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new study on effectiveness of hair laser treatment :)

Discussion in 'New Research, Studies, and Discoveries' started by kaebea, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    Hi all,
    i hope this boosts someones spirits as it did mine.
    i just came across a newly posted study on pubmed stating that hair laser combs were effective over a control group in treating male Androgenetic Alopecia.
    from people i've been emailing, it's actually more effective in females.
    I just really wanted to find a published study online rather than taking the word of a doctor or staff at a hair loss treatment clinic, skeptic that i am.
    keep in mind it is a treatment, not a cure, but I found it uplifting that there is something effective against something as hopeless seeming as Androgenetic Alopecia :)

    click the link then type "hairmax" in the search bar.

  2. CarliGali

    CarliGali Guest

    Thanks, I am giving this a shot but not sure it is helping. Even though I have seen a mild progress of the temples seems that my part is wider than ever and even in the back now I seem to have a part ...let's see. I started the 1st week of JAN but have not been as consistent as I should have.
  3. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    hi carlygali,
    do you mind if i ask which laser comb you are using? is it the hair max?
    i've read it can take up to 3 months to start seeing anything and improvement peaks at 18 months, so it is slow going, but i guess anything is, except maybe transplants. but ouch, that looks horrifying.
    besides, i don't even think my hair in the back is thick enough to take hair from anyway.
    in my exp, well, the only thing i've really seen actual sucess with regrowth is with iron pills, but i mainly noticed the regrowth at the temples. maybe that is a common place to have regrowth start at.
  4. ksmart917

    ksmart917 Guest

    Hi Ladies,

    I started the Revage 670 two weeks ago. Tonight, I go for my 5th treatment. I am hoping that this treatment works for me. I am extremely down in the dumps... I cannot use Rogaine or Spironolactone because I experience shortness of breath AND heart palpitations from both. The owner of the spa that I go to showed me her new growth around the hairline and some on top. She says the Revage has stopped her shedding dead in its tracks. I will definitely keep you ladies posted of my progress
  5. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    awesome, yes keep us posted! i'm interested in the revage particularly. it seems to be the top line of all laser treatments.
  6. erin

    erin Guest

    It would also be great if you take pictures before treatment and after 3 - 6 months, so that you can see your progress.
    I'm interested in Revage too, can't wait for your updates.
  7. Martha716

    Martha716 Guest

    I believe my professional laser treatments DID help promote growth and thickness. It all fell out again after I stopped, however, as I could not continue with £40/week for the rest of my life. I'd go for a maxicomb, though! I was told they weren't as effective as the under the hood type you pay through the nose for here in the UK.
  8. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    ladies, i contacted ana sherman at ziering medical. they are the ones that demo-ed the revage on the Doctors tv show.

    she told me about a new home device that can be ordered for ~$2000.
    it is not a brush, and it is as effective as the revage that drs have in their offices.

    the way i figured it, if i was going to do this, the 2000$ for an inhome unit i could use for years was a better investment than paying for appts. as one year typically costs ~3000 anyway.

    in case anyone is interested. i may do it but my financial situation just took an unexpected turn....
  9. ksmart917

    ksmart917 Guest

    Erin, I will definitely take pictures and post them so that I can keep everyone updated on my progress.
    Kaeba, that's really exciting to hear that there's a device as strong as the Revage for around $2,000. I began using the Hairmax laser comb two months after having a TE shed and being diagnosed with Androgenetic Alopecia. I recently stopped using it when I began the Revage. The Hairmax did absolutely nothing for me. As a matter of fact, I think it made my hair worse.
  10. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    i was all set to buy the revage at home unit, and i may still esp if anyone has good results. of course the lady that works for them said it works for her, but it would be nice to hear something pos from someone unaffiliated.
    i was asking how it was better than a comb. she told me that with a comb, it is hard to maintain the correct distance, since it is hand held, and with the comb, the whole scalp is not treated for the entire 20-30 mins.
    the way she described the at home device, it has several panels of lasers and they are suspended from some kind of tri pod. it is light wieght, only 8lbs and you would sit under it just like you would the revage at a drs office.
    Dr. ziering had it developed because he needed something for that people who were too far from his office to drive in everyday.
    but really, if i was going to pay a local hair specialist 3500$, i think the at home unit would be a better deal.
  11. kimm

    kimm Guest

    If the in-home unit works just as well as the revage in the offices, this is actually a pretty good deal!

    I visited a hair replacement place a couple years ago and they were trying to sell me on one of their laser packages (not revage) and it was between 2-3 grand (can't remember exactly) for 6 months only!

    I have the lasercomb and use it twice a week at the moment. It's so hard to say whether or not it's actually doing anything though!

    If anyone takes the plunge, PLEASE keep us updated! I've already spent so much of our family's money that I need to be very careful with my next moves.
  12. erin

    erin Guest

    I called a clinic nearby and they quoted 2000$ for a year.
  13. CarliGali

    CarliGali Guest

    Okay - have you heard os the lasercap? I will try to find more information on it. It's $2400 at Dr Bauman's office and he says its the best new laser thing out there. Basically is a home unit and you charge it first (like a cell phone) and then can use under a hat/scarf whatever and be mobile...I mean you can do whatever...he says it has MORE lasers than the unit he actually has at his office (SUNETICS). I could mot find much on the internet but the name os Transdermal LASERCAP. I will try to get more info and post here. I am considering this unit I have seem pictures from dr Bauman's real patients and they looked impressive.
  14. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    yes that sounds similar to the home unit from zeirings office. the reason it has more lasers is that the office unit for the revage rotates, there for it does not need as many lasers to reach the whole scalp.

    A local cosmetic dr. that i was conferring with said that all his female patients saw some kind of improvement with the in office revage at his place, but that the results were varied. satisfaction also varied depending on what the patient was expecting.

    i think it wont produce miracles, but that it is at least as effective as a rogaine but without the side effects. my opinion, i have not tried it.
  15. CarliGali

    CarliGali Guest

    I think for better results YET as Dr Bauman says is best multi approch. He suggests to take Biotin APPERAX (I believe its the name) 2x a day, Viviscal 2x a day, laser AND for even better reults minoxidil. I told him I was not ready for it. Some of his patients only do minoxidil and supplements others only do Laser ...it really depends. I rather try laser first but I know eventually I will give in and try Monox as well. LIKE with any treatments (inclusing minoxidil) the results may vary, I have seen some of the pictures of women that ONLY had laser done and it looked much better.
  16. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

  17. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

  18. Jubilee

    Jubilee Guest

    The two videos contradict one another. The first one Dr. Holly Phillips claims there is really good evidence-based medicine backing this going back to the sixties. In the second video Dr. Bauman states this is new technology which doesn't have much scientific evidence proving it works.
  19. CarliGali

    CarliGali Guest

    I have not seen the videos yet, but I am a patient of Dr Bauman and he is a firm beiever in laser treatments. In fact, I am consideting buying the laser cap after seeing in his office. I will start a new post with some of my pictures taken by him. THE ONLY THING I HAVE BEEN DOING IS the lasercomb ...I even stopped viviscal and biotin due to some health problems ...anyhow. The lasercomb is NOT the ideal laser ...and even then I have seen some improvement,so I am a believer in laser ...its just very expensice but I think it may work well for some people. Carli
  20. kaebea

    kaebea Guest

    all i know is in both videos, there is promising results!

    i think the reason for the contradiction is that yes it is true that the therapeutic benefits of lasers have been studied since the 60s. yet at the time this video was made there were no scientific studies verifying the commercial laser comb. However, there is a study published on pub med about the proven results of thickness and fullness and decreased hair loss from using the lasermax comb.

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