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pixie cut advice?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by Martha716, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Martha716

    Martha716 Guest


    I'm thinking about getting a very short haircut because I've been wearing my hair just long enough to get it into a pony tail to anchor wigs, and am having to trim the nape hair anyway for my short wigs so just wondering if a pixie would be liberating.

    I was thinking of something with long bangs and short sides. I'll try to attach a photo of what would be great (although it won't look like this on me as I haven't enough hair!).

    My hair is thick enough around the back but very thin on top and at the temples. I have a longish sideswept bang that just about looks okay as I bring in hair from way back to get it :roll:

    Anyway, thing is that I don't want to be spending a ton on hair that I mostly cover up with wigs. Does anyone else have this dilemma? If so, what has been your experience with getting a decent short cut for not a lot of money? Is it just impossible?

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  2. starbabies

    starbabies Guest

    Hi MarthA. Yes! I think you should go for it. :bravo: I am always amazed at how a truly good cut can transform my hair from "0h dear God" to "oh my god!!, if you are already in a wig, a good short cut could be liberating and you might be pleasantly surprised with the results. A while back a member, Sassy(?) posted pics of her hair wet and with toppik, a new cut and some styling. She looked ah-mazing!!! Truly amazing. Another member whose short hair transformation that blew me away was ratsnest. Her pixie cut looked awesome.

    I hope you have a stylist who knows what she is doing. Bring lots of pictures and be very clear on what you want. Good Luck!

  3. starbabies

    starbabies Guest

    Yes! It was Sassy. Search for her and she posted pics of her hair!
  4. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    I have indulged in a style like this. There are pros and cons to it. The pro for me is that it feels so much better than even chin-length hair does on me... I can't bear my hair longer anymore, as it is straggly and static so that is just sticks to me and looks and feels horrible. I think it does look a lot better on me this way too. Other people like it (I didn't do it for anyone else, but at least it doesn't make me look totally hideous). The con is the upkeep cut-wise and thus, the cost.

    The cost would probably not be so bad if you can get away with it being a bit longer for more time than I can. I find on me that it goes out of line/shape by 5 or 6 weeks. Short hair seems to go out of line/shape much more obviously (to the wearer) than longer hair does. However, for example, if you never plan on letting other people see it than those people you feel comfy seeing your thinning/balding (e.g. family) then you can probably leave a longer time before getting it trimmed. I am currently doing 6 weekly appointments. It wouldn't matter so much if I didn't need to buy extra things - scarves, hats, wigs etc - as that would be my only cost. But I do still need and want those things. At the moment I am not leaving my house without a head cover on because it is too cold.

    I was thinking about this recently - I don't foresee giving up the appointments as I can't really do anything else with my hair other than shave it or buzz it. So for now I shall stick with it. I think you would really suit it Martha and you would probably find it quite liberating.
  5. Martha716

    Martha716 Guest

    Thanks so much for your replies. I found Sassy's haircut and she looks TOTALLY AMAZING!

    I don't have as big a single spot, but more all over diffuse thinning which is so awful that I can no longer bear it, but actually is somewhat workable so long as I don't go into sunlight or be seen by actual live human beings.

    Vlal, I think i get what you are saying about it going out of shape. I cut my own bob at the moment because my hair is so thin that it hardly is different than cutting bangs and anyway it is easy enough to do if you dont' mind it being slightly imperfect. It grows quickly out of shape and this would be a drawback to a short cut. But it would be liberating and maybe something amazing would happen as it did with Sassy!

    I downloaded the photo she used for her stylist as a possibility, too. I have quite long bangs now and just want to leave those in place (as I need them to blend with my wigs anyway).

    We'll see if I can get an appointment with a brave stylist!
  6. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    That's something else I was going to mention... the length of hair does impact blending if you are used to using some of your own hair with wigs. So that's worth mentioning to a stylist too.

    It's quite funny really - I cut my own hair for quite a long time before getting it cut by the stylist back into a short do (I have had it very short before from growing out shaved head). I think a lot of us must be trimming and cutting our own hair! :roll: It's actually really nice to go to have my hair done. I can still enjoy the salon experience, even if I do have to face "reality" when I sit in the chair under the dreaded spotlight LOL! My stylist is really kind and sympathetic, so I am lucky as she makes me feel comfortable and I trust her to do her best to make the most of what I have.
  7. Martha716

    Martha716 Guest

    Re: pixie cut advice? Plus some before photos

    OMG, just booked an appointment for tomorrow!

    Okay, here are some quick pics taken with my webcam of the top of my head when my hair is in a pony tail. Now, I know I *could* use toppik but...come on? Really? If you saw the fuzzy nature of this hair you'd see it was a hopeless battle.

    By the way, I haven't henna'ed in a while and all those dark roots will be much brighter soon :)

    Notice how my double crown still lumps up some body in my hair...so funny. It's like the last bastion of hair strength on my head!

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  8. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Good on you Martha. Can't wait to see how it looks with the new cut. :bravo:

    My stylist uses styling products to complete the style/look (I requested root lift and mousse) and she uses wax to define it and then sprays me liberally with hair spray.

