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Need info regarding going under the knife, lol...

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants for Women' started by Blue Bird, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    I wanted to know how many of you experienced a "Post Surgery induced shed" a few months after going under the knife for implants, nose job, liposuction?? I have always wanted boobs and a nose job but I am afraid it would cause a TE and I am already having one..... I wouldnt get it done anytime soon, but in the future....

  2. mjh

    mjh Guest

    I might do something to get rid of my dark circles later! When I can afford it....other than that I would try to banish skin blemishes with a laser or something...but I'm too scared to do anything else. Oh yeah, and I've done some laser hair hair removal.
  3. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    I'm punjabi and have a fair few friends who have had their noses done (lol we have prominent ones)! None of them have had hair loss - they've got uber thick hair :)

    Sadly my parents wont let me get mine done.

    And BH - you dont need anything doing to your face woman, ugh!!!!
  4. My TE started after surgery, its pretty common I hear. My surgery was minor - I had 2 impacted wisdom teeth, but I did get a horrid infection afterwards which was pretty severe, and that also couldve kick started the shed...
    You're gorgeous though, dont need surgery!
  5. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    Oh i had my gallbladder removed in Dec 06 and suffered major hair thinning afterwards, but i also went on dianette for several weeks and i cannot say which was the cause. After going on dianette again later in 2007 and seeing the effects, i would have said for sure it was the BCP and NOT the surgery.
  6. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    I had appendix surgery and shed big time afterwards! But it grew back and this was when I was 16 (before hair loss). Then I had surgery on an ovary about 9 months ago, never shed after that! And this was when I HAD hair loss.

    Oh and my sister had breast implants and never shed.
  7. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    -See, I have never had a TE shed after gong under general anesthesia.been under a few times....wisdom teeth, a few other times for minor surgery......

    Even after I had an epidural and gave birth I didnt have a post birth shed that I recall....I have never had sheds after quitting BCP either...my body is SO odd......
  8. mjh

    mjh Guest

    Aren't implants kind of risky? Well, I guess any plastic surgery would have risks involved.

    I wear a 32A!! :sobbing: When I was about 14 I prayed every night for an increase in size by the time I was 15 and it didn't happen, lol.
  9. I'd love smaller boobs!! I wear a 30DD and I have such a small frame - I'd love to be a B or C cup - I think that's ideal! You always want what you dont have!
  10. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    I'm an A too but I'm extremely thin. I always wanted a boob job but haven't done it because I worry about how awkward it would look on my small frame!!
  11. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    I vary between a B and C, but i'd rather have an A anyday. I've never understood why females want more in that department. It's my paranoia and im always covered in that on top of my top with a scarf or a big shawl.
  12. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    Because I always see all these cute low cut tops and it SUCKS when you cant wear em'!
  13. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest


  14. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    My sister got hers done and she looks AMAZING in everything now!
  15. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    Eh? Right - i go for polo necks/roll necks. That's my trademark look - black roll neck to cover my long neck and disguise my chest. Golly, i wish i had your confidence girls!
  16. ttc

    ttc Guest

    I've always been small chested too but getting bigger boobs wouldn't feel like "me" if you know what I mean. Plus, I have 2 beautiful teenage daughters and I want them to be happy with thier bodies, they inherited my small boobs too. If I got implants, I know they'd be thinking they should get them too. My oldest already talks about wanting to do it and it worries me. I hate how society makes women feel like they are never pretty enough!!!!!!
  17. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    I must be blind or something, but do you ladies see it in the media or something about having bigger boobs?! I seriously dont. When you see famous ladies, i dont see them very well endowed in that department. The ones who have bigger boobs are usually what we in the UK call glamour models.

    I dont know if i am being naive here, but i seriously dont see bigger boobs pushed in your face in society as much as having a small nose for example, or thick hair.
  18. Sadie - I agree.

    Honestly girls, you dont want them!! If you have them naturally big then they only look good in clothes - I hate how I look with my bra off. Take a good look at your frame and see if you'd suit them - I honestly think mine are too big for me, and men constantly stare at my chest which makes me very uncomfortable.

    I dont have a problem with people getting boob jobs, personally dont like how implants look - I think they look obvious and fake, but I know a couple of girls who actually want their boobs to look fake! I find that odd!
  19. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    Speaking of going under the knife, i was just read one of the UK newspapers (The independent) and it mentioned this in an article about high heels:

    "cosmetic toe amputation (LA surgeons have been offering this procedure for some time now, in order to help women fit into super-high shoes more easily)".

    Bloody ouch! And some people look at feet bandaging in places like China as "backward". Deary me.....

    http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style ... 73652.html

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