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My First Topper-2 Days In

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by karmcg, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. karmcg

    karmcg Guest

    Okay, ladies, I had her cut and styled and had my hair dyed and cut to match. Well...it's been interesting! Just two days wearing it so far..today will be my third.

    It is taking me forever to get it in the right place..but that's probably due to my own anal tendencies! I'm so afraid it won't look natural. And, I got a dark one...darker than my natural hair color. It was the closest to my natural hair color, but one level darker. I'm afraid I look emo now! ha! I have been assured I don't, but I went from brown with blond highlights to dark brown. It is a cold brown, not a warm brown, and I've never been this color. So, my whole family is in shock! ha! We're all gonna need some time to get used to it.

    I wore it to work yesterday. I'm a photographer, and one of our clients walked in and first thing he said was "You got your hair colored!" I felt this immediate surge of worry creep up. Then he said, "I love it! I mean, not that it was bad before, but I love it!" I felt pretty good at that point. :) I finally told my boss at the end of the day, because she and I are dear friends. She freaked out on me (in a good way)-said she had NO idea and would have never known had I not told her. She thought I just teased it up. :) She said she likes it and thinks I'm more worried about the color than I should be-that I'll get used to it and love it. She just kept saying that even after I told her, she couldn't tell..my hair stylist matched the color perfectly.

    The biggest struggle I'm having now (and I shed a few tears over it this morning) is nighttime. It hurt when I put it on yesterday, but got more comfortable as the day went on, but I don't want to wear it out, and it is kind of a relief on my own hair to take it off, but now that my hair is SO dark, my scalp is much more noticeable, so I've been wearing a hat..like a beanie at night. I think it's hard for my husband and I feel so unattractive. At least with the x-fusion, it lasted the night mostly. I feel like I've traded one issue for another. Ugh! We've been married 17 years, and together for 20, so this is not new to him, but he's human and doesn't like it any more than I do. The first night I wore a small knit beanie, and he asked how chemo was going. :) We had a good laugh (not at anyone's expense at cancer, because my mom has cancer) but that's how I felt I looked anyway. I just feel discouraged. I'm not sure this is any better than using the x-fusion and now I have to wear a hat every night or be partly bald-and that's too vulnerable for me right now. It's just discouraging. I wonder if I should just go back lighter, because he told me he hadn't even noticed my thinning hair in awhile. I'm wondering if I just wasted $400, that we don't have to waste right now. I know I need to give it more time, but just feeling discouraged.... I'll post pics later.
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    I know exactly how you feel!
    First of all, yes, you need to get used to wearing it. It's an adjustment. I had the same worries- that it didn't look natural. If you don't already, try clipping back your front bio hair at your hair line. It covers up the front and rim of the topper and I think it looks more natural (for me anyway) as it blends in my bio hair.

    And I had the same issues with night time. I too used to wear Toppik so my scalp didn't show when we went to bed. And when I take off the topper, my bio hair looks worse than normal because it's been all smooshed underneath the topper. My fiance doesn't care but I feel uncomfortable and unattractive. I have since gotten used to it. But some suggestions- instead of a a beanie- part your hair to the side in a deep part and clip it down. Not the "prettiest" look, but it'll disguise your loss. And/or wear a wide fabric headband to bed. Sometimes I also end up using some Toppik or Dermmatch right at my hairline with the topper, to help blend, so when I take the topper off for the night and either part my hair or put in the headband, the front of my hair is at least a little camouflaged since the concealer is there, and that's the area that he sees- right at the hairline.
  3. karmcg

    karmcg Guest

    Thanks! It's good to know we're not alone. I appreciate the advice. :)

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