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minitiarization or regrowth? hair loss pics.

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by livEyourlife, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    First of all, I know that we're all at different stages of hairloss. I'm just posting the pics up to ask for everyone's opinions of what they think it is. When I saw Dr.Redmond he just said to wait and see..

    I posted up a thread before and apparently most of the ladies with Androgenetic Alopecia have it worse on their domnant hand side? So my right seems to be worse than my left.

    Sorry if they're super duper huge- but then how else can you tell if it's minitiarized or regrowth?? lol ;)

    no flash~

  2. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest


    no flash~
  3. jerseygirl

    jerseygirl Guest

    I am not sure if it is regrowth or miniaturization. I am concerned about the "dark spot" on your right temple. Have you had that checked by a dermatologist?
  4. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    ADMIN-- CAN YOU HELP ME MOVE THIS TO "GIRL TALK" please? So then only members can see it? Thank you!
  5. tiff

    tiff Guest

    id say it's regrowth..doesn't minaturization change the hair color too? like it'd be lighter?
  6. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Hmmm the hairs look like the fringe alot of us have around the temples...I cannot tell....if they are new, meaning they were not there a few months ago then they have to be new growth hairs...if exhsisting hairs become finer/thinner and dont grow as long I would think that is miniaturization...
  7. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    I'd say it's regrowth. It looks to be a normal thickness.

    Lol, were you listening to music while taking pictures?
  8. nocturne

    nocturne Established Member

    Mar 10, 2008
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    I think if you've never noticed those wispy things around your forehead before, then it must be regrowth! They look pretty dark and thick to me...anyhow, think positive!

    Are they mostly on your hairline or also in the inner scalp as well?

  9. kiara

    kiara Guest

    LOL you were listening to music whilst taking pics !! :woot:
  10. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    there's ALWAYS been wispy things there and it's always around my hairline. By always I mean I remember them being there since last October FOR SURE (pictures showing them when I put my hair up). Maybe I've just never noticed before? But then there's some in the middle where some are a bit longer and at the inner scalp.

    Yes Angie + Kiara, I was listening to music! lol
    it was kinda bland to just stand there and take pics of hair loss. have to say it's pretty tricky too to aim it in the right places and in the correct light.
  11. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    Liv, just a quick question...How long have you had hair loss?
  12. kiara

    kiara Guest

    OK, the whispy hair around the hairline is normal. And in asian hair it's more pronounced, than in caucasian hair.

    When you said "some in the middle ...... inner scalp", where do you mean by middle, and inner scalp ??
  13. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    April- It started umm October of 2003. So it's May 1st today..lol sorry hold on let me think. 4 years and A HALF.. 4 1/2 years!
    Of course Androgenetic Alopecia goes at different rates for everyone. Mine just happens to be realllllly slow. I've been shedding all along but nothing was visible until the past year.

    Kiara- Like.. um haha
    So say this smiley- :punk:
    In the MIDDLE of his head where his hair is. So on top in the middle... and then around 1/2 a centimeter from his hairline in the front, there are hairs which are longer than the ones on the hairline, but shorter than the usual long hairs.
  14. kiara

    kiara Guest

    Oh but Liv, it's still hard to understand your explanation, cause the punk smiley :punk: keeps nodding his head all the time so I can't really look carefully at his front hairline. :(
  15. They look like pretty strong regrowth hairs to me - YAY! Love the headphones too!

    I was actually gonna start my own post on this today with pics - not quite the same as Ive been told by a trichologist that mine is regrowth -but seems silly to start a whole new post on the subject so I hope you dont mind me adding my pics onto here!

    My pic is no way as clear as Livs - my hair is blonde so its hard to get them anyway and my camera is from the stone age! Its also a more difficult area to photograph - my regrowth is all along my part and there are lots of hairs all the same length - my boyfriend thinks I look like a lion! But I really dont care - at least there's new hairs! I'll try and post in a separate message as last time they were disastrously big. I may need some help but will give it a go!
  16. Okay lets give this picture a go. The picture is taken from a side view - in it you can see the side of my head, and then along the top all the new hairs along my part. You can't see my part in the pic which I quite like because it isn't too pretty! Fingers crossed it works!

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  17. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    Kiara- HAHAHA I started laughing at your response. I guess the only way to explain is to take pictures then!

    Thanks for sharing Kitkat- don't worry, I don't mind at all! This can be the "minitiarization or regrowth" thread pic for everyone then!
    Yup, I see all the new little hairs sticking up in your pic! Looks thick too like your other hair. Regrowth!!
    At first I thought it was a pic of the side of your head and regrowth along your hairline.. *I was like, wow. It's really blurry..her camera IS old. I don't see a hairline!* LOL

    to everyone- Thanks for your opinions! So majority thinks it's regrowth.. good to know for the time being since only time will tell!
  18. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    Liv and Kit ~

    My new growth looked just like your when ite started.

  19. Sara

    Sara Guest


    Do you definitely have Androgenetic Alopecia? It looks like your top is not affected at all (which is great)....
  20. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    I dont have THAT many hairs sticking up :( I guess I am bad off...

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