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Need advice from long term topper bonders..

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by ihatethis, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. ihatethis

    ihatethis Guest

    ..I've been bonding my topper with a parameter bond using tape. I've tried Stick it and Super Tape...from the beginning, I've had itching and pain...but I started using liquid ahdesive before attaching and I thought that had solved my problems, however, Friday, I de/re and I thought everything went well, I didn't get any folds on the lace and although I positioned it too forward and close the hairline, it wasn't too bad. However, the next night, I was in so much pain that I had to remove it! I couldn't even sleep the whole night! I got up at 7:30 and removed it and cleansed my scalp and have been applying aloe vera every hour since then but the condition is still the same. I don't have blisters or open cuts or pus or anything like that...and it's actually not even that red..just a bit pinkish but it hurts! Kind of like a sunburn and the pain has gone on all day. Has this happened to any of you? And...is this something that's gonna continue happening or can I successfully wear a bonded topper consistently and avoid this? I sure hope so because then what's the point of shaving my head to bond the topper if I'm gonna have to take breaks from it to avoid infections? I feel very lost right now. :(
  2. Moon

    Moon Guest

    It sounds like chemical reaction irritation to me. Did you do anything at all differently on your attachment? If you've experience low level irritation from these products for a while now, you could have just developed more of a sensitivity to them. Like earlier this year I developed a sensitivity to a facial cleanser I'd been using for years with no problem. And could it be possible that during your scalp cleanup you irritated your scalp some?

    You might try different tape, ProFlex is similar to Supertape. Do you use a scalp protector? I had very slight irritation sometimes until I started using one, the protector completely eliminated the slight irritation.
  3. hairscared

    hairscared Experienced Member

    Jun 28, 2009
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    I am so sorry you are having all this trouble.
    You may be allergic to a wig bonding adhesive.
    To Test Yourself:
    . Simply apply a small piece of the tape you wish to test to the underside of your arm bicep muscle area.
    . After 1 or more days, check to see if you have reacted negatively to the tape.
    . Tape or tape residue may easily be removed from your bicep using adhesive remover solvent:

    If I was having this issue I would wash my head with a medicated shampoo - asap- this is made to treat scalp conditions and it also cleans hair. Its called Denorex Medicated Shampoo.

    I think some products have latex in them which can be a problem for sensitive skin - using a water based product is best.

    I would be concerned about breathability of the scalp and being able to cleanse the scalp on a regular basis, so I would think tape would be better. Tapes seem to be better for daily or short term use you can remove the hair system and the tapes at night and reattach the next day. This allows for daily clean up of the scalp. The liquid adhesives are generally used for longer wear. ( I am new to this so I may be wrong on some of this)

    There is something like a lace wig cap you can buy, maybe you could bond to that and your scalp would be a little protected.

    There are also some liquids that are called scalp protectors. I think you should use one, I get mine at Hair Direct.
    You maybe should let your poor scalp heal up first before you forge ahead.
    here is a link to Hair direct and the scalp protectors...
    http://www.hairdirect.com/store/Scalp-H ... ction.aspx

    I am careful to not shave and then bond minutes later.
    I am sure others can advise better then me as I am new to bonding and not having problems.
    Don't give up- there's got to be a way!

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