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Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by eb80, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. eb80

    eb80 Guest

    eb80's Story - 32 - Androgenetic Alopecia

    Hi All,
    I have been reading the forum for I while and I would like to introduce myself. I am 32, I live in London, and I am being struggling with my hair for over 5 years.

    I always had very thin and straight hair, and my mother and one of my sisters also suffer of thinning hair on the top.
    I have been diagnoses Androgenetic Alopecia for the first time in 2007 and being given minoxidil 2%, unfortunately without good results.
    In 2009 I moved to UK, and in 2011 I was so fed up with my hair that I decided to try a lace extension system, hoping to solve my problem just hiding it. I am still using a lace system today and to be honest I am quite regretting to take this decision without trying to do more to regrow my own hair first.
    Lace extensions look good when you just step out the hairdresser and maybe the first couple of month, but then they become a nightmare for care and maintenance!
    Today, if I think how much time I spend every morning trying to make my hair look presentable, and every time I have to wash my hair, I think I was better off with toppik.

    Anyway, I have decided to try again minoxidil 5% twice a day and I am also using revivogen and taking a vitamin b complex. I hope to improve my situation enough to have the extensions removed at the next realignment, in February 2013.
    Obviously I am not expecting miracles in 5/6 months, but hoping my situation could improve enough to allow me cut my hair short and using hair concealers and get rid of the lace system.

    I wanted to ask if anybody had experience trying to apply minoxidil and revivogen while wearing interlace extensions?

    I am attaching the pictures taken at the hairdresser salon in August 2012 when the system was removed and reattached to my hair.
    Any advice is more than welcome, thanks!

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  2. CurlyQ

    CurlyQ Established Member

    Feb 19, 2009
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    Hi eb80,

    Just wanted to say "welcome". You are in good company here. :) I have never used minoxidil or revivogen but hopefully someone comes along soon and answers your questions.
  3. dancer

    dancer Experienced Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    Hi and welcome
    Hope you find the answers you are looking for! :)
  4. Alliegator

    Alliegator Guest

    Welcome!! I have Androgenetic Alopecia. You are NOT alone!! I actually just posted this for another new member... with the Rogaine/Minoxidil 5%, be careful. It can be too strong for a woman's scalp. If it starts to get red, itchy or irritated, I would go back to the 2%. Have you thought about trying a topper? It is basically a 1/2 wig. It will attach to your bio hair, and it might be easier than what you have now. I didn't try one, but some people like them. If you get a synthetic one, you can attach to your hair and go. It will look good for a while.
  5. eb80

    eb80 Guest

    Thanks everybody for replying :eek:
    @Alliegator I found Minoxidil 5% was making my scalp quite itchy at the beginning, but this has settled now. Minoxidil and Revivongen are making my extension hair super dry, that is causing even more troubles with the maintenance of the system, like washing and combing. My only hope is that my hair under the lace system is actually improving.
    I am still not sure about the after-extension strategy, but a topper looks like a good suggestion.
  6. exist04

    exist04 Guest

    hi , first excuse my english ( I am french speaking )
    I tried all possible treatments to grow my Hair back.
    I have Androgenetic Alopecia ( 9 years ) , the only treatment that have work is minoxidil 5% after 4 months of use , my Hair have stop falling out and I have seen regrowth but after a year and a half of use , I have stop using it because I did not want to do that for the rest of my life, it's still a chemical treatment with side effects especially for the heart. after one month of stoping the treatment, my
    hair start falling again , it was sad but was expected.
    Now I'm looking for a solution like topper .
  7. macee

    macee Guest

    Hi there, thank you for your post. How long did you use the minoxidil the first time? I'm just curious because I've been considering it myself, but wow what a commitment if the results are minimal. Looking for some good result stories i suppose. I do find that a combination of nanogen and a mineral eyeshadow work well enough for me to feel confident going out. I agree that anything that takes too long or cant be skipped just isnt what i'm looking for with my lifestyle these days (working mom). At least with my current routine i can go 2-3 days without really messing with my hair.
  8. eb80

    eb80 Guest

    Macee, I was diagnosed with Androgenetic Alopecia in 2007, and prescribed minoxidil 2%. I have been using minoxidil 2% for maybe one year, but I have to say I never been using it regularly, because in Italy I could only find the liquid minoxidil which takes quite long time to dry in the morning, and I was struggling to styling my hair. Eventually I just gave up, and I started wearing lace extensions in 2010.
    I started using minoxidil 5% at the beginning of September, while I am still wearing lace extensions, so it is too soon to see results, that I couldn't see anyway because the lace is covering my scalp. Happy to let you know if I find any improvement when I will have the system removed in February :)

