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Ordering Blonde and Red wigs online

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by Zoe, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Zoe

    Zoe Guest

    Okay, so I've decided that I'm going to be blonde or ginger. I've decided! That's it!

    BUT-- I'm having a hard time with some things.

    I definitely want to start with virgin hair because it's going to have to be bleached and dyed, and if it's already processed the texture is just going to be horrible. But I'm wondering if it's going to be horrible even if I start with virgin hair because as far as I know most virgin hair is very dark/black to begin with... Does anyone on here order blonde or red (or other light coloured) wigs? Any insight?

    I don't want to pay more than $500 (I have a rule,) so that might rule out European hair... But-- HEY (sorry ADD moment:) why don't any wig makers use North American hair? Is it that they actually do but we're a melting pot so the textures still end up falling into categories like Euro, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian? Confusing.

    I've been trying to find pictures and reviews of lighter coloured wigs on google (specifically blonde and red,) but I'm coming up empty handed. I've seen so many great reviews, but almost all of them seem to be on dark wigs.

    Colour: I don't want to buy a colour ring! Out of principal! They cost like $40 and it seems like every website's colours are slightly different. I think I could probably get a good idea of what a colour would look like though if I were to see a person wearing it as a wig.

    If anyone has a lighter colour wig, could you post some pictures and tell me where you got it, what colour (number) it is, etc? It would be greatly appreciated!

    ~ Zoe

    Oh! Also: One of the colours I'm thinking about is something close to the synthetic wig I bought for Halloween. The texture of it absolutely amazing for a synthetic, but I don't think it'll stay that way if I start wearing it regularly. Plus the parting is fixed, so no versatility. Here's a link to the post I made in the picture section so you can see the colour I'm talking about:

  2. leosachon1

    leosachon1 Guest

  3. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    In what way was it amazing? Can you give more details? They seem to sell the same wigs that many UK wig stores sell: Noriko, Hothair, Amore, GEM... The Bloomsbury Wigs in London that I know of have had a lot of negative press on this forum (and others) for their human hair custom offerings. Not sure if they are one and the same as this company. :dunno:

    Zoe - Hennared who is a member on here but has not posted for ages wore lace wigs and I think she might have dyed them red or redder... she liked henna tone colour (hence the username) so might be worth searching for her old posts.

    Blonde - if you want a regular wig and not a full lace, have a look at the Mazali line by Fortune Wigs... not sure how blonde they go and they are probably a bt above your price limit (depending on length you want), but they should last longer than a lace wig as the foundation is more durable and they come with a gurantee.

    For FLW in blonde - they are so very heavily processed :(. I know a few women who wear them and they never seem to get beyond 2 months before they are very dry and matting, which makes $500 quite a bit of money to spend if it will last only a few months I think.
  4. Zoe

    Zoe Guest

    Thanks Vlal! What a coincidence, I'm just having a conversation with Hennared right now via the Wig Support forum! :)
    I saw her profile pic and pm'd her right away. Her wig looks fantastic. She recommended getting virgin Chinese hair and doing it myself.

    A friend of mine (doesn't have hair loss but just naturally has fairly thin hair) just order extensions from a website called http://www.luxyhair.com. They only do extensions, but they have a video showing the hair that they sell in all of their different colours. I was really impressed at how good the texture was on even their super light blondes and they start with virgin Chinese hair so I think it's what I'm going to try. (I've also read in a few places that it stands up best to bleaching) I'm going to do the colouring myself though. It'll be a learning process... we'll see how it goes!

    Hennared suggested qdhairbeauty.com for buying virgin Chinese custom full lace wigs for cheap, but did mention that their communication isn't always fantastic and their density has seemingly diminished over the years. Since I'm already a little wary of ordering from Chinese vendors it feels like a big gamble. Any insight into these guys? (I have to double check the Chinese vendors thread, I can't remember if they're mentioned in there.)
  5. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    The texture is not necessarily bad to start with. It's more a case of how the hair behaves in the longer term... after a few weeks or a month or two. Most of the time the silicone coatings tends to hide issues until it has worn off. Ordering virgin, assuming you actually get that (I have friends who have ordered and paid more for virgin and we have debated whether it really is due to inconsistencies with the hair and how it has behaved), would definitely be better.

    Of course with these purchases it all comes back to price as to whether one is doing well by buying these type of products or not, as even if a piece only lasts 2 months but costs a few hundred dollars, some people are happy to pay that and don't mind if they have to buy a number of wigs a year.

    For info on QDHairBeauty read this thread - viewtopic.php?f=22&t=20590
  6. StellaPeterson

    StellaPeterson New Member

    Jan 12, 2020
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    I have tried HairAreUs Hair Extensions. Shopped with them recently.
    They have the best quality extensions I have seen in the market Especially at the prices they come at.

    Previously bought hair extensions from a local store & had a bad experience.
    With HairAreUs, I had a great experience. Ordered with them on 3 different occasions.

    They also have great customer support. Highly recommend them.

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