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New to it all

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed Alopecians' started by iinane, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. iinane

    iinane Guest

    I'm new here and just after some support...I had been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata about 6 mths ago and the loss got so bad that I had to buy a wig to cover it. About 3 months ago the loss slowed down and regrowth began and I began to hope that maybe it was "over". But a few days ago I've noticed and increase in hair loss again. And today has been really bad. It was found that I had a deficiency in iodine, Vit D and Zinc. I am still taking supplements but the hairloss has returned and I have ben extremely tired lately....I don't know what to do and I'm feeling very anxious. :(. I was really looking fwd to getting out of my wig. How do i get past this?

    Thx for reading....
  2. aries

    aries Guest

    I don't have any experience with Alopecia Areata, but wanted to offer my support. Hang in there! I wish that none of us ever had to deal with hair loss. I am sure that some other ladies will be on here to offer advice and support too.
  3. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    Welcome iinane,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata . The early days can be a struggle but finding support as you have will help so much. I know that from firthand experience.

    There is no way to predict each individual's outcome but keep in mind that many people dignosed with Alopecia Areata do not go on to have the more severe forms of it . Alopecia Areata can resolve itself even without treatment .

    In Alopecia Areata the immune system's cells mistakenly attack the hair follicles . The most simple explanation is that we become allergic to our own hair. There seems to be different triggers but the thinking is that there is a common gene in all of us with Alopecia Areata that predisposes us to it.

    The best advice I can give you at this time is to take it a day at a time. It's not easy to do because with it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking ahead causes yourself more stress about a scenario that may never happen.

    I would be glad to help you with any further questions or concerns you have.

    Hugs, Joann
  4. Martha716

    Martha716 Guest

    Being tired all the time sounds like it could be a hypothyroid symptom. Have you had your thyroid TSH checked as well as the antibodies? Antibody test is very important as sometimes even with a relatively normal TSH you can be on your way to hypothyroidism and it can cause hair loss!

    I'm sorry about your hair. Believe me, I know how you feel!

  5. iinane

    iinane Guest

    Hey guys...sorry I've not been online - I've been flaking out about it all and haven't been dealing with it very well :(. Anyways, have been to see a dermatologist who had had a look at my more recent hairloss and he says that it seems to be that it is breaking off at the follicles? Is this part of your experience with Alopecia Areata as well? He's prescribed me a reducing dose of Prednisolone over 6-8 weeks. I'm not too sure about taking it - seems like it'll make my hair regrow but there's no guarantees that it'll stay once I come off it. With the risk of side effects, it hardly seems worth it.

    Anyways, my hubby has cut the rest of my hair. I am going to see a Chinese herbalist on Tues. Anything's worth a try atm...

    As for the tiredness - I've done all the blood work and it comes back normal - iron, ferritin, TSH etc. Derm seems to think it is depression over the condition (although I've had this tiredness for most of my life prior to hairloss).

    Was hoping he'd have some answers - not more qns :(
  6. Martha716

    Martha716 Guest

    You poor thing. I know how you feel. I even DREAM about hair loss. What made the derm think the follicles were breaking off? On hair that you shed, can you see a slightly bulbous end (the root)?

    I would ask to have my thyroid antibodies checked, by the way even if my TSH were normal.

    Hang in there. Your hair is not going to kill you, even though I know it sometimes feels like it will! It sounds like a very supportive husband. Thank God for him! And you! You are very important, with or without your hair.
  7. el123

    el123 Guest

    I too kept feeling very tired and weak and was wondering what on earth was wrong with me. recent tests showed I had very low Vit D levels. The doctor asked me if I feel tired and muscles ache coz thats what happens when u have low Vit D levels. Also low Vit D is not good for bones.
  8. iinane

    iinane Guest

    Thank you for your kind words Martha - you are right - I am very lucky to have such a supportive husband. At least I realise now what a gem he truly is (thats one positive thing to come out of this at least!)...... All tests regarding thyroid have come out normal - I am very healthy on paper which doesn't help :(

    El123 - I have been supplementing on Vit D for the last 6 months and so far the tiredness has not improved all that much. At least I am helping my bones I suppose...*sigh*...

    Joann - I read somewhere here that you had regrowth for a few years? How did it start? I have very very tiny white hair all over my scalp atm. I was hoping this is a sign of regrowth? But it is very fine and very very hard to see (only in direct light and at an angle), and there isn't lots of it (as far as we can see). Is this a positive sign? Is it possible to have this tiny hair without it ever transforming into proper "hair"? The reason I ask is that it looks exactly like the hair on my arms and those hairs never progress to a point where its even visible...

    TIA again guys....this site has been a godsend :)
  9. medusa

    medusa Guest

    Hi iinane,
    I'm really sorry this is happening to you. I hope that you can find some answers. Have been to an endocrinologist to have your thyroid tested? He/she will give you more specific thyroid tests rather than a regular derm. Do you have your blood test results? If you were to post them here you'd probably get some great advice from the "experts" here. What some docs think are "normal" really are not.

    Take care and let us know!
  10. iinane

    iinane Guest

    My derm seems to think that my tiredness is completely unrelated to my hair. I've been debating about seeing an endocrinologist but I don't think my GP would refer me to one as I don't have any specific complaints that relate to that area of health besides a "suspicion".

    I realise I am not the only one going through this but I do feel quite alone and am finding it really hard to cope :( . My hair was never a major part of my look (I mostly just put it up into a pony tail) but without it I feel exposed and singled out - I've never even had a short haircut!...Thanks for listening anyways...

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