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not understanding topper/wig length-- pls advise

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by YumiKitty, May 19, 2010.

  1. YumiKitty

    YumiKitty Guest

    hi all, i'm trying to figure out the various lengths of toppers (well, and wigs too i guess, tho i'm really looking at just toppers) and i'm a little confused because i see the various lengths listed in inches, but in the pictures these toppers seem to be cut at an angle. am i mistaken and it's all just one length, or if not, is the length that's stated the shorter end of the angling or the longer end (if that makes sense)?
  2. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Can you post a picture to show us what you mean? Or a link?

    Most hair length on toppers/wigs is listed as being the length of the longest hair from crown to tip. Unless you are told or have arranged otherwise, it is normal for toppers to be sold unstyled and for you to arrange for the topper to be 'cut in' to match/integrate with your bio hair and become a hair style. Pictures you may see on topper vendors' sites are often of styled toppers as in ones that have been cut in to match the hair of the wearer. This may be why you think the hair looks as if it has been cut on an angle. As always, if in doubt, it is best to email or call the vendor to double check whether this is the case and to make sure you have understood their measurements correctly.
  3. YumiKitty

    YumiKitty Guest

    oh i c...ok, that makes sense.
    i just wondered when i saw this:
    http://www.lfhair.com/xcart/customer/pr ... feed_17019

    this comes in 2 lengths, but at any rate, you can see how it looks layered to be face framing.

    at any rate, i'm trying to decide between that one and this one:
    http://www.hisandher.com/Double_Knot___ ... -list.aspx
    and have been hemming and hawing on it forever because i'm poor and don't have endless $ to spend trying all this out. (plus, returns/exchanges for hair is virtually impossible!) the main thing is i have thinning through the top of my head so that's what i want to cover, and want to do it with clips. i've measured my hair and it seems to be about 11" although i don't mind cutting off a few inches to make it more shoulder length if i have to.

    do you think my hair has to be close to the same length as the topper or can it be somewhat shorter or longer than the topper? if it's shorter would that be really weird? if my bio hair is longer, i can just have it layered to blend in with the topper length too, so the topper can be my shortest layer right? anyone who can advise-- i'd really appreciate it!
  4. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Ok now I looked at the first one - the 18 inches on the first one is the longest hair on that hair piece, so that would be the hair at the back of the head, from the crown (root) to the tip (bottom of the hair). The 8 inch one would mean that the longest hair on it is 8 inches long and the layered hair at the sides/front are much shorter. So if you buy the shorter one, you will have to cut quite a bit off your own hair to blend it or else buy the longer one and cut quite a bit off the topper!

    The second one is probably a better length considering your own hair is around 11 inches and that one states 10-11. In addition, from the photos it seems like the hair is of a more uniform length (pretty much unstyled) so you could do what you wanted with it in terms of styling rather than having to adhere to the style of the first one. I would think you would need less of your hair cut off and less of the topper hair cut for the two to blend nicely.

    The way I would see it is, either you go for a much shorter hair style (with the 8 inches) or retain your current length (with the 10/11 or 18 one). In addition, if you choose the first one, you will be more limited in terms of what style you achieve as the topper pretty much has a style of its own.
  5. YumiKitty

    YumiKitty Guest

    Hey Vlal, i ended up getting this topper; i've posted all about it a few hours ago and put up pics (title: "my new topper"); thanks for suggesting this one- although it needs to be blended a bit, i think it works great! thanks again! :)
  6. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    :bravo: I shall go check it out. :mrgreen:

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