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Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by kaylee, May 12, 2009.

  1. curlylocks

    curlylocks Guest

    For those of you asking about Vaniqua. I just got some. Go to their main website and there is a $25 coupon on the RX and $60 off on 2 tubes! I went to Rite Aid and asked the pharmacist for the "Rite Aid" discount, which he added to the $25 coupon. It came out to $37.00 total. (I should be a professional shopper - I can nickle and dime people to death)
  2. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    how do you get rid of hair that is in between vellous and coarse but light in color?? I have this covering my whole face...
  3. kimm

    kimm Guest

    bb - I have that exact description on my face too!

    It started as normal vellous but slowly got a bit coaser. Enough so that it's noticable but not so much that it's definitely "beard hair" I have those tougher ones more by my chin. Still light in color thankfully, for the most part. I do think it's slowed down quite a bit in this last year too, due to my regime.

    I'm curious about if vaniqua works for those too! In the meantime though, I've been sneaking my husband's electric shaver and it works pretty well. It still grows back light and soft, and I can usually drag it out so that I only need to do it once a week.

    I do feel a little like a dude doing it though. :$
  4. alicat

    alicat Guest

    What about Veet or Nair?
  5. hwag5149

    hwag5149 Guest

    From my understanding, vaniqua doesn't make hair disappear, but it greatly reduces the speed at which the hair regrows. I would think it would work on coarse and fine hair. I'm thinking about trying it actually...
  6. kimm

    kimm Guest

    I need to get into a derm anyways. Not for my hair, but because I want to do a mole check and see what I can do about keeping my skin in decent shape.

    When I'm there I'll see if I can get a Vaniqua script.

    I'm not even going to mention my hairloss because I'm DONE with trying to get help with derms for it. The best they have to offer is a Rogaine recommendation and I KNOW about that already.

    My unwanted hair cycles in and out but this last month or so, when not on my period it's been a lot slower! I think Vaniqa would be just what I need!

    Last summer at this time I was plucking twice a day for like 30 minutes! I had perma red chin. Lovely!
  7. april k

    april k Guest

    I love laser hair removal- but you do have to be patient. The darker your hair the better, and you'll have to go a number of times. I found a place that doesn't charge too much- Laser for Less- because there's no doctor on site. And after 6 treatments, they are half price. The one piece of advice I have-- don't get it done before or during your period!

    April K
  8. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    Vaniqa is awesome, try it before laser (although Im still thinking of doing it). I used to have a rash of red bumbs on my face from plucking so much, but that is gone now. I only pluck every other day or once a day instead of 2x a day and the hair that grows back is finer and lighter and color! Its been a godsend for me, I will use it forever!
  9. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    Yeah I have the dark coarse hair so I think laser would be perfect for me!
  10. kilkea

    kilkea Guest

    I have had moderate success with hair laser removal. I am very fair complexion with dark brown hair so I am good candidate. I had it done on forearms, sideburns, upper lip, chin, posterior neck and anterior neck. It cost $3400 for 6 treatments. My touch up cost is $75 for EACH AREA!!! I have gone back once for touch ups. Not really stoked about upper lip or chin results. I still have to SHAVE every morning. Yeah funny story about that very thing is that I had my teeth cleaned today and forgot to shave before I went and boy I felt my whiskers and I know she saw!! :$
  11. alicat

    alicat Guest

    that seems awfully pricey! eeeek.
    do you think by shaving you're making the hair appear more thick? i have heard that shaving makes the hair more flat on the surface and therefore gives the illusion of more/thicker hair. can you pluck the chin hair instead?
  12. kilkea

    kilkea Guest

    Yeah I had sticker shock, but I was so desparate to get rid of it so I thought I would take the plung. My mom, aunt, grandma and sister have the same problem. I keep shaving instead of plucking because you have to stop plucking at least 3 weeks before you go back to have ithe areas lasered again & I'm trying to save up for another touch up and praying that will take care of it. I love the results on my forearms just not on the upper lip and chin. Also when I pluck I seem to get a lot more ingrown hairs. :crazy:
  13. zinovia181

    zinovia181 Guest

    As an alternative to waxing or laser you could try threading. I had it done on my eyebrows and I was told that the whole face can be threaded! I havent tryed it yet, but I can say the eyebrows were pretty painful the first time. Unlike waxing it doesnt pull off a layer of skin or irritate your face like some creams can. :shock: Here is a link to a few places that do it http://www.spaindex.com/Lifestyles/Threading.htm
  14. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Laser is a godsent. It will help you but might take several session. i am doing it on ly legs....my calves are all smooth now,i am not done with my tigh yet i started to treat them later....as for more hormonal sensitive areas like the facelaser works too, but you have to keep your hormones in check for better results. (anyway with an hormonal imbalance you should always been followed by a secialist and have your hormone balanced...)
  15. mjh

    mjh Guest

    I get my upper lip threaded but it's so painful for me that I am going to go back to waxing. I water up each time.

    Kaylee--i liked laser a lot. I didn't get all my sessions but it still reduced my arm and leg hair. I haven't gotten it on my face though.
  16. katyk1

    katyk1 Guest


    I purchased the Tria for laser at home. Much easier and cheaper. I got mine off eBay. I have only had it for a month and some of the dark hairs are dropping out.
  17. kilkea

    kilkea Guest

    That is so funny because I was watching QVC and they had the Tria for sale for $596 (4 flex payments available) and I was wondering if I should purchase it? It defintely cheaper than having done a laser clinic but they said it could not be used from the neck up. Thoughts?
  18. SherryBerry

    SherryBerry Guest

    I just bought the TRIA.

    I would definately purchase TRIA directly from the site. if yo do you get the NEWER 5 setting laser instead of the older 3 setting laser. They also now are offersing an awesome payment plan if you can put $200 something dollrs down ,. then you pay it off around $40 a month. All you have to do to qualify is have a credit card. No credit check required. They also are giving away a free lotion with the purchase . No big deal but free is free.

    i read somewhere that Tria USA is the place that says no facial use but Tria for UK doesn't state this. I wonder if they are afraid USA sue happy customers will zap themself in the eye on purpose just to collect insurance payoff :dunno:
  19. SherryBerry

    SherryBerry Guest

    I almost forgot. You have a 30 day no hassle return from their site for any reason at all. Even if you just don't like it. This should be plenty of time to decide if it's too painful or if you just aren't getting the "zap" because your skin is wrong. the tria has a sensor yu have to activate before you start each procedure. it will not work if you hav ethe wrong tone skin.

    I do however wan to point out the TRIA is not as strong as a Dr. really strong laser so it takes MONTHS to see real results. it also has a VERY small laser pulse point so it takes a million zaps to one area to cover the area correctly.

    on the upside... i have no problem taking 1/2 hour at a time to do a few square inches of space if it is going to cost me WAYYYYYYY less then the Dr. oFfice... Plus the convience of doing it on MY schedule... in my Pajamas :woot:

    The tria is also VERY well made. It's not a flimsy piece of plastic junk
  20. kilkea

    kilkea Guest

    Thanks SherryBerry! I think I will give it a try and save thousands of dollars! Hey maybe I could go in half with my mom and then we could share the benefits and pain. LOL. :woot:

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