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Ladies -- what is going on?!

Discussion in 'Living with Androgenetic Alopecia' started by Depressedandconfused, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Been a little while! I've been crazy busy at my new job/getting used to a new country. As those of you who have been on the boards for a while know, I went through a pretty bad TE a couple of months ago-- hundreds of hairs a day, for two months or more. My shed is still more than it should be but it's not that awful handfuls in the shower stuff of nightmares anymore! Anyways, my hair somehow looks WORSE now. I just inspected it in harsh mirrors today (agh) and my heart sank... the entire front/middle area of my scalp is SO see through and now when I side part there are diffuse see-through gaps... forget about a center part. A couple of months back I could hide it successfully with a side part... not anymore. :(

    Can things go downhill so fast? Like two months and suddenly see-through?? Anyone gone through this and had regrowth? Not sure what to do now. I guess use concealers? I really hoped it wouldn't come to this for a while. Still using the lasercap but my stress is through the roof and diet hasn't been the best.
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    Oh, big hugs to you.. you have a LOT on your plate, it sounds like!

    I don't have great things to say to encourage you it will get better :( I can tell you I personally do believe - and see it on my own head - it CAN suddenly seem to get a lot worse with no increased shedding. I think if you lose a lot in a big shed, the little bit you continue to lose in a 'normal' shed period can unmask a fair amount of scalp.. since there is no longer a lot of hair offering the coverage, and just that bit more to lose can tip over the edge of coverage to not. Do you see what I'm trying to say?

    I don't know about recovering something like that.. I guess it depends on so much.

    I'm curious about one thing. Is your loss largely diffuse? How are your temples? I'm mystified that, for me, my center part is by far stronger than my side parts.. my temples are by FAR the very worst hit zone. I think that's unusual and what you describe (center part worst) is more common.
  3. sosadgirl

    sosadgirl Guest

    I have the same thoughts as well Depressed and Confused. I shed like mad for almost 9 months and it finally tapered off in Feb. But now I am walking in the same shoes you are.......it seems to be getting worse instead of better.

    I don't understand it either. Ecspecially because proir to my shed my hair was completely normal.
  4. Agh. I have no idea... I'm still hopeful though. For a couple of reasons. One, I think female hairloss is so unpredictable. Two, there is a lot of money being poured into research for a "cure" right now so if we can hold onto our hair for the next couple of years we may be ok! And finally because I have seen stories on this board from people who really rebounded after all hope was lost.

    Positive thinking!!! Easier said than done I know. I looked in a mirror today and almost cried, then walked the streets and envied every girl I saw regardless of the kind of hair they had -- at least they had it.

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