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new to alopecia please help :(

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed Alopecians' started by jademarsh, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. jademarsh

    jademarsh Guest

    hi there.

    :dunno: I dont really know how to start this new topic so I will just start with what has happened:

    Last week on Tuesday i think it was my husband noticed that one side of my hair was thinning. I didnt really think anything of it until the day after I was at work and a colleuge noticed the small bald patch got worse.I went home that day to check my hair to notice it had got worse not only that but I have two 10pence pieces of bald patches gone from the back of my hair...the following few days the front of my hair rapidly got worse and worse until I was almost bald on one side.

    I then went to see my GP obviously worried He was no good to me and just said it was alopecia refered me to a skin specialist took blood tests and gave me ointment. he didnt say why it happened when I asked if I was going to go bald he just laughed at me!!I have since stopped the ointment as it burnt my head and made me worse!!

    The next day my husband cut my hair into a bob look so that I wouldnt keep finding long bits oh hair when I woke up...In the end it all got too much and we just shaved my hiar off (although the dr said not to)But it got to the point I was almost bald already.

    ever since then my hair tries to grow back but as soon as it does it just breaks off again I am also losing hair in different places of my head other than the previous bald patches.right this secong I look like I have a mohekan (sp?)

    It is making me very very down and emotional. They think it maybe due to stress as I have not had a good year but also had a kind of year as I got married in august.

    Is it normal to feel so down and emotional... I am only 21 and the thought that I may never have hair upsets me a lot.

    My nurse has now given me four weeks off sick from work.

    Any advice would really be appreciated I just want to chat with people who know what I am really going through. :sobbing: :sobbing: :hairy:

    Thankyou Jade x

    I had my blood tests last thursday so they should be back any day now
  2. RobinL71

    RobinL71 Guest

    Hi there and welcome...

    alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition where the body's immune system attacks the hair follicles... this can result in a few bald patches... or complete hair loss... the loss can be temporary with spontaneous recovery... or it can be permanent... just depends on your unique biological makeup...

    I suggest finding a dermatologist who is well trained in hair loss... there are treatment options available that you can try... such as steroid injections, topicals, etc.

    In the meantime... there are many cosmetic options out there that can help get you through this... wigs today are way more realistic and natural than they used to be... especially if you go through an expert wigmaker such as Flora who can design you a custom piece.

    It's perfectly natural for you to panic and be sad, upset, angry, etc... just know that we are here to help you through this...
  3. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    Welcome Jade :grouphug: I'm sorry to hear about your hairloss from Alopecia Areata. All the emotions you are feeling are so so normal. I've been through them all myself with my own loss from Alopecia Areata became severe almost 8 years ago now.

    Time but most importantly sharing & even meeting with others going through the same feelings and experiences have brought me to an acceptance of my loss. I still miss not having my own hair but the extreme grief and depression I went through are gone.

    I have some wonderful friends who I would never have known otherwise if not for Alopecia Areata so I can say that is definitely a huge bonus for me. At this time I would not trade those friends for hair again.

    My thinking of course did not happen overnight. It was a step forward and two back for a time . Life is and can be beautiful hair or not. The people we are has less to do with what we look like on the outside and is totally about what are like as people. Beauty as they say is only skin deep. What good is it to be beautiful if you are not kind, compassionate ,helpful, considerate and caring to others.

    There are those who would judge outer beauty and not inner beauty but they are very shallow and I find I can't and don't want to relate to those types of people.

    I have for the most part found that people are very supportive of me when I tell them about my Alopecia Areata. I think my attitude helps with that as I'm very matter of fact and even use humour to show them it's not such a big deal that I'm bald.

    Children with Alopecia Areata are & have always been my biggest inspiration . They have it tough sometimes with mean children they encounter. Yet the way they carry themselves & keep on keeping on is something we can all aspire to and learn from.

    I had a bout of Alopecia Areata at 17-18 which was quite severe. It was tough because in those days there was no support whatsoever, no promoting awareness & God forbid walking around bald in public which so many Alopecians are doing nowadays feeling free in their choice.

    The shame associated with baldness is being chipped away bit by bit. To change anything takes time but we have come so far from how things were for those of us with Alopecia Areata some 50 years ago.

    When you are feeling down about Alopecia Areata remember you're not alone. Two percent of the world's population has Alopecia Areata. That translates into many , many people going about their day to day living just as you and I are. There is comfort in numbers and knowing you're not alone.

    The picture of me with the young man in my avatar is my good friend Josh. He lives far away in Malysia but I had the opportunity to meet him when he came to the U.S. to attend one of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation conferences in DC .He spent about a week in Toronto too. We had a fantastic time and I think you can see how happy we both are in the picture.

    If you have an opportunity to meet others with Alopecia Areata in person I would do so. Even when meeting for the first time there is never any akwardness. Alopecia Areata creates an instant bond. They understand like no one else can how you feel.

    I have posted a lot of info on another post to Madeline who has also been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. I'm including a link to it to perhaps help you with some of your questions.


    Please do feel free to ask any further questions or concerns you have.

    Hugs, Joann

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