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old photos

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by the_girl_who, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. the_girl_who

    the_girl_who Guest

    So I'm just wondering if anyone feels the same about old photos of yourself when you have a full head of hair. I came across some earlier and it has left me feeling sick, upset and just so negative. These are photos of myself....I look happy and whats even worst it was this year over 3 months ago so I know I was having a good time. I mean wasnt extremely happy because it was about 2 years on when I suffered alopecia areata and the hair had grown back but I was still suffering from it mentally.

    I didnt take it for granted that my hair grew back though. Even though at times I still wanted better. I just cant look at photos of me like that. It makes me miss what I dont have so much. So what do I do with them...hide them all a way in a box and ones on computer just delete because they cause too much pain. :cry:
  2. rayneStormRN

    rayneStormRN Guest

    i have that sometimes, when i look at a picture of myself from three years ago, with MY hair, but i do try not to dwell on it.
  3. BrokenWings

    BrokenWings Guest

    Mine make me sad cause my hair was sooooo long. It is still long by most peoples standards but when your hair used to be down past your bum and it suddenly is to your low back it is a big change. Plus it was so thick and now well...
    Anyway, it is trying to recover so I am thankful and prayful everyday.
  4. rayneStormRN

    rayneStormRN Guest

    i do have some pictures on here, some showing the hair loss under the "tell your story", and one under, i believe, aloecia areata "before during after"

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