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Discussion in 'Medications that can cause Hair Loss' started by aries, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. aries

    aries Guest

    So I just read that if you have a family history of hair loss you should not use birth control pills because this will make Androgenetic Alopecia appear much sooner. I'm mad, because my doctor never mentioned this when I put my daughter on them for cramps. I'm sure that's why she has Androgenetic Alopecia now. If I had known, I would NEVER had done this. I feel such guilt it is unbelievable. I went on them at 14 and never had hair loss until 32. I had no way of knowing this. I thought Androgenetic Alopecia was an older person thing, not for teenagers. Now I'm stuck, if I pull her off she still has Androgenetic Alopecia and it will cause a dred shed and if I switch her, it may cause a shed or make it worse. She started desogen in December and now is very very thin. I'm so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :badmood: Moms, do not allow your girls to use birth control. The ped says pull her off, the derm says to switch her and the endo says to keep her on a low androgen pill. That's what desogen is. What do I do? I made a decision that cost her her hair :sobbing: I thought I was doing the right thing to help with cramps. I should have done my research first. I'm so mad at myself. I should have made her wait until she was 18. I just didn't want to see her in pain anymore and all her friends were going on them. I didn't know about the birth control/hair loss connection. I'm on bc to help hair loss. I have heard horrible things about yasmin and I'm scared to change it.
  2. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    ((((((((((Aries)))))))))) you are not guilty at all so don't take such a burden on your shoulders. My daughter,who is 15, suffers from terrible menstrual cramps & vomiting when she gets her period. She takes after me in that sense because at her age my periods were the same. I feel so bad for her. I have not put her on any birth control pill yet but I have thought about it when she is in tears from the cramps. So difficult to know what the right decision is.

    I have heard that the lower androgen pills are best for the least possible side effects including hairloss & acne & yasmin is one of those. Yet you have heard horrible things about yasmin.

    When I became AT- Alopecia Universalis my biggest fear was that I may have passed Alopecia Areata on to my children. The possibility is always there though none of them have experienced it yet.

    I have friends in the Alopecia Areata community I belong to whose children have Alopecia Areata even though there is no history of any hairloss in the family. Parents of children with Alopecia Areata feel a tremendous of guilt as if they have somehow caused this to happen to their children. All have said they would rather it be them in their childrens' place. As parents we are all the same. We want to shield & protect are children from anything bad happening to them. The truth is we can't always do that.

    I take so much strength from these children & teens who are AT- Alopecia Universalis. Some of them do go through tough times with their peers but they are so very strong . They inspire me to follow their example .

    I know you are suffering for your daughter and my heart goes out to you. I'm sure if one of my children were to exhibit symptoms of Alopecia Areata in the future it would be very difficult for me but who better to help & support them then their own mom. I would take my cues from them and let them decide whether they wanted to try or treatments or not ensuring they did not risk their health if they opted to try treatments. I would also support their choice of wig or no wig. I would let them know how beautiful they are hair or not and how loved they are. With family support and love I believe our children can get through any crisis they may face in their futures.

    In my own family growing up feelings were not expressed. I always felt I had somehow let my mother down by having Alopecia Areata. She would often say that I had the most beautiful hair before Alopecia Areata took it away. She probably felt guilt and grief but she never told me so. I felt very alone and very ugly for many years. I look back at my pictures now and realize that I wasn't ugly that the perception came from not feeling accepted by my mom.

    Do you know that it took being in support groups for 2 years & going to 2 NAAF conferences before I could take my wig off and expose my bald head to my mom? It was harder for me to show her than anyone else yet she should have been the easiest. She has always had beautiful hair and even at her age now is very fussy about having her hair always looking good. She often complained to me about her hair not looking good when I had no hair at all.

    Do you see what I'm talking about Aries? It took others to make me realize that the person I am had nothing to do with the amount of hair on my head. My husband and children love me for who I am hair or not but I needed to know that my mom felt the same.

    My mom is still critical of me but my Alopecia Areata family has taught me to let her comments roll off my back & not take them so much to heart. She now accepts seeing me in a bandana without making negative comments about it. She doesn’t try to fix my wigs when we’re out in public . She’s learning to let me be ME.

    Your daughter has a wonderful mom who is there for her in every way possible. She going to be fine you’ll see. Please try to let go of this guilt you feel.

