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My Blood Test Results

Discussion in 'AGA Related Blood Work and Doctors' started by Roxana, Mar 31, 2015.

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    Dec 17, 2014
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    Hi ladies,

    I did a blood test few weeks ago. The derm said all is fine but I was wondering if you can see something that might ring a bell.
    I am currently taking Vit D, Iron supplements and Spironolactone 100 mg.

    Iron: 11 (10-25)
    Transferrine: 2.3 (2.0-3.6)
    TYBC:58 (44-80)
    Ferritine:60 (15-150)
    Vit D: 51 (min:50)
    TSH:2.4 (0.27-4.2)
    LH:2.9 (2.4-13)
    FSH:3.7 (3.5-13)
    Prolactine:0.39 (0.07-0.50)
    Progestrone:2.4 (0.6-4.7)
    Oesteradiol:0.13 (0.05-0.61)

    My ferritine in increasing a bit. It was 30 about 6 months ago.

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