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Need advice... do I have Alopecia Areata ?

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by kjdenver, May 13, 2007.

  1. kjdenver

    kjdenver Guest

    Hi everyone:
    I truly need some advice because after a year and a half of hair loss, five biopsies of my scalp that are all inconclusive and shedding, shedding, shedding I just don't know where to turn. I am seeing a dermatologist I like really well and she thinks I have diffuse Alopecia Areata. How can anyone be certain about this? I just stopped the BCP in Late December and my blood tests have revealed very low estrogen but I am supplementing now with compounded estrogen and progesterone. But the shedding started a year prior to my going off the pill so I don't know if it is hormone related.
    I have lost a few eyelashes and eyebrows have thinned but I have heard that hormones that are not balanced can do this too. How can I conclude if I have diffuse Alopecia Areata or not?? And if so, other than cortisone injections (been doing that the past six months or so), has anyone tried Prednisone or Cyclosporin?? I heard these can be effective in treating Alopecia Areata.
    Best to all of you.
    Kirstie :)
  2. rayneStormRN

    rayneStormRN Guest

    it does sound like Alopecia Areata, i'm not familiar with diffuse or not tho.......and prednisone, i'll have to talk to my doctor about that. prednisore is a steroid, and has antiinflammatory effects. i'm willing to try a lot of different things to combat my hair loss.
  3. joshsmommy

    joshsmommy Guest


    That's what the drs think I have as well. I've never had a biopsy, but I have all of the other symptoms you have described. Relentless sheddding, loss of brows and lashes etc. The odd part is, the our descriptions fits those diagnosed with CTA, diffuse Alopecia Areata and diffuse Androgenetic Alopecia. I thought the only way to distinguish was througha biopsy, but apparently, those aren't always accurate.

    The only person I know that says she received a definitive diagnosis is Merry. Check out her posts.

  4. KariBelle

    KariBelle Guest

    I have alopecia areata & have lost quite a bit of hair on my head, as well as most of my eyebrows & lashes. When I was first diagnosed, my dermatologist put me straight on a course of oral prednisolone. It's not a nice drug & you wouldn't want to be on it for a long time (I think I did 2 6 week courses) & the dose has to be tapered down gradually. I did not experience any massive side effects but some of the potential ones are scary.

    However, I think it did help my hair loss (at this point it was only on my head) - the shedding slowed down & then sped up again as the dose decreased so the derm put the dose back up again & it did seem to slow down again. Looking back on it, I think that maybe I would have lost a lot more hair had I not been on the prednisolone. A lot of doctors won't prescribe it for alopecia though, because they say it's just a cosmetic problem! HA! I was lucky that I had a derm that didn't want me to lose my hair just as much as I didn't want to lose it. I 'd say it's worth a try. Good luck with it all!
  5. MoonGoddess

    MoonGoddess Guest

    Hi KJ,
    I was told by my trichologist that I had diffuse Alopecia Areata. She went by my symptoms (I also have an illness) and also by studying my hair follicles. I was on BCP's and noticed my hair thinning after starting them - unfortunately I didn't make that connection at the time. I am off the pill but my estrogen levels are high and progesterone levels are low (estrogen dominance). I am supplementing with a natural progesterone cream. I've noticed a pretty big decrease in my shedding after starting the cream but I've also increased my iron which was kind of low. I am really confused about diffuse Alopecia Areata. Just thought I'd share my piece with you. :wink:
  6. hairremedy12

    hairremedy12 Guest

    Alopecia Areata/AG or Both or something else???

    I am trying to figure out whether I have a combination of Alopecia Areata and Androgenic Alopecia also.

    I have finally gotten a firm diagnosis on my scalp through a biopsi that I have androgenic alopecia. My symptoms have been male pattern hair loss/receding hair line. Thinning and minitiarized hairs in the temple area and some diffuse thinning through out but mainly the hairline, which is the most difficult to conceal. I have not seen improvement with any cortizone creams or injections.

    Lately I know have hairloss in other areas or areas where hair is thin or no longer grows. My eyebrows have thinned and I have areas where it no longer grows, I have a few white hairs that come in and out.
    On my legs and arms hair has also thinned and there are areas where hair no longer grows. None of the hair loss is in a cicular or coin patter. I also have areas where you can see the follicle but no hair, almost like and in grown hair. This can be seen in some areas of my legs, arms and eyebrows. I want to know does this have to do with Androgenetic Alopecia or some other alopecia? I have some itching and dryness in my eyebrows and my forehead near the receding area is very oily. Nothing has helped and the problems has worsened. I would'nt be as worried about the other areas but I want to see if there is a pattern or something systemic evolving. All labs have been normal except low wbc and I have not gotten any definite answer from the derm. All thyroid tests are normal.
    Any comments or a resource to get more info would be appreciated.

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