    Hi Exist04, I am also planning to start using a clip topper from next February, as I am not expecting miracles from minoxidil :) Did you have a good regrowth after 4 months?
  9. exist04

    exist04 Guest

    hi eb80 ,
    yes I have experience a good regrowth , the side effect that I had is hair in face :eek:opsblush:........... but I use to wax the excess hair and the sheding was just a little , with 2 % they were no result but 5 % was a good treatement .
    after using it for good period ,i couldn't spend my life using this treatent I was afraid of having heart problem ( age 28 ) .
    this is my experience , If you are ready to use this product for a long period , I sugest that you give it a chance , for me I want for moment a solution to make feel good like a topper so that I can color , cut and style and be happy about what I seee in the mirror without a chemical treatement .
    best wishes
  10. eb80

    eb80 Guest

    I had the system removed last week and I thought to post some more pictures of my hair after 4 months on minoxidil and vitamin b.
    I think it is slowly improving but I am going to need concealer still for a while.

    I am planning to have my hair cut short next week, as the ends don't have volume.

    4.jpg 3.jpg 2013-01-12 10.50.09.jpg 1.jpg
  11. LaurenEinFL

    LaurenEinFL Guest

    It DOES look better!! Have you tried the Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder for concealing? I use it and my hair is similar to yours (yours is better).
  12. eb80

    eb80 Guest

    Hi LaurenEinFL,
    I am indeed using Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder after reading your posts :) and I am finding it very good!
  13. Jasmine33

    Jasmine33 Guest

    Bad experience of the Minima by LE - where can i go in Manchester

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this thread and have to say it's been life changing for me to discover this forum. I thought I was alone. I have always struggled with my hair from the age of 16. My hair is similar to yours eb80, I'd been using Topkik and Mane and this was fine in terms of coverage.

    However over the last 8 months my hair started shedding much more than normal and in a panic i googled hair loss solutions and made an appointment with Lucinda Ellery in Manchester. I wasn't bothered about cost at this point i just wanted to stop feeling so horrible about it and it was seriously affecting my self-esteem.
    I met Chris and to be honest I felt like i had a rushed 1 hour appointment with a sales man. He recommended the Intralace system which came to £3K as i have curly hair, i was told they would need to use Brazilian hair which is more pricey. However as I have hair loss mainly at the parting area only, i disagreed and went with a minima, which was perfect for my hair loss and half the price.

    4 weeks later when I went to have my minima system fitted they told me that they couldn't find the Brazilian hair in stock and if I wanted, so they had made up the system with straight hair. At this point i was so desperate for a solution i went ahead with it. I went on holiday a week later and I was constantly itching my head, I thought I had nits. I just wanted to rip it off and scratch my scalp.
    When people would speak to me I'd see their eyes look at the parting, which made me feel worse, i realised it looked fake. I just wanted to take it off.

    4 weeks later i made an appointment and asked to have it removed. I was shocked when it came off and felt humiliated sitting in LE salon with everyone watching to see what my actual hair looked like. I had lost 50% more hair at the front I can now no longer wear Topik to conceal it. I was devastated i just hid my head with a scarf and was annoyed with myself for taking such a risk with my bio hair.
    I had my minma interlace converted to clip ins. I now feel completely dependant on it as my hair loss is so drastic. When i'm not wearing a scarf or hat to hide the loss I wear the minima as clip in with a big hair band to hide the fake parting which is right at the centre. I don't clip in the hair to the front of my hair line as i don't want to cause more damage.

    I finally went to the doctors had my bloods taken and have been put on Vitamin D and Ferrous Gluconate and a trip to Holland and Barrett to get Biotin and Silica. I was also given a treatment shampoo which has restored the inflammation on my scalp which caused the itchiness. I am now taking these meds and i also have the HairMax comb which i use regularly. I am determined to get my hair back that i lost. I have already seen the shedding reduced, and hoping in 6 months time I'll notice a difference.

    I loved the way i looked when i had the minima and don't want to hide under a scarf- are there any other clinics in Manchester, UK, that would be able to provide similar solutions matched to my hair with a natural parting? It was the bonds that were placed at the front of my hairline to keep the minima in place that ripped my hair out, my hair is weakest here so i'm looking for a system that would not attach bonds here.

    Any ideas or help on where I can go in Manchester apart from Lucinda and Hair Solved in Manchester ?

    I'm not going to rush into it and want to go with a solution that works with my hair loss, any advice of where to go in the North will be appreciated.

    Thank You

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