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Pics from my trip to Floras!

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by Katydid, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. AfroTime

    AfroTime Guest

    U look great and u look so happy! I love the length! Just wanted to add that the Flora shop pictures with all the wigs & falls had me drooling for a second there.
  2. phurrballe

    phurrballe Established Member

    Jun 13, 2009
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    WOW! That is simply awesome, Katy! I have a Flora Fall and it is beautiful too but needs some more styling...just too lazy to get back to Floras..but your pics are giving me incentive! You look so happy and I have always loved your attitude, here and on heralopecia. Thank you for posting..simply gorgeous.
  3. haygirl326

    haygirl326 Guest

    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Love it Love it Love it!!!!!
  4. Janie-Ann

    Janie-Ann Guest

    Hey Katy!
    What a great journey (in all ways) !!!
    I've also seen pics you've posted over time -- and think you look great in all of them -- but you've never looked as happy as you look in the one posted here, second from last on page 1 where you're getting the curls. You look beautiful and you're just glowing! Wonderful!
  5. Hayley

    Hayley Guest

    I love it! :mrgreen:
  6. Jenn32

    Jenn32 Guest

    It's a bit hard to tell for sure from the photos, but it looks like your bio hair is kind of wavy/curly and the fall is a bit straighter in texture. I imagine that the fall must be blending very well as you are so happy. Are you having to curl or style it or do anything special for it to blend well?

    I love your last photo -- very sassy!
  7. GoddessJoyce

    GoddessJoyce Guest

    STUNNING!! I love the last photo.
  8. Janie-Ann

    Janie-Ann Guest

    You went to Century 21, LOL!!!!!!! :jump:
  9. brandy32

    brandy32 Guest

    So beautiful! So happy that your trip was a success!
  10. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    You look really pretty. :bravo: I love the last 2 pics. You look so happy. :mrgreen:
  11. pinkdaisy7

    pinkdaisy7 Established Member

    Oct 26, 2010
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    :agree: :jump:
  12. Mom2Cuties

    Mom2Cuties Member

    May 4, 2008
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    You look beautiful! I have one of her falls and love it!
  13. Claire10

    Claire10 Guest

    You know if I lived closer I'd be making a trip to Flora's. My hair has never looked as good as any of those heads.

    Maybe one day...
  14. Katydid

    Katydid Guest

    You know actually I noticed that myself when I posted the pictures. The smile was more genuine and I'll be the first to admit that it is.

    I am genuinely happy with this hair in a way that I haven't felt in years. Words really can't express it.

    Yes, you are spot on. My own hair is very curly. Flora's suggestion was to keep my fall curled until my own hair grows out a few more inches. Once it gets to a certain length, the weight will pull the curl out to where it just looks fuller.

    For the first two weeks after I got home, the curl she put in it there stayed and the blending was darn close. Then the past two weeks, I was a bit reluctant to put heat to my beautiful hair, so I chose to tame my bio hair instead. :whistle: lol

    I would put Aussie curl tamer on my my hair while it was wet after a shower, and while it didn't get rid of the curl, it was controlled enough to look nice and blended.

    One thing I have noticed, is that my bio hair needs to be clean in order for it to look really good. I suppose because the fall hair is such high quality and naturally shiny, so I have to wash my bio hair every day in order to make sure my own hair looks that good. Otherwise there is a difference in the 'look' of the hair between the two points.

    Last night I broke down and curled her using a flat iron, and today she is as curly as an 80's movie star's hair! lol. I do like that I can have different styles everyday. One day put up. The next day left down and with a headband. Other days a simple ponytail.
  15. VMmom

    VMmom Guest

    That is SO beautiful! I am a little bit teary-eyed for you. You look so happy. And that hair actually looks a lot like my own hair– it gives me hope. I'm so jealous you got to go into her shop in person. I loved the photo progression and the shot of the "hair wall".
  16. You are simply radiant while she gives you the curls ^^ also is the best hairstyle on you IMHO
    bouncy and with volume at the chin :punk:
  17. eco_girl

    eco_girl Experienced Member

    Nov 5, 2006
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    You look great! I'm so thrilled for you!
  18. Nawal

    Nawal Guest

    You not only look amazing yourself, you give hope to many people, such as myself.

    You are so beautiful!
  19. AfroTime

    AfroTime Guest

    Have u noticed any soreness or anything from the clips? I have a fall too, but I don't wear it too often. It barely feels a little thick to me. I love the length of yours!
  20. Katydid

    Katydid Guest

    Yes, the front on my scalp (like the widow's peak area) has had a little soreness. Nothing extreme, but I got a few bumps, and the area looked slightly red.

    I think part of it was the newbie mistake of being so forceful with how I was attaching the clips (thinking it needed to feel super tight and 'secure') and also not doing a good job of using the other clips to relieve the pressure on the front clips.

    Now, once my day has started, I can tell if I've got it too tight and I just loosen it up a bit.

    One thing that frustrates me is that, the very front of my hairline is where i have used tape for several years, so the hair is sparse and shortest there. Once I get that to grow to a decent length that hair will blend in really nicely, but for right now, it's just not good enough to help with that. :shakehead:

    On a happy note, it really doesn't make the hairline look bad, but I know it will be neat when that little widow's peak area grows back right.

    Also, what do you mean by 'it barely feels a little thick to me'? I don't really understand what you mean. You mean the fall feels too thick, or that it feels like there is not enough there to feel thick?

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