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New Chapter's Cinnamon Force Softgels for IR

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by RobinL71, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. RobinL71

    RobinL71 Guest

    Morning Ladies...

    I was on metformin xr for several months upon being dx'd w/ IR... and not only did I feel absolutely awful on it (terrible stomach problems)... but it also exacerbated my hair loss...

    I'm sure all the girls here with IR have heard about the very promising research study results regarding the use of cinnamon in lowering circulating blood sugar levels and in sensitizing the cells to insulin... so I thought I'd share my own experience with it...

    Back when I came off metformin xr... I was taking Planetary Herbals full spectrum cinnamon... but I didn't really see a difference while being on it... and I ended up going through a period where I stopped all supplements anyway... well... in the past year I've noticed a huge increase in my IR symptoms, of which the most troubling has been massive and unrelenting carb cravings.... Sooo... I decided to try the cinnamon thing again.

    This time I went w/ New Chapter's Cinnamon Force softgels (one softgel w/ lunch... and one w/ supper) which I've been taking for a little over two weeks now... I get mine at vitacost... a 30 day supply is $16

    I'm not in a position to have my A1C levels tested again bc no insurance and finances are pretty limited... but in listening to my body I know it's working... within just a few days of starting it... I have most definitely seen a significant and lasting decrease in my carb cravings... and my energy levels have improved as well. Based on these two factors... I'd say that the cinnamon is working... and that the glucose is finally making it into my cells...

    I'm not sure what this will mean in terms of shedding/regrowth... waaaay too soon to tell for that... but... I wanted to share my experience w/ you girls bc I know I'm not the only one on here w/ IR who can't tolerate Met and other insulin sensitizing drugs in the same class... even my mom who is diabetic wants to try taking it so she can try and reduce her dependance on the diabetes meds she's on...

    A side benefit here... is that cinnamon is a thyroid supportive food... and I have Hashimoto's... soooo... we'll see if there are any improvements on that front as well... stay tuned!
  2. SherryBerry

    SherryBerry Guest

    nothing interesting about my post ;)

    Just wanted to say i put cinnamon in most everything.
    breakfast meals
    Everything I bake whether it's in the recipe or not.
    meat dishes

    I guess about the only thing i don't sprinkle it in when cooking is veggies.

    Wait .. did I say sprinkle.... i DUMP it in. Quite a few tablespoons in most everything :)
  3. kimm

    kimm Guest

    thanks robin!!!!

    Your post comes at a great time!

    I'm not sure that metformin is completely controlling my IR symptoms lately.

    - Carb cravings
    - recent weight gain
    - I needed to eat today and almost lost my cookies before lunch came!

    - Not sure but cycle might be slightly off

    I'll give that supp a try. I've tried cinnamon before without much change. I need to reorder some stuff soon and will add that to my order!

    Hope all is well with you Robin! :)
  4. Kajsa

    Kajsa Guest

    Thank you for posting this. Just be cautios with cinnamon capsules cause here in Europe they are banned I think cause they can cause liver damage. I think they said it was ok to sprinkle little cinnamon every day but not take the healthfood capsules cause it was to much of the ingredient kumarin I think. Ceylon-cinnamon does not contain (or have less of it) the ingredient, so I think it is safe to take this.

    I will though start to sprinkle my omelette in the morning with cinnamon.....

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