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newly diagnosed, spot getting bigger

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed Alopecians' started by trixie1000, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. trixie1000

    trixie1000 Guest


    Not having a great day at my too stressful job AND can't stop thinking about my Alopecia Areata. I started treatment for it 2 weeks ago with scalp injections and a daily topical - no change (too soon) and might be getting bigger still which you can see from the fuzzy pic I took at my desk just now. It started as a quarter-sized spot about 3 months ago and has more than doubled. I have long hair with a part I can thankfully use to create a "comb over" effect to hide it for now (but become paranoid when outside during windy days...). I don't know how to begin to cope with the thought of losing most or all of my hair on my head...but assume I'll find a way if/when that day comes.

    The silver lining of Alopecia Areata is that it's the last straw with regard to my job, so I've finally made the decision to resign in 51 days. I'm well paid, but the stress has been building for the last 5 years and it's now affecting my health, so I'm now prioritizing my health over shopping sprees and expensive vacations (of which I've had to cancel a few anyway).

    Thanks for listening.

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  2. neencali

    neencali Guest

    So sorry. I have the same thing. Stressful job and Alopecia Areata. I too think my spots get bigger. they do grow back though (so far). It takes about 2 mo's for them to start back up again even with the shots. meanwhile, take great care of yourself and try not to worry (this comming from me).

    My dr today told me this " this is awefull but no life threatening. Don't let it be life altering". Easier said than done but I am going to heed her advice.

    You are not alone and we all here to listen and help when we can.
    congrats on quitting the job. I would if I could. Take care of you health and try to keep on things that take your mind off it and keep you happy.
  3. trixie1000

    trixie1000 Guest

    Thanks very much for your reply - it helps tremendously.

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