    I'll PM you a few pics so you can see how mine looks too. :hairy:
  9. starbabies

    starbabies Guest

    I am not sure if I did it right...I have checked this haircut out because it seems to comb everything from the back. (Does that make sense)

    http://0.tqn.com/d/beauty/1/0/M/D/1/ash ... aircut.jpg

    I am not sure how to embed the image. See if the link works. Good luck!!!
  10. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Tried to send some pics, but it (the whatever it is that lets a person PM) would not let me! :roll:
  11. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Yeah that's the foward combover LOL! :laugh: It works well if you don't have crown loss.
  12. Martha716

    Martha716 Guest

    Starbabies, that is a really cute cut. Not sure I could achieve it as my hair is wavy as well as balding.....but I can dream for today, can't I? :)
  13. buttercup

    buttercup Guest

    Hey Martha,

    I used to wear that style and loved it (cute, easy to care for, dries fast) but after a while I found it hard to get a cut that didn't make me look like a clown (flat on top, frizzy on the sides). If you're covering up with wigs that shouldn't be an issue, though! My hair looks about like yours on top. I used toppik when I let my bangs grow out and pulled my hair back into a ponytail. It worked pretty well to hide scalp at the crown, but it took a lot of work and hair spray to look halfway presentable. Wearing hair is so much easier.
  14. Martha716

    Martha716 Guest

    I think it is a kind of either way situation, buttercup. Like, I could just have the heavy bangs and the pony tail but I wonder if I'd prefer it short or not. I may very well regret it, but then what much IS there to regret? The hair is fairly unpresentable at the moment.... :$

    If I have to grow it out from the pixie, I'd only be growing out the back and sides as the front will stay as it is (I use it with my wigs). That will take a year. By then there will be MORE loss and...well, I may be growing "it" out without any "it" to grow :roll:
  15. buttercup

    buttercup Guest

    it's pretty easy to grow out a pixie if you don't like it -- except maybe for the bangs. (Last time, it took me almost a year to get the long enough to comb up and back into my pony tail.). When I've gotten a really good short cut, I vow never to grow it out again. :) Then I'd get a series of 'bleh' cuts and go back to shoulder length.

    I hope you love it! If you find someone who can give you a great short cut, be sure to take a picture so they know what they did and can recreate it when you go back for a trim!
  16. AngelGirl

    AngelGirl Guest

    I have a question about the pixie cut and wigs. I figure that if/probably when I go into wigs, I will want a pixie cut too - because I just don't know if I will ever be able to do the full shave. Anyways, how do wigs stay on? Do, you still use clips somehow? Or do you use a mesh wig cap? I worry about traction alopecia with clips, and I don't know if I would have enough hair to make them effective in the front anyways. I've been looking at the Fortune Wigs - medical wigs. They have some kind of material around the perimeter that is supposed to prevent slipage. But I don't know if this would still work if you have a little bit of hair.
  17. Martha716

    Martha716 Guest

    Angelgirl, it all depends on the type of wig you use. If you are talking about full lace, the stuff needs taping! but if you are talking about a normal wefted wig, you can keep them on without clips unless you are doing some sports or maybe if you are going to have people grab your head.

    One of the reason I always sew clips into my wigs is that if I am going somewhere in which people are likely to hug me, I want that wig NOT to move! So I clip it on even if it is only a short synthetic (the least likely wigs to move, in my experience). You don't have to use clips just because they are there, but when you want them (sudden high wind, party, etc) it is wonderful to have that reassurance.

    You don't need long hair to clip them to, maybe an inch or so is enough. You do need SOME hair, though and my temples are getting very weak so they are less useful for clipping.

    In the back, a pony tail anchors a wig nicely. However, if you no longer have a pony tail because you cut your hair off (like I am going to do) then you may need a clip back there, too. I'll let you know.....

    You usually would need clips for long wigs as long wigs can easily get pulled, but you don't have to use the clips all the time either...

  18. AngelGirl

    AngelGirl Guest

    Martha, thank you so much for the reply. That's really good to know about the wigs. I really like one of the shortests ones they have on the Fortune Wigs website - a 12". that is closer to how my hair is now anyways. One of the differences between the medical wigs and the regular wigs, besides the clips, is that the medical wigs have adjustable straps while the regular wigs have a drawstring for tightening. I like the idea of the drawstring better than the straps. I guess I will maybe end up calling them with some of my questions. Good luck with your hair cut. I can't wait to hear how it turns out. :)
  19. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    I prefer the adjustable straps for tightening - how funny! :hairy: With the clips for clipping wigs to your bio hair, it's not just length that makes them work - it's density. This has been my biggest challenge and I cannot use them at the sides at all.
  20. Martha716

    Martha716 Guest

    My temple clips are useless now. Vlal, so I either use a comb at the top of my head and/or clips elsewhere. Very hard to work them, however, when they are far into the wig as you have to reach under the darn wig...

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