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Pain in ovary...sugar related?

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by Greene, May 23, 2011.

  1. Greene

    Greene Guest

    Hi ladies,

    I don't have a diagnosis of PCOS, but I do have a cyst on my left ovary that was discovered a couple of months before my hair loss began. They did an ultrasound and said it wasn't anything dangerous, but to keep an eye on it. Anyway, that was about 9 months ago, and for the past few months I've been having pain in my lower left abdomen (near the ovary) off and on. Sometimes it's just a dull ache that lasts a few hours, sometimes it's a stabbing pain that comes on quickly and then goes away.

    It hurt almost all day yesterday, and I ate a bunch of sugar yesterday, as well (treated myself to some Sunday donuts).

    I know that with PCOS, insulin issues arise (and would likely explain pain after eating lots of sugar)? But I'm curious if that's true for non-PCOS cysts as well?

    And, for anyone who's feeling extremely generous--where is the line between just "having cysts on your ovaries" vs being PCOS? Just curious how a doctor determines the difference.

    Sorry for invading your board, but I figured you would be the most knowledgeable ladies to ask. :) Thanks!
  2. Jubilee

    Jubilee Guest

    wow, i have the same thing going on right now. same side even. i had a pelvic exam recently and gyno said everything felt fine and i was telling her but it hurts! right there you found the spot, it hurts. she only ordered a blood test for fsh and tsh. I would have liked an ultrasound. i had one a few years ago that showed uterine fibroids.

    i hate when they won't listen to you and think if you know anything or have done any research on your own you must be hypochondriac and they just go their merry way

    i'm so sick of experiencing pain, swelling, and other symptoms and being told everything's normal just because blood work doesn't show anything alarming. I mean really? Is there absolutely no cause for all these bizarre symptoms? My body isn't trying to tell me something?
  3. freakyfriday

    freakyfriday Guest

    Sorry if I'm intruding in the wrong area, however I thought I would give my 2 cents. don't know if sugar is related but I sure crave it...i tend to crash afterwards.

    If you have not already.... see a GYNO doctor, Cysts can rupture which can cause pain, also did you know cysts and fibroids can cause many different problems.

    p.s it's known that during each cycle woman/girls devolope little cysts that pop, maybe this is what your experiencing....and to docs this is normal and not alarming.......however......

    I already had a unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (sp)
    due to cysts problems.

    after such I was feeling like most people pretty friggen good:) man I have not felt this good in a while, then..... during the process of being completely healed and full recovery, I was then attacked by a dog, well I needed to heal from nerve damage and mending of the large attack, stitches etc......man this alone took a long time.......then things started not feeling right for me again physically, inside and out......

    low and behold.......

    I will be going in again soon, to have another operation due to a fibroid in the uterus and a follicle on the last remaining ovary...

    maybe after such I will start to feel good again......*fingers crossed*

    hope this helped.......
  4. Greene

    Greene Guest

    freakyfriday, thank you for sharing your story. What a terrible series of events to have to endure! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the next operation will resolve your remaining issues.

    Jubilee, I definitely understand the frustration. How long have you been experiencing the pain? Mine comes and goes daily, and some weeks is completely gone.

    After having the pain all day Sunday, it was non-existent Monday and Tuesday. I saw a new Gyno on Tues and she said she didn't feel anything there--that I probably have cysts that come and go with my cycle. Annoying, but not dangerous. (freakyfriday, sounds like your suggestion of cysts that appear and pop was spot on.) So Jubilee, if your pain is consistent, I would see another doctor and try to get more answers.
  5. Jubilee

    Jubilee Guest

    thanks to you both - even though it isn't my thread here ;)

    I am ready to switch docs and get a gyno as opposed to ob/gyn. I am sick of 1 hr. plus in the waiting room because she's at the hospital. I am sick of her condescending attitude. I am menopausal and ready for someone who can just take care of those specific issues.

