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nape of neck - recovery anyone?

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by Jubilee, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Jubilee

    Jubilee Guest

    If my hair line is creeping up at the nape of neck wouldn't this indicate something more is going on than say menopausal hair loss? Anyone had the hair there come back? Is it my understanding that with Alopecia Areata the follicles are not dead and there always is that possibility?

    In a rush now or I would do a search thru the site
  2. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    Hi Jubilee,

    Thought I would include a picture of what Alopecia Areata nape hairloss looks like for you to have a comparison.


    I have had this type of Alopecia Areata loss which is called the ophiasis pattern. You are quite right when you say that in Alopecia Areata the hair follicles are always able to regrow hair if the immune system settles down and stops attacking them.

    However, this can be a stubborn area to treat or have regrowth in though you can never say never with Alopecia Areata. Personally I never did have a full hairline around the sides or nape of my neck after that first severe bout at 4 years of age.

    I'm not familiar with your hairloss story. Would you mind sharing it with me. Thanks. :)

  3. Patches1

    Patches1 Guest

    I have the same Alopecia Areata pattern. Although I'm not sure I even have as much hair as the lady in the photo. The hair can return in that area - I have mentioned before that I am having DPC and I now have some re-growth on the nape, it's not all over, just starting to come back in patches and that's after having no hair there for well over 8 years. Might try and post a pic sometime.
  4. littlenewo

    littlenewo Guest

    I am just now getting regrowth in my nape. With my other patches the hair came back relatively quickly. The nape took three times longer, and the hair is softer more baby hair like. It is a lot of new hair though, so I am excited :)
  5. Fluff

    Fluff Guest

    That's me too. So weird, so hard to cover. Then I started thinning on TOP to make things worse.

    I am taking Avodart, and the hair on top is getting more OK. But I have been shedding horribly since November and have lost everything I regrew last year around my ears and neck. I can't wear my hair up or back or anything. And I have such a weird shaped forehead....Gee, thanks Gawd. Double f*ing whammy. The least you could have done is give me a normal shaped skull if you were going to take all may hair away.

    Biotin helps a bit. Which makes me wonder if this is a B vitamin thing? Hormonal, autoimmune, nutritional, WHAT WHAT WHAT?

    I can get NO help from doctors. NONE. They just throw thyroid pills at me and say I'm getting older. This pattern of hair loss is not a normal part of aging. Something is going on, but WHAT?

    As for adrenal stuff, I just don't know. My doctor want me to take low dose hydrocortisone, even though my cortisol levels are pretty normal. Would this boost the thyroid uptake? Because supposedly this pattern is related to thyroid disorders, at times

    Just ranting. So frustrated.
  6. dancer

    dancer Experienced Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    Hi fluff
    I am so sorry you are feeling so fruatrated, the" not knowing" just drives you insane I know, I do so wish I could help I can only emphathise with you :(
    I can say thats how my hair loss started so I agree I dont think its just age
  7. that's the exact same pattern i had.
    I know how you feel fluff.
    my doctor told me that it would just probably keep that pattern, but
    over time it crept forward and upthe sides until i had a weird mohawk .. i still had hope though, but then the mohawk turned into bangs.. LOL. so then i shaved it, and it finnished up falling out.

    now i have some white hairs comming in all over. (not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing) but i'm pretty much like 95% bald. and all may arm hair is gone, and half of my leg hair.

    the human body is a strange thing.. :thumbdown2:
  8. neencali

    neencali Guest

    I have Alopecia Areata. Lots of loss on sides and crown but the nape totally fell out. It is coming back.and really thick I some.parts. I can now wear a low pony again. I sometimes wear a supplemental bun to look like I have my hair still. It is coming back around the edge first. Sort of first out first in. My first big spot that fell.out in April is behind my ears and it is the only spot that is coming back totally white and baby fine. Such a strange disease.. but alas there is hope.
  9. I don't know if this is any consolation to any of you but
    last Sat 1/14,I lost the hair from the nape of my neck,in the
    shower as I started shampooing it. 1 week later,it looks like a
    tiny ''sprig'' of hair has begun growing there slightly.
    The only annoying thing about that nape hair loss last week is
    that I had to drive back to the wig salon to have my wigs
    tightened/stitched in the back of the cap,as the caps got a little
    loose & begun ''riding up'',I had to leave some wigs at the salon
    so I have to drive back there this week,
  10. dancer

    dancer Experienced Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    Weeping willow /Neencali it is interesting you both said it is growing all over on the nape area. In my younger years when I had a couple of regrowths the areas around my ears and nape never grew, it always started on the top and moved outwards very much like Joanns.
    I do so hope both of you continue to have regrowth. :)
  11. stephanie27

    stephanie27 Guest

    reg hair

    Hi little newo n patches..hope u doing gud...i hv same hair problem since 27 yrs..Wat has helped u regrow hair?
  12. Georgina

    Georgina Member

    Nov 22, 2017
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    Old thread but I must add my own experience.

    So I first started noticing that I lost a lot of hair at my nape in June 2014. Like I was creeping up the back of my head day by day. Then I realised that my entire hairline was receding inwards. The whole lot. My crown was also getting much thinner, and my hair overall was thinning everywhere. I lost body and facial hair.

    I got scalp biopsies which came back as androgenetic alopecia. However, I had been through primary ovarian insufficiency which meant I had low low estrogen levels and relatively high androgens. What I believe happened was that my hair began thinning everywhere, even body hair like a menopause woman, but because I have the genetic predisposition for Androgenetic Alopecia, the hairs that were lost began to miniturise. I have tried taking sulfasalazine just in case it’s areata but no luck. Oral minoxidil worked great initially but I lose too much hair to keep up now. No hormonal drugs have ever worked.

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