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My Story With Alopecia Universalis .......

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by juju, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. juju

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    Oct 1, 2017
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    I have had 'Alopecia Universalis' for 23 years. I was struck with this at age 43, 2 years after we moved to florida (from Minnesota) to start our own small business. I had blonde, wavy hair...one day in the shower I noticed large amounts of hair on the shower drain. I didn't think much of it at the time, but after a couple of weeks, I had large patches of hair loss. at 43, this was absolutely devastating to me. I have 2 children who were young teens at that time, both of whom were very supportive and tried to make me feel better. one day I was so tired of looking at my hideous head of patchwork, I shaved my head and felt much better. at least I looked consistent!

    immediately, I went to a dermatologist and i started a topical steroid treatment, along with an oral steroid schedule. my hair grew back, but it grew back dark dark brown and curly--the exact opposite of what the Good Lord gave me! about 7 months later, I was bald again. not only on my head, but i had no hair at all on my body. frankly, I could care less about that, but my hair--or lack thereof--bothered me immensely. also, I had gained a lot of weight from the steroids and was now fat to boot!. that was it--i decided no more treatment--go get a wig!

    and wigs and 'Alopecia Universalis' have been my nemesis ever since! I hope some day i'll get used to 'Alopecia Universalis'...

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