tell me that it is not my fault. I guess that I tell myself subconsciencely that it IS my fault. Like there is something really weird about myself. I just havent ever seen someone like me other than in pictures. I will see every once in a while a woman with a really thinning part but never someone with bald spots. And whats funny, every time that I have seen a woman with thinning hair I never thought twice about it. Like it was no big deal, but for some reason to see a woman with bald spots would look so much worse to me.

    BTW, I looked at the website that you posted once that was all bald women and I loved it! Those are some really cool and beautiful women. Some of them were hard core and some just ordinary women but all really cool. Seeing those pictures made me feel less scared of ever going bald. Ya know? God some days (like today) the thought of shaving my head and just having that stubble like some of those women just feels so freeing. To stop this madness and maybe lifting an incredible burden! The burden of counting fallen hairs, that dread of washing your hair and looking down in the sink and getting that sick feeling in your stomach after you blow dry.

    Not saying that I want to go bald but I don't want this madness either.

    Thanks again, just having one of those months :) I mean days...
  19. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Sissy, I visit that site all the time. It really does make me feel better. I always think. "Well, if the worst is being bald, then how can it be, look how beautiful and happy those women are". I've also sworn that if it gets bad... I'm going to shave it and go natural. I'm sure I'll have a wig for work and probably scarves in the summer. But it gets to be 108 here in the summers.... I can't imagine wearing a wig in this heat.

    Granted, I know that people are rude and things are said... but people will be like that one way or the other. I have a girlfriend who is drop dead gorgeous. I mean fall on your face beautiful and women are so mean to her, it kills me. Can't win either way... 'course I dare anyone to TRY to treat me like that.

  20. Sissy

    Sissy Guest

    Can you imagine shaving your head. Never waking up and counting your hairs again or thinking, "now when did I last wash my hair was it yesterday or the day before?" Never seeing massive amounts of hair in my brushes or on my clothes. To never again scratch your head and wonder if you just scratched out some valuable hairs. Truth be known thats probably when our hair would all grow back!

    The summers are over a 100 here as well, that is my only concern with wearing a wig. They are so so hot. I would want to go natural all the time, but your right about people and there cruelty. If we all don't look the exact same way then there must be something wrong with us.


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