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PCOS with heavy periods?

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by Smartypants, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Smartypants

    Smartypants Guest

    I think I could have PCOS but I'm not sure, and I'm hoping to get opinions from those who have experienced it. My doctor doesn't want to test me for PCOS because I have "regular" periods and my weight is ok...although my periods occur regularly every 35+ days, they are very heavy (7-8 days long) with lots of clots and cramps! I have had ovarian cysts in the past, but haven't had an ultrasound recently.

    I have also been suffering from thinning hair at the temples (male pattern) for awhile, and in the past few years my face has become like an oil slick with some acne along the jawline, and I've been finding some thick, dark hairs on my chin and inner thighs (my bikini line keeps descending).

    If not PCOS, are there other hormone-related things it could be? Any advice would be much appreciated, I am so frustrated with doctors right now that I feel like banging my head against the wall :crazy:
  2. Kristi

    Kristi Guest

    Hi Smartypants,

    I have PCOS and my periods are pretty "regular" as well, so you definitely can have PCOS and still have so called "normal" periods. My periods occur approximately every 23 - 25 days, but mine are not heavy and I don't experience any cramping. A brochure I received from my doctor's office states that periods that occur every 23 - 35 days is considered normal. By the way, you might want to get tested for anemia considering your heavy periods. If you are anemic it could be exacerbating your hair loss.

    May I ask how old you are? How long have you had your symptoms? My main symptom was acne as a teenager. I did not notice any other symptoms until I became older and gained some weight. Now I have virtually all the symptoms along with the complication of diabetes. My poor daugher sounds just like you with regard to your periods. She is only 14, but has almost all the symptoms of PCOS already, including hair loss. Her periods are very heavy with cramping as well. She just started the pill a few months ago. Her period is still heavy, but by her 4th period on the pill, the cramps had subsided. We hope the periods will lighten up here soon

    I would insist on the current doctor testing you for PCOS anyway, or I would seek out another doctor who is willing to expand the scope of possibilities in terms of helping you find a diagnosis.

    Good luck! Keep us updated! :)
  3. Smartypants

    Smartypants Guest

    Hi Kristi,
    Thanks for the response :) I am 29, and have always had very heavy periods, and have had problems with hair loss for quite awhile (very slowly getting worse). All the other problems have been slowly appearing/getting worse over the past couple years. I also started a new job a couple years ago where I have not been as active (before that I was on my feet all day and very active) so I have gained some weight, although not a large amount. Maybe that made symptoms worse enough to be noticed, if it is indeed PCOS?

    I hope your daughter is doing better. I did notice that when I was on the Pill in college it helped tremendously with cramps etc. so I hope it will help her too. But I stopped taking it because it seemed to give me blood sugar issues (hypoglycemia etc.).

    Anyway, I have an appointment with a new doctor next week so hopefully this will go better than with the old doctor :) I will get my iron levels checked as well. I will keep you posted!
  4. Smartypants

    Smartypants Guest

    Well here is an update:
    So the new doctor was very helpful, and actually took me seriously! Yay for that. It does look like I have PCOS, they found polycystic ovaries by ultrasound, and my hormone levels were all over the place. My testosterone was still in the normal range, but the very high end of normal, and my progesterone was very low. The SHBG was also outside normal range. And my cholesterol was high, but fortunately no insulin resistance. So I am trying spironolactone and a statin (the doctor didn't think weight loss or Metformin would help at this point because I'm not overweight and don't have insulin resistance).

    So at least it's nice to know what is going on in my body, finally, although I'm feeling overwhelmed by the diagnosis. I've been feeling pretty down lately because I have been feeling awful about my hair loss and I also just moved to a new city and started a new job quite a distance from family and friends (by necessity, not choice). Now I'm really worried about long-term health consequences of PCOS and it just feels like so much to deal with all at once :shakehead:

    Any advice for staying upbeat? Also, does Rogaine help much with PCOS related hair loss? Thanks :)

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