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New cut...

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by kitkatkitkat3, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. I’m on the verge of making a decision about my haircut! I’ve always been scared of trying new things with my hair – I’m always convinced that I’ll hate it – and that’s why I’ve essentially had the same haircut since I was 12!

    The only thing I’ve varied is the length, which has varied from waist length to shoulder length, but always with some long layers and a centre parting.

    Since the whole hair loss thing I started wearing a side parting – the actual parting is just as wide as the middle one, but having it at the side covers the thin patch at the front middle. I’ve had some compliments about how it looks, so I’m thinking of taking the plunge and getting a sideswept fringe (or bangs for all you guys across the pond!)

    I want to check what the hairdresser thinks first, as my hair is thin all over and I’m worried it will look a bit stupid…also, I’m wondering if a different part of my scalp will end up showing if she cuts in bangs..

    Has anyone else gone from centre part to bangs because of this and been really pleased with the result?
  2. HelenBrown

    HelenBrown Guest

    I didn't dare to do it, and now my hair has grown back in, so there's no more need.

    Me too, I've always had the same haircut since I was twelve: long, naturally parted (slightly to the left, bc that's where my natural part wants to be).
    A bit layered, but nothing more.

    I've always wanted to try something different, but never dared to take the step.
    Do you let me know how it feels when you've got your cut? I'm curious! I'm so conservative about my hair, so I want to hear from a fellow 'same hair for years' person how it feels to get a different cut!
  3. Hi Helen,
    Of course if I do it I'll let you know! I know the style would suit me if I had more hair - I'm just worried it wouldnt look good with such thin hair up top...I'm so nervous but part of me really wants a change and thinks I should just take the risk....ahhhhh decisions!!
  4. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    I used to have a center part when my hair loss FIRST started. And then it became a side part, and then no part since I had bangs for the last 3 years since it covers up scalp. It's not until now that I have no bangs.

    I think it's best to find some pics of ones you like, and then take it to your stylist. Usually they give good insight whether those kinds fit the frame of your face, etc. And if anything, they'll alter it a bit.

    I've had everything from sideswept bangs, angled, thin, chunky, that lame straight across bangs that were popular like a year ago, that messy bedhead look with overgrown bangs, etc.

    Go for it kitkat! Just make sure you trust the stylist since bangs can look absolutely ridiculous if the haircutter sucks. And don't go for super chunky bangs since that might scrape against your forehead, and cover it, and have oil collect there.
  5. Thanks Liv!

    I booked my appointment tomorrow at 4pm. I'm gonna go with sideswept ones I think...am nervous!
  6. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    GOOD LUCK my friend!
  7. HelenBrown

    HelenBrown Guest

    I'm sure you'll be just fine!
    Good luc and let us know how it was!
  8. Eeeek thanks guys!
    Im really scared - its just so thin and I know loads will come out when they wash it and comb it....I never comb after washing...just scrunch and air dry. Argh its gonna be a hard day! I just need to tell myself one day wont make any difference!
  9. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    GO FOR A POSH SPICE CUT! :) That way you can keep the front long :)
  10. best wishes with your new hairstyle!
    ..... a cute short bob style, or a cute short pixie can look good on a pretty lady. and alot of handsome men likes those hairstyles on a beautiful lady. ;) :) .
  11. Thanks Carol!

    I can't pull off anything too short as it doesnt suit my face but I'm gonna take it above my shoulders and get the bangs I think....

    Angie - I despise that woman!! Victoria Beckham I mean - she's everything I hate!
  12. lol!
    such hostility towards the spice girl!

    i must admit, she and her husband are over-hyped.
    the spice girls aren't bad, but there are better women singers than her and them.
    and david beckham is a good soccer player, but there are better soccer players than him.
    just because they were both famous and married each other, they get so much publicity.
  13. Exactly - shes always in the press over here - it gets boring. Plus I hate her look - she looks so weird! And way too skinny!

    I leave for my appointment in 30 mins...I am BRICKING it!
  14. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    Can't wait to know how it goes! Post us sooon!!
  15. Ok I'm back!

    Well - I lost a LOT of hair today... 50 or so showering/combing, and god knows how many at the hairdresser! But the main thing is - I'm really pleased with it! I had a few inches taken off the length, and the sidewept fringe which makes an amazing difference to how the top of my hair looks. BH - If youre reading this you should go for it - I think my hair is thinner than yours from my TE and I have enough hair to do it! (Fringe isnt v obvious in pics as its kind of tucked under - but you get the idea!
    I've posted some pics below - one of how I used to wear it compared with the new cut - excuse how AWFUL i look in the pics - no makeup and major bags under my eyes - I'm so tired!
    Also, I do want to say that I dont want to upset anyone with severe loss. I know my hair looks nice in these pics - Ive had it specifically cut and styled to disguise the loss! I really dont want to cause another one of those big debates, so anyone who feels annoyed or upset by this, I am sorry in advance - but please take a look at my pics in the TE loss thread to see what I am covering up with this,
    Lots of love
    Kit x
    p.s. I dont like keeping my face up for long so I'll probs take these down tomorrow!
  16. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Oo its so cute!!

    I have to ask though, when you are in the sun or in a bright light, what does the side part look like?? Can you see thru to the middle?? I have a lot of loss in the middle and its really apparant when I side sweep my bags cuz theres a hole" in the middle kind of...
  17. Oh hell yeh you can see straight through in the sun!! But you can in the middle too, and when I have it in the middle the part is all the way down my head, whereas with this I can kind of play around with the bangs a bit to cover it up...I'm going to have a bit where you can see straight through no matter where I part it or how I do my hair..and I'm just getting to grips with that!
    Id really recommend this style for anyone currently with a centre part...
  18. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    K thanks!!
  19. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    Hi Kit,

    Perfect style.

    Your hair looks beautiful!

    Loss is totally concealed with the style!
  20. HelenBrown

    HelenBrown Guest

    Looks very good!
    She cut it well, looks like hair w/o loss, and that's the whole point!

    Funny, but there is NO way that my hair wants to stay in an off-center part. NO way at all! I just can't keep it there... Maybe bc I have curls?

    Does yours stay in place?

    Well, anyway, you look great. You must be glad you did it!

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