    Big Hugs to you both,
  3. aries

    aries Guest

    Joann - My daughter would have such severe cramps that she would be on the floor in a fetal position crying and she too would get sick. She was missing school because of this, so the doctor said to do birth control pills. We did try heating pads, midol, hot baths and showers, etc.. before this. I know that I was doing what I thought was right and I was being advised by her doctor to do it, but the guilt is still very real. If your daughter asks for the pill, please and I'm sure you will, let her know all the risks involved. I never had a problem with the pill and I assumed she wouldn't either, but I was wrong. I feel like one bad decision caused this and now I don't know how to make it better. There needs to be more public awareness.
  4. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    I had Androgenetic Alopecia anyway but the BCP made it MUCH worse! Yes, there is a hairloss history too.
  5. Hi Aries ((hugs))

    I was just like your daughter - I had the most unbelievable cramps, though mine are in my back, not my stomach. Every month for four days I would lie down, sobbing in pain, unable to go to school or even move at points. My mum tried everything - hot water bottles, strong ibuprofen, baths, backrubs - nothing worked. But then, I was prescribed some amazing pills that helped the pain enormously. Has your doctor ever mentioned mefenamic acid tablets to you? If you want to take her off the pill and try something else, they could be the way to go. They really helped me.
    Btw, I also went on the pill at 16 for contraception, and I stopped taking the mefenamic acid at that point as the pill did the job for me. But for me, they were just as effective as the pill. Only side effect was that if taken without food they could cause a bit of stomach discomfort as they're quite powerful tablets, but that wasn't an issue.
    Good luck!
  6. suzyq

    suzyq Guest

    Hi - I have been reading posts for some time and have yet to post my story. I guess because I wish I had some great big success story to tell and I don't at this point. I however had to give my opinion/experience on this post.

    I'm 36 years old and started taking yasmin in December 05. I was taking them for three months straight and then a 4 day break (per Dr. Redmond). Last fall I developed pulmonary embolism (blood clots in my lung). Most blood clots (90%) form in the legs and they then can break off and travel to other parts of the body. I had NO symptoms with the DVT, just the PE. I let it go for 5 days thinking I simply had a bad chest cold. By the time I got to the hospital I was having a very difficult time breathing and was coughing up blood (I'm a marathon runner so my lungs have always been in great condition). Turns out I have Factor V Leiden (as do 5-8 other Americans). Basically it is a gene that makes me more likely to clot than someone without the gene. I'm about 7 times more likely to clot. Well when you add the pill in the mix my risk goes up to 30 times more likely to clot. A simple blood test determines who has Factor V. Since then I have become very educated on the pill and clotting. Yasmin is one of the worst. Thousands of women around the world have died from clotting from the pill. It is a lot more common than you think. Pulmonary embolism actually kills more people in one year than breast cancer, aids, and highway traffic accidents combined (in the US). So the only reason for the post is to say the pill can do much worse things than just cause hair loss. If it were my daughter, I would NOT put her on the bcp. I would search for more natural methods for PMS.. Gosh this post was very long....hopefully you are not asleep......
  7. suzyq

    suzyq Guest

    Oops...I meant to say 5 - 8 MILLION Americans.......
  8. aries

    aries Guest

    suzyQ - I'm sorry for your experience. The problem is this, if I take her off the pill she will see more of a shedding then if I leave her on. The pill is good for someone with Androgenetic Alopecia. I wish I had of known that the pill could trigger Androgenetic Alopecia :( I know it seems strange that something that can cause hair loss is something that they say can help hair loss. I have not heard of the drug you were talking about, but will ask my doctor. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. GoodYear

    GoodYear Guest

    Aries, where did you read that you should not have given your BCP's? I never ever heard that and I doubt if it is true. I would say the opposite is the case. Hormonal hairloss needs to be treated by certain BCP's, finasteride, Androcur or Spironolactone. No matter what the history is. Dont be so hard on yourself,, do not believe everything that is said. We have some rules we know are true: hormonal hair loss is caused (at least) by DHT. Every step to reduce DHT is good to try.
    Plase try not to get in panic because some one said so. I dont believe it.

