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Need some encouragement...

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by krapiva, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. gigi

    gigi Guest

    What a positive experience that must have been for you!

    I have always thought that about Androgenetic Alopecia, you know I just never could understand how it could just "happen all of a sudden" especially someone even in there 40's, it should be somewhat gradual, not all of sudden shedding everywhere. Something is defo wrong with our bodies if we are experiencing massive sheds.

    Happy to hear you had a positive experience! :D

    I am thinking about cancelling my appt. with my derm and seeing an endo instead, how did you go about finding him? Yellow pages, referral from a GP, I just don't know where to begin....
  2. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Very interesting about the active shedding part. I hardly lose any hair when I'm out and doing stuff. But as soon as I notice one itch or tickle then I'm obsessed and seem to lose more hair....
    I'm so glad you had a good experience. For everyone who posts their positives, whether it is with an endo or a hair piece or a switch of medication, *I* feel better.
  3. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    Girls, you won't believe it...i just got my scalp biopsy results and...it's 'normal'...so i asked what the heck does this mean...and she says, there's no malignancy...i go 'i knew it without the biopsy', is it TE or Androgenetic Alopecia? she says 'its normal'...i asked to talk to the doctor that did the biopsy...and she says 'normal' means there's no scalp inflamation...'I knew it without biopsy as well'...so i ask what is my diagnosis...she goes 'it points at TE, and there's no test that would diagnose Androgenetic Alopecia or presence of DHT'...i go 'well are there any minituarized hair folicles?!'...she said that she needs to ask doctor that read the biopsy results to look at it again...

    WTF??? told you, most dermatologysts don't know a thing about hair...they're only skin-deep
  4. colline

    colline Guest


    So hang on you are telling me if you are 30 or under such as i am then i am not have Androgenetic Alopecia but could have Areata right? So would you suggest seeing an endro instead of a dermatologist?

    I am so excited now - so i have rebooked appointment with dr for tests to be done and will make sure the dermatologist works out waht is wrong with me and doesnt tell me to go back to where my family is from.
  5. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    well...you can have Areata at any age...it's a totally different disease..but are you losing hair all over...or all in one spot? if it's all in one spot and the rest of the hair is fine, it's probably Areata...if it's thinning over a specific area or all over it's not Areata...And i am not saying people under 40 don't have Androgenetic Alopecia..i think EVERYBODY has some amount of DHT and hair minituarization, which is caused by hormons...with age as hormonal levels change Androgenetic Alopecia progresses, that's why most older people have thinner hair...it also happends at a younger age if your hormons change drastically, like if you start/stop bcp or have a baby or start on hormon supplements...but if there was no drastic change in your hormons, you didn't stop/start bcp, didn't have a baby and your hormonal levels didn't decrease with age, there's nothing that would increase the progress of Androgenetic Alopecia...Now, if it's hormonal changes that cause/speed up Androgenetic Alopecia, why do we go to see dermatologysts, who specialize in skin problems?! doesn't it make more sense to see hormon doctors?! i.e. endocrynologysts?! so they can run hormon tests and correct hormonal imbalances?! now in my case, i suspect it was low iron that causes the slow down in my hair growth...then i freaked out about the thinning which caused TE...which made matters much worse...now that my iron is back to normal, i just need to make sure it stays normal for the next 3 months for hair to start growing again...i'll also try to keep stress to a minimum...*still working on a way to do this*...

    I am not a doctor...i am an engineer, but this makes sense to me?!
  6. gigi

    gigi Guest


    Wow!! I guess one good thing can come out of your biopsy is the fact that your scalp is normal, they didn't detect any abnormalites, so maybe you have a little more peace of mind knowing that. That sounds like very positive news for you. I am definitely going to get an appt. with an endo!

    Now you can start concentrating on your wedding!

    Good luck!
  7. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    That and then realizing that it'll take a good eight months to a year to actually see the change in thickness as the new growth starts to fill in. This is what I keep saying to myself.
  8. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    thanx girls...at this point i am just terrified that new growth won't last, or won't grow...i am afraid to 'breath on it'...i've also noticed that i finally gained some weight *never thought i'd every say that*...so as some people told me, the hair situation could also have been body's response to not enough food...btw, how do you tell if the hair is weak or strong? i washed my hair today and a ton came out again...i am trying not to focus on it, but i couldn't help noticing that some of the hair that came out weren't very long...probably about 2 inches...which scares me...

    i am trying to re-focus on a wedding...but with no place, no date, and nobody to marry us there's not much to re-focus on..on a happier note, all of my fiance's family can't wait for us to have our wedding, and they were all very encouraging this past weekend...man, i've pictured my wedding preparations many, many times...but never quiet like this!
  9. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Is your hair layered at all? I have to remind myself that I have layers in mine. Also, two inches = about four months old for that strand of hair. Since hair grows "about" half an inch a month. I have only recently changed my thyroid medication around a bit, so I don't expect my strands older than a month or two to stay. Does that make sense?
  10. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    Yup...layered...i have...*had* wavy dark brown hair...they used get really curly when i cut them short...i wore them shoulder length for the past year, and was trying to grow them out *boyfriend asked me to*...back about 1.5 yrs i got triple highlights in a trendy salon *stupid! if i just knew!*...so, when my hair problem started, everyone told me to cut them sum, and get rid of highlights cuz they no-longer looked healthy, and my own hair just wouldn't grow out enough...about a month ago, i went to a salon, and she layered the hair out and died them dark black *so my white scalp is blinding!* But people like this color, they say it brings out my eyes...she also used toner *semi-permanent* as she said it's healthier...so, some of the hair coming out could have been cut, that's true...most of the hair are still long with white roots at the end *telogen, right?* I don't have much of them come out other than when i wash my hair...but every time i wash, it's a disaster *like this morning*..i've noticed that not much comes out when i shampoo...but when i try to put conditioner on, there's a ton...*i've been used thin to thick conditioner lately*...and i also think i've noticed thinning first, and then shedding started...*which makes me believe that shedding is really because of stress*
  11. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I tried lightening my hair the last go round. I don't like it. It might make it seem like less scalp is showing, but I don't like it. I'm going back to my usual next month. My hair usually sheds after the washing too, not during. My hair usually sheds the most at night. But I have difused shedding all day. Usually a hair or two here and there, it all just adds up. My hair has the bulbous ends too. From what I've read, that's the telogen hair, the one signaled to fall out. But it's so confusing... I have too much emotion wrapped up in this to look at it in a realistic light.
  12. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    I hear you about emotions being wrapped up into this...i shed a hair or 2 here and there all throught a day as well...it's usually about 10-15 hair with morning brushing...then all through the day for may be another 10-15 hair...so 30 a day, not bad...but when i wash, it's like 200 hair comes out...
  13. sk

    sk Guest

    Talk about emotional! I am terrified to brush my hair. Today I finally brushed and cried. I picked up over 200 hairs from the floor. What a nightmare. I'm so scared! I think I'm lucky that my shower drain is such that I can't count them all. I'm so emotional that each hair is major trauma and that makes it hard to relax and reduce stress as they request.
  14. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I know! And, for me, every itch on my head means there's a strand coming out somewhere. They can't even pay me the courtesy of falling out quietly.

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