    My pain has been since end of Feb. I had mirena removed in Nov. bleed for 10 full days. Bled again for two days a month later, switched from premarin to prometrium 100 mg + divigel (bio-identical estradiol), so there were some hormonal changes there. then suddenly this sensation like I used to get when I thought I was ovulating. But it sort of stayed there and felt like a feeling of fullness. I am just aware of that spot. My son's friend's mom died of ovarian cancer. Four mos. from diagnosis until death. But how many months or years was it undetected because symptoms weren't that severe?

    So because I told her it felt like what I SUSPECTED ovulating might feel like (I never knew for sure, just guessing) and I didn't really know what was up with menopause because mirena stops your periods anyway (and she said it could take up to a year to start having cycles again) - all she focused on was fsh.

    Besides the dull ache at the location of my left ovary, I feel like my belly has gotten bigger. Of course, that could ;) be age related or lack of exercise related, but all my pants are too tight. All occurring about the same time the sensation started. Otherwise I'm very trim and always have been.

    We got new insurance and it sort of sucks. I can't just hop around to doctors for the price of a co-pay anymore. I think all the doctors I've brought up symptoms and then add plus I have hair loss label me hypochondriac. I really do think that's when they start to put your other symptoms on the shelf. I'm just trying to figure it out because I'm not getting much help from the medical community. Oh, and as a side note, I have borderline high blood sugar. Not high enough to treat but consistently right on the line between what is considered IR and not.

    Anyway, results back from lab and I'm told my ovaries are definitely "off". I always read that's not reliable, you have to not have a period for one full year.
  6. Jubilee

    Jubilee Guest

    Oh, and P.S. - good luck to you Greene. and sorry for your dog attack freakfriday, sounds awful.

    I just went off, talking about myself!
  7. LadyGodiva

    LadyGodiva Guest

    Hi ladies. I just wanted to add my experience to this.

    I began having left pelvic pain back in October/Nov. 2009. It came on suddenly - and though I'm used to the occasional pelvic pain due to ovulation - this went on and on and on. It got to the point where I couldn't find any comfort: sitting hurt, laying down hurt, it was just pain 24x7. Then my menstrual cycle began (on time), and then never stopped for EIGHT months after. Long story short, I saw numerous OB/GYNs...each wanted to stick me on birth control pills (BCP), etc. But what did that have to do with my pain? I tried BCP and it lead to hair loss (which I never had before). It didn't help my pain, either. Then they put me on Synthroid to stop the bleeding, in case it was thyroid related; it helped some, but then my massive hair loss began (that's when it all started).

    Finally, after seeing an OB/GYN surgeon, we decided to do a lap surgery - at this point, I'd been having pelvic pain for 1.5 years!!

    Turned out, my left ovary was stuck (adhesion) to my sigmoid colon, so my ovary was being pulled every time either organ were trying to do their job. They excised (separated/cut) the organs from each other and placed a barrier between them (supposedly self-dissolvable). And they said I had some cysts, but I didn't "quite" qualify for PCOS...whatever THAT means.

    Yes, cysts can cause occasional pain in the pelvis, but it shouldn't be ongoing and it shouldn't be so painful for so long. So if it is, check it out before it's too late (it can throw off your entire body/hormones, etc.).

    All this to say, please listen to your body and keep pressing doctors..get 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinions until you get treated!
  8. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    I think non pcos cyst are not caused by hormones...i have a friend who functionnal cyst like that and it causes her pain too (it does not disappear with the pill unlike pcos cysts). She told me it was big...

    Maybe because your ovaries and uterus moves a bit during your periods having a functionnal cyst like that (they big usually) makes cramps that should be normally bearable more painful because more tissue are at work???
  9. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    PCOS cysts : they are tiny and inside the ovaries. They are linked to your hormones. They disappear while on bcp. They are called dysfunctionnal cysts because it's linked (usually but not always) to poor ovulation.

    Other cysts:They outside of the ovaries, you usually have one or two. they are much more bigger. They dont prevent you from ovulating. Many women have them and it does not cause hormonal issue.They dont disappear if you are on a birth control pill. They are called functionnal cysts. They can cause pain if they are large enough though!

    They are prolly other kind of cysts...but I only know about the pcos one and the begnin functionnal ones.


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