    And you did nothing wrong. You are really to hard on yourself. Shall I also blame my mother for my Androgenetic Alopecia? No, of course not! ShallI blame my mother for my rheumatic arthritis (it is somewhere in the family...), no ofcourse not. You did NOTHING wrong. On the contrairy: you are so concerned about your daugther that her Androgenetic Alopecia is treated well by you and in an early stage. What more can you do?
    Dont be angry. There is no reason for it as you are a great mum.
  10. aries

    aries Guest

    Goodyear - Thanks. I have read on several sights on the internet that if you have a family history and you take birth control pills, your hair will thin. It also stated that Androgenetic Alopecia is hormonal, so when you start the pill it triggers the Androgenetic Alopecia to start because of the hormonal connection. I have Androgenetic Alopecia and never had a problem with hair loss and the pill, so I think it's whatever they are putting in them these days. I try hard to be the best mom I can, but I see a sad little girl and it hurts me so bad. We need to get this out in the public. We need people to accept that hair loss does happen to young girls and women. Today we went shopping and she said "why does everyone have to stare". If you google "hair loss and birth control pills" you will find what I'm talking about.
  11. suzyq

    suzyq Guest

    Aries -- my understanding is that the bcps that cause hairloss are the ones that are androgentic. So for example, loestrin is bad because it has androgens in it that will make hair loss worse. Some pills (yasmin) are anit-androgen so it would seem they are good for hair. Estrogen is usually very good for hair shedding as it keeps your hair in the anagen phase longer. Androgenetic Alopecia will eventually shift your cycle so you shed hairs prematurely and also the miniturization starts. A pill can help give you a steady dose of estrogen. But as I said previously, they don't come risk free......
  12. aries

    aries Guest

    Suzy - She is taking Desogen which is suppose to be very good. I took loestrin for years :sobbing:
  13. suzyq

    suzyq Guest

    Aries - From what I have read Desogen is one of the "friendly" bcps. Does she have anything else going on...low ferritin, possible PCOS??? Have you had her testosterone checked??? The pill cuts free t in half but maybe she is very high???? Is she shedding a higher amount or is the hair getting thinner with each cycle?????????????
  14. aries

    aries Guest

    All her blood work came back normal. Her iron was a little low. She has no signs of pcos. She started desogen in December and I noticed very thin sides in March. Her whole head has thinned and she has lost at least 50% of her hair. She parts her hair on the side and that is where it is most thin. Her ponytail is very thin now and I can see scalp where she parts her hair. Nine months ago this child had hair so thick that I could not even get a band around the ponytail. I'm so sad about this. The only thing different was the introduction of desogen. Do I keep her on it? I don't think Yasmin would be any different and I have heard horrible things about it. If I take her off everything, dred shed.
  15. michelesmith

    michelesmith Guest

    this is how i was too, turns out i didnt find out i had sevre endometriosis until my 30s when i tried to conceive-i was on desogen for 15 years , all during my teen years but it actually saved my hair i think my thinning would of happened alot sooner had i not been on the bcp since as soon as i went off of it the Androgenetic Alopecia manifested...........
  16. GoodYear

    GoodYear Guest

    Aries, I have been on Marvelon (which I think is the same as Desogen I believe) for about 20 years. It never exposed my Androgenetic Alopecia. My Androgenetic Alopecia activated when I stopped Marvelon and took Implanon (in your arm), but htat also took years. So, I really dont think it is the culprit. I think your daugther is just sensitive for Androgenetic Alopecia and there was nothing your or she could do. Try to focus on a new therapy and see if other things are the case like PCOS, Iron, tyroid etc.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

  18. aries

    aries Guest

    She has been tested for all of those things. Her iron was 19 and she was told she could take an over the counter pill if she wants to. I just find it hard to believe that we never had hair issues until the birth control pill. Maybe any pill would have done the same thing. I can't believe that I have more hair and I am going on eleven years with Androgenetic Alopecia. The last eight months has been crazy. It has happened way to fast. Do you think the next generation gets hit harder?
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think the next generation gets hit harder, yes...I have thinning the earliest out of my whole family, including my father. :thumbdown2:

    I wish I had a remedy for her!
  20. GoodYear

    GoodYear Guest

    We dont know if the next generation is hit harder. The thing is thatshe is in an age that hormones strike anyway. My body was completely changing from 15-20 years old. So, not bcp's but maybe just her own hormones strike the hardest. There is absolutely nothing you could have avoid this, Aries. NOTHING! It's her genes and they do what they want right now. I have rheuma. I could punish myself to see whether I could have avoid it, but no one knows how I could have done that. I am not going to beat myself with it. I am not even beating myself with the fact that I have Androgenetic Alopecia and could have done many years ago more about it then now. It is like it is.

    Try to accept that it is like it is now, as this agressive 'punish' attidude towards yourself will kill you. You need to focus on the future and how to cope with it instead of looking back. There is nothing you could have done. And my mother does not even have Androgenetic Alopecia. let alone that me or she will think that i have earlier Androgenetic Alopecia then she has. She does not have it all. So, I am the only one in the family with two older sisters.

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