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My story....

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by Carol57, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Carol57

    Carol57 Guest

    Hi! This is my first time here. I started losing my hair last year about this time, it started about the same time my periods stopped. I had 3 patches on my head. My periods started back up and the hair grew back. 3 mos. ago they stopped and I lost all my hair in 3 weeks. Went to the doctors, they did all kinds of blood work. Everything came back normal. They told me it was stress. I was being treated with corticosteroids and steroids but I quit nothing was happening except the side effects. When I was losing my hair I had my husband shave my head. I could handle that better than having handfuls every time I washed it.We cried together and basically moved on. I bought a wig. Next week my Dermatologist made an appointment for me at the medical center at U of M. I don't really want to go but I may just go to hear what they have to say. I don't want to be studied. I have told the people I work with and all have been really supportive. :)
  2. RugBug

    RugBug Guest

    some things about your story I love.... your husband helped you shave your head. You cried together. You moved on. LOVE that kind of emotional support.
    I also love that you have support from people you work with.
    and now, you have our support too!

  3. Carol57

    Carol57 Guest

    Thank you! Not much other choices. The hardest thing was losing my eyebrows and lashes. But I don't have to color my hair, or shave my under arms or legs :)
  4. Lost

    Lost Guest

    Welcome Carol you will get alot of info here!! Love that your husband helped you what a sweetie :)
  5. Alliegator

    Alliegator Guest

    Welcome!! I think you will love this site. That is so nice that your husband shaved your head. He must be a big support system for you. I shave my head so I know exactly what you mean about having handfuls of hair. I think shaving your head or giving it a buzz cut makes a person feel liberated. It is like you are taking control, instead of the hair loss taking control. What kind of wig did you get? Do you like it? I am a wigaholic!
  6. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Hi and welcome! :)
  7. Carol57

    Carol57 Guest

    I got the Henry Margu "Annette" in 29H Red. It was real similar to what I had when I had hair. I think I can be a wig a holic too! I am constantly looking for wigs. But I want them short with not too much hair. My husband has been awesome :bravo: To morrow I am going to the U of M medical center just because my doctor thinks they might offer better treatment choices. I am not crazy about going because everything I've tried has nasty side effects. But I will go and see what they say.
    I anyone has any suggestions on wigs I am always looking for a new one. The Annette really fits nice and looks natural.
    Thank God for this website!
  8. Alliegator

    Alliegator Guest

    I agree... Thank God for this website, and others like it. I am glad you had a good experience with your first wig! My problem is seeing others post pictures of their new wigs. 50% of the time, I want to try it too. You are lucky to have a supportive husband. Suggestions? I'm sorry, I don't have any. The shortest wig that I have worn is chin length. I would say look at the Rene of Paris line. They have lots of great styles. Also, you should join heralopecia.com if you haven't already. Several women on there wear short wigs like what you might want to wear. In fact, one member posted some pictures of a short new one this week. It is a great website too.

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