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Newly diagnosed with alopecia areata: have some questions!

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by sadlady, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. sadlady

    sadlady Guest

    So - I will write a message on this side to, since my hairloss is Alopecia Areata. I was diagnosed with diffuse alopecia areata for approximatly three months ago, but now I have both the diffuse form AND spots (one small spot over my ear). My hairloss started six months ago,some days are better, and some days are really bad. I still have hair, and i am able to cover it up (almost), but i fear that soon I will have to find a better solution - when the day come, I think I will shave of all my remaining hair and start to wear scarves. :sobbing: Well - sometimes I think the waiting is the worst part - maybee it will get better when it decides which way to go (when all the hair is lost, or new hair is regrowing). The hardest part for the moment, is that in my country, the doctors dont like to treat alopecia areata, since they think the effects of cortison injections have to many side effects, and that the hair is likely to be lost anyway when you stop the treatment. I am sure they are right, but it doesn´t make it easier. So - i am just supposed to sit here, and wait for my hair to continue to fall. I would like to ask you, that have more expericence than me of alopecia areata, one question regarding the diffuse hairloss in my eyebrows and eyelashes: I do shed maybe two to eight eyelashes a day, and perhaps three to eight in my eyebrows (I do count the hair I shed in mmy eyebrows and eyelashes - how stupid is not that!) - I do have some regrowht, especially in my eyebrows (first small, blonde hairs that now slowly turns black). Has anybody else experienced this? Is it possible to hav regrowht nearly in the same rate as you shed? And is it a good sign or not? The doctors really dont have much to say about this condition (alopecia areata) and I realy would like to try to understand what is happening to me. I would also like to ask if any of you have tried eyeliners (tattoed eyeliner, so it is not so obvious that you dont have nearly any eyelashes). Did it make a differende? Did you feel better about you´re self?
  2. cowgalcarly

    cowgalcarly Guest

    hello there '
    i really know how your feeling right now as i was newly diagnosed with alopecia areata myself
    and im really scared my sister has had it all her life ,
    and she is 27 years old and im 29 years old and i have just gotten it in the last two months and my hair loss is proceding quicker than my sisters does ,
    tonight i was thinking about going in to the bathroom and start shaving my head ' but i counldnt do it ,
    and i thought that i should just enjoy my hair ''why i can before i lose it all .....

    SAMANTHA07 Guest

    hi there, i have severe alopecia,
    i shaved my head in middlke december and started wearibg wigs, my eyelashes have thined the half they were before, and i have 3 hair on my lefteyebrow and about 10 on my right.

    however, when you have lots of hair loss i think it is better to shave your hair, as the stress of seeing all that hair everywhere goes!

    at the moment i don't know exactly if i am getting better.
    just wanted to let you kno you are not alone, we are here to help each other
  4. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    It would be a lot easier for to to shave the hair. That way you don't have to watch your hair fall out, or see your hair getting worse or getting better only to get worse again. And you can get pretty wigs that will be easier to wear without hair.
  5. Redheaduk

    Redheaduk Guest

    Hi Sad Lady,

    They don't really treat Alopecia Areata in the UK either. It might seem a bit crap and sometimes it annoys but in the main, I think I'd rather not go through injections to my scalp, being in and out of the doctors all the time etc for something that is not guaranteed to have an effect.

    It's sh*tty watching your hair falling out and wondering if it will ever stop (I've had alopecia areata for years but it didn't bother me too much until this December when I had another big shed). I went back to the doctors this week to double check my iron levels and my thyroid and also to enquire about wigs through the NHS. I just want to know that if it doesn't slow down or stop, that I'll be able to carry on living my life the way I want to, hair or no hair.

    To be honest, at the moment, I think that's the best thing to do in our situation. Accept that it may or may not get better and work out how you're going to live your life around it and not let it dominate everything you do. It's not a case of sitting and waiting, it's a case of living your life.

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