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Just ordered some toppik

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by minx, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    What concerns me the most about no hair is not how *I*'ll be treated. I'm pretty harsh when it comes to rude people. I'm concerned about how my child will be treated. Granted... I have NO problem approaching parents of rude children and giving them the facts... but... well, my little girl is just so amazing and it makes my physically ache to think of anyone hurting her in any way ( emotional, physical).
  2. Sissy

    Sissy Guest

    OMG your right Claire. That would crush me if one of my kids suffered at all from that. My sons are 17 and 12 so I know that they would not put up with that crap, (I have taught them not to take it--I mean I am a redhead! :lol: ) But it is my sweet little girl that is seven that would probably get the brunt because she is younger. However, she would probably grow up to be a stronger woman if she saw me walking tall.

    Whats funny is that all of my kids have thick, blonde hair like my DH. My boys have longer hair (shoulder length) and people ask me about it some times but I don't have a problem their long hair. They are great kids and I love to look at their beautiful hair. Can you blame me?
  3. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I am very much of the school of thought that as long as a kid is a good kid, doing their school work, being respectful then fashion ( within age appropriate areas) is up to them. It's soon enough they have to cut their hair or remove the fun colors for real life and jobs.
    I do agree that seeing me be brave and independant and walk tall makes my daughter a stronger person... I still want to wrap her in bubble wrap.
  4. Karen

    Karen Guest

    Claire, Sissy,

    Ya know kids are pretty amazing when it comes to this. When my sons friends came over and I was only wearing a bandana my oldest and my littlest one overcame and I was very proud of them. Before anyone got a chance to say anything my boys informed them their mom was suffering from alopecia areata and they ought not to say anything to me or them or they'll wish they were in 7th Heaven. I was pretty amazed at how ferocious they were in making their point before the "sticks and stones" came and after that especially the older boys would say ok take the bandana off we want to see how much has grown. They were really cool with me. I think it's all in the way we portray it.
  5. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    You're right!
  6. Sissy

    Sissy Guest


    That is halarious , "you will wish you were in 7th Heaven!" :lol: So precious!!

    I am going to have to use that one myself. But both of yall are right. Kids are more resiliant than we know but we still want to protect them from the hurt as long as we can.

    Claire- That is my feelings exactly, I told me both of my boys that if they made A's and B's at school than they can keep there hair long. And they have. My oldest is an honor student and wants to go to law school then the Airforce as a JAG. So who the hell cares how long his hair is? He will have the rest of his life to conform. Heck Im the one thats tired of conforming to the rest of the world! :lol:
  7. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    You and me both!!!!
  8. Sissy

    Sissy Guest

    Hey guys,
    I just bought some Toppek today as well. I bought the small sized auburn and blonde. I also bought the Toppek Hair Fattener. It claims that it thickens your hair up to 50% in seconds. You apply it to your hair after you have gotten out of the shower. It is like a leave in conditioner and I hear that is has gotten excellent results so if it does work I will let everyone know. I mean who couldn't use 50% more hair? Well on your head? :wink:


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  9. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Yey, I really want to hear about that.
  10. minx

    minx Guest

    oooh yes that sounds great if it works. Please do let us know what you think. Im happy using my toppik now I have got the hang of applying. Just the fact that I can't see the pink shiny scalp staring right back at me at top of bangs makes me feel so much happier.


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