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Need advice on securing wig newbie

Discussion in 'Hats, Wraps, Cosmetic Options for Alopecians' started by Kak1360, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Kak1360

    Kak1360 Guest

    i just bought my first couple of wigs. My real hair is shot, thin(of course) and fine. I bought a wig mesh like cap to go under my wig. My wig feels pretty good but I have this fear it is either slipping of if I bump into someone it'll going to go flying off!!

    i am sure this is probably how everyone feels at first. I would like to know if anyone has special underneath caps they prefer or if ther are any tricks using bobby pins etc... I've worn my wig one time into work now I have to go into the office tomorrow and I am very nervous!!!

    Also, I have an appt on Tues with the derm to see if she can diagnose me. I have been in total denial I think for years, as I am 53 and just decided I had to do something to make myself feel better about myself.

    I wore one to church today and really did feel cute for the first time in a long time. It truly is amazing how different I look with nice hair?

    Anyhoo, sorrybformthe rambling, I'm new to this and I sure would appreciate your help.

    Thanks Much, KKL in Texas
  2. Eve

    Eve Guest

    Congratulatings on your wig!
    I wear my bio hair with the wig. I do wear a wig grip & the wig grip keeps it really secure. You can also wear a wig cap under the wig if you don't have a grip.
    Hope that helps:)

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