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Organic Shampoos

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by thehairblues, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. thehairblues

    thehairblues Guest

    I was just wondering if there is anybody out there who is using an organic shampoo and conditioner that they like. I'd like to use a shampoo and conditioner that doesn't contain SLS and some of the other harsh chemicals that aren't good for your hair. Also, do any of you use any organic styling products (like a gel or mousse) and organic hairspray? I was thinking about trying the Kiss My Face shampoo and conditioner. Any info would be greatly appreciated. :?
  2. tbacchi

    tbacchi Guest

    Hi. Have you tried the Morocco Method? I don't like the shampoo or the conditioner, but the hairspray is the best. Check out their website.
  3. carmenb

    carmenb Guest

    I've tried the Giovanni line and I liked it for about the first week or so. I noticed that my flaking seemed to be on a decrease. After that initial period, I noticed that the flaking got to be at an all time high. I could literally scrape gunk off my scalp. Moreso than normal.

    I frequent a board called naturallycurly.com for curly heads. Sls free shampoos didn't rate too high w/ them because of the fact that it can cause build up. I noticed the longer I used the product my hair seemed to get dull and just didn't hold a style anymore.

    I've bought organic hairsprays but haven't had the nerve to try them. I usually end up tossing them. My hair is naturally curly/coarse and I need something that gives a strong hold. I 've chickened out w/ the sprays because I do my hair in the morning and if I spray something on it and it makes my hair go "crazy" I'm basically screwed the rest of the day. I don't have time to shampoo and restyle if a product doesn't work for me.
  4. skyline

    skyline Guest

    I use Giovanni tea tree oil, Nature's Gate Clary & Sage Volumizing, and I just bought Kiss My Face Big Body shampoo today.
    I don't use natural conditioner, b/c I just use it from the jaw down, and I need something really high quality to keep my hair from knotting.
  5. Zannie

    Zannie Guest

    Dessert Essence Therapy Shampoo… then again, all Dessert Essence products are Sodium Laurel/Laureth sulfate free and organic! Yeah!!! Tea tree oil!!!!!! So healing!!! And it doesn’t interfere with my treatments, remember, you don’t want to throw in too many “treatmentsâ€, some may cancel out others! :?

  6. Etrika

    Etrika Guest

    I like California Baby and Beauty without Cruelty (BWC) products. All extremely gentle products that work well for me, from ethical companies. I'm not sure if they're organic b/c I'm not at home to check. If you get build-up with more gentle products, maybe you can try alternating with heavier cleansers sometimes.
  7. marley

    marley Guest

    I have tried Crown and Glory. I really liked the conditioner - it has peppermint in it makes your scalp feel cool and refreshed and is supposed to unlock hair follicles in your scalp. I also like Jason Thin to Thick - just bought that the other day and like how soft it makes my hair feel.
  8. melphone

    melphone Guest

    how do you know if your treatments are "cancelling each other out"?? I use rogaine 5% a night. Then use T-Gel and Nizoral 1% everyday (switch off). My dandruff/seb derm is still horrible and I don't know what else to do. My doctor recommended me using those two shampoos everday, but maybe I should throw in a non-medicated shampoo every third day? Anyone try Aveda's Scalp Benefits? It's natural, seemed interesting. Am I overdoing my scalp with these three strong products?!!
  9. Maya22

    Maya22 Guest

    I use JASON's Thin to Thick. I love it and have no problems with gunk etc. I use it almost everyday. I don't know that it makes my hair "thicker" but it leaves it in good condition.

  10. melphone

    melphone Guest

    Anyone tried Aveda's "Scalp Benefits" shampoos/conditioner or the "scalp remedy"? Any other aveda products that seemed promising?
  11. marley

    marley Guest

    I used Aveda scalp benefits last year. It was right around the time I noticed my first patch of Alopecia Areata. I'm sure that it had no connection, but I felt like the perfume scent was too strong for my scalp. My husband also used it because he had a dry scalp and I don't think it improved at all.

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