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New correlation?

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by AAat39?, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. karamy6

    karamy6 Guest


    If I go into total hair loss I was wondering if anyone had a coming out party? I was thinking of having my closest friends, my favorite hair dresser, some champagne and party on? Has anyone else done this?
  2. AAat39?

    AAat39? Guest

    It is all filling in, the last spot that was bald is about an inch long. So all over my head is about 6-7 inches of good growth except for the last bald spot, the rest is shoulder length.
  3. Filipinaako

    Filipinaako Guest

    I had my injections last thursday , although it hurts but i am determine to have this and be treated. i had allergy last monday and was taken to the hospital, the docs gave me prednisone for a week, thursday my derma officially told me i had Alopecia Areata, he changed my allergy med and gave me injections on my bald spots. I was told to be back after a month january 21 to be exact. Now for a week i think my scalp had subsided from burmning bad, although from time to time it itches but its tolerable now. I can still see new spots but im in the piont of accepting it as it is.

    I am hopefull that i will be cured and so everyone is. I am claiming it in his name.
  4. karamy6

    karamy6 Guest

    I have not seen you on here and have been wondering how you are doing. I also, have not been here much. I have alot of stress in my life at this point. I've started mental therapy. :woot: I've had alot more hair loss and the injections are getting worse each month. What i am learning is that our immune systems are shutting down and the hair folics are dying. There is no know reason for why we suffer. Maybe it is to make us stronger, wiser women. At least in the end we will have that perfect hair? :punk:

    my best to you Kat!

  5. Filipinaako

    Filipinaako Guest

    I was diagnosed before xmas of Alopecia Areata. I have maybe 10 bs and still progressing i guess. Im into injections my next set of injections is on feb 1.. If this will still progress i am thinking i might as well shave.
  6. karamy6

    karamy6 Guest

    I don't know what 10 bs means? Maybe explain. Please give the injections time. I do have new hair growth. I just don't like the needle injections. I am going thru a depression at this point but am getting help to get thru this. I am just trying to stay sane.
  7. karamy6

    karamy6 Guest

    Ok! 10 bs! lol I figured that one out. I have about the same. My largest is over 4 CM but its regaining new hair. I found another site to the back of my head. I freaked a couple of girls out at work, Friday, showing them my latest bald spot. I just want my friends at work to understand what I'm gong thru. My scalp itches. My dermotoligist prescribed a med for this. It helps some.
  8. Filipinaako

    Filipinaako Guest

    Lol,yah mine itches too and sometimes theres some pimple looking bumps. But i dnt worry a lot now, i have learned to be open in possibilities i might lost all my hair. I cant afford wigs, it cost more than a plane ticket from kansas to philippines,lol. I had my first injection last december 22 and sometimes i see regrowth but not sure though. Ill be back to the derm on feb. 1. So far my shed had subsided a little. :shock: i will post some pics tomorrow is i figure out how to do it. Stay calm and pretty. ;)
  9. karamy6

    karamy6 Guest

    I can't believe you are waiting until February to go in again for injections? I have to go in every four weeks. I also looked at hair pieces. They are so expensive! At this point I'm using a spray hair powder that helps to cover the balding spots. I've been looking at other products but havent found another one that I like yet. I'll look for your pictures tomorrow. I'd like to see what other women's Alopecia Areata looks like!
  10. Filipinaako

    Filipinaako Guest

    karamy , heres my Alopecia Areata. so far i can still cover it. but if not ill shave it

  11. karamy6

    karamy6 Guest

    Oh, Sweetie!! Your hair is still there! I keep getting my cut shorter. I'm trying to download a picture of my worst spot to send to you. To me it looks worse then what it is.

    Where do you live? How old are you?

  12. Filipinaako

    Filipinaako Guest

    Im 38 from philippines but im now in kansas
  13. karamy6

    karamy6 Guest

    I'm 57. Live in CA. I found I have Alopecia Areata just back in October. I tried to download a picture of my large area of Alopecia Areata but I am not sure why it didn't go thru. Have you tried any of the cover ups that are out there?
  14. Filipinaako

    Filipinaako Guest

    it took me awhile to figure out how to post pic. i went to tinypic.com load my pic and then copy the url. in heralopecia when u post it click image then paste the url in between. i hope u find it easy.

    i have not tried any wigs or cover ups. they are expensive but im looking for a topper, i just dnt know what to choose.
  15. karamy6

    karamy6 Guest

    I have been using a spray powder that my hairdresser recommended. It covers the balding spots pretty well! I know this web site recommends a few products that I've hear are pretty good! With me doing the spray coverup it makes me feel better. My self esteem is better! I have othe health issues and I feel with everything combined, this has made me depressed. Its not just the hair loss.

    Check outthe hair powder cover ups! The one I use is by bumble n bumble.
  16. kat1979

    kat1979 Guest


    You are right, I haven't been on site as frequently. Holidays were crazy and then it fell out of my routine I suppose.

    Since shaving my head in November, I have had pretty even regrowth all over my head except for one small smooth patch on the crown. It's soft and dark, and about an inch long.

    In regards to one of your posts, in my journey of understanding this whole Alopecia Areata nightmare, I am under the impression that it is opposite of what you state...I thought my immune system was too active and also that in Alopecia Areata the hair follicles always remain alive?

    Anyway, mostly I am trying to stay positive and stay out of the 'feeling sorry for myself' and being angry place.

  17. karamy6

    karamy6 Guest


    I guess we all get different opinions from our Dr's. I hate the injections. After I got home I found another area, lower in the back of my head. Actually I have alot of spots. The largest area is growing some hair.

    My exhusband and I get along. He does live about 10 hrs from me. He was making a joke. Said he was having mountain named for me. Mount Baldie. This did not set well with me. I'm so sensative! I made him understand that this was not funny and how it hurt. He did apologize.

    I'm in therapy now. I have a couple of other health issues. Just everything brings me down. I do try to stay positive. Last week I had a good week.
    Please stay in touch!! Its good to have friends that can understand what another goes thru!!

    Congratulation on your new hair!! This is good news!! Watch your new hair will be curley! lol I'll keep you posted on my new growth!!

  18. AAat39?

    AAat39? Guest

    My wig shop owner suggested fullmore. A much larger amount than the bumble and bumble for less money and has the fibers in it along with a hairspray property to stick to the area. Love that stuff! Hope this helps!
  19. karamy6

    karamy6 Guest

    Thank you so very much!! I will check it out!! Where did you buy this product? Can I find it on-line?

    How is your Alopecia Areata?
  20. AAat39?

    AAat39? Guest

    Alopecia Areata is in remission right now, growing out at all crazy lengths, but I am thankful because I am able to pull it back. Most of the ends have never been cut so my hair is a bit ragged. I am too scared to trim it, until it is long enough to conceal any future spots with an updo and the fullmore..

    I bought the fullmore at my wigshop for about $20 for a large can. You can order it online and the colors are very true, compared to the previous hair powders I tried which looked greenish and dull at my brown roots. Check amazon.com, etc.

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