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Possible Triggers

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by Miranda, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Miranda

    Miranda Guest

    Okay I know that Alopecia Areata is caused by some kind of trigger, so I was trying to think of things I did before my alopecia started that I had never done before. I think the best way to find out what is happening to us is right here WITH US. How many of you...

    1. Giving birth

    2. Pets-I never owned a cat or dog untill right before it started.

    3. Went out of state for the first time (TN) change of climate?

    4. Drink tap water

    Something to ponder...please correct me if I am wrong

    1. No alopecian was born Bald, so something in their enviorment had to have caused it. Which would explain why our blood tests are fine.

    2. Allergies?

    Whenever I am to the point where I can LIVE with this disease another spot appears.THis FU*^& sucks

    The worst part......I think I am going to start losing My eyebrows :cry: :cry:
  2. Cat

    Cat Guest

    Hi Miranda,

    Yes this does suck. My Alopecia Areata started about the same time as yours did. Interestingly enough, 3 months prior I discontinued the use of birth control. I've lost soooo much of my hair. I had extensions put in back in June and they have enabled me to feel ok. Now, however, the hair is so thin that the extensions totally show. I wish this was not happening to me, or to you. I feel 'ruined', my self-esteem, my outlook on life. I have become withdrawn even from my kids.

    I know, I know, I know...I am not my hair. But I'm a different person without it and I like the old me much better.

  3. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    Hi Miranda & Cat :)

    I've had Alopecia Areata since I was 4 & I'm 54 now. I'm really not sure what my triggers might have been through the years my Alopecia Areata flared up.

    My Alopecia Areata went into a long remission when I was around 20 . It didn't even flare up when I was pregnant with my 3 children or post partum either. At around 40 it all started again. I'm not sure if being perimenopausal had something do do with triggering it.

    This last bout of Alopecia Areata was the most severe. In the past I was always successful gettting regrowth with treatments and the Alopecia Areata would settle down for a time. This time though treatmnets worked for awhile eventually I had to give up and accept that I was going to lose all my hair. My brows and lashes were next to go and that had never happened before.

    Alopecia Areata doesn't seem to follow a rhyme or reason . In the two plus years that I have been in support groups for Alopecia Areata I haven't found two people whose Alopecia Areata acted in a similar way not even when two members in the same family had Alopecia Areata. Very frustrating I know.

    According to info from NAAF you may be more genetically susceptible to developing Alopecia Areata if:

    You have another family member with Alopecia Areata

    Have other auto immune diseases early onset diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, vitiligo, lupus, thyroiditis & inflammatory bowel disease

    Suffer from allerdies, asthma, hay fever & eczema

    All these factors can be applied to my case : I had a great grandmother who had Alopecia Areata, had eczema as a child, have allergies and have two other autoimmune conditions.

    Early onset of Alopecia Areata (before puberty) also has a poorer prognosis and Alopecia Areata will usually be chronic. I think I was very fortunate to have had those 20 years of remission. It could have been so much worse for me.

    Hope this info helps. Take care. Hugs. Joann

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  4. Lil Nik

    Lil Nik Guest

    The first time I lost hair I am pretty sure was stress related. I had recently gotten divorced, quit my job of 7 years, and lost a very close friend in a car accident. So... if stress causes my hair loss how can I stop stressing about loosing my hair.. seems to be an evil circle to me! :) I have grown in some hair in the original bald spots but now the sides seem to be very thin. Nobody can see these but me and let me tell you how it ruins my mood everyday when I am doing my hair in the morning, noticing new thin areas. One of the hardest parts if this for me is some of the people that know I have Alopecia Areata seem to think I'm being vain. There is nothing vain about not wanting to loose your hair.. how do we get the word out so the world understands what we are going through?
  5. Miranda

    Miranda Guest

    My hair started to fall out and everytimeI am just comfortable with it to where I think that I can handle it another spot appers.....now I am starting to lose my eyebrows. LikeI said just when I was willing to accept it how it was the ground gets ripped out from underneath of me again...........I feel like a freak....A month ago a wig seemed so horrrible but losing my eyebrows is definalty worse

    BTW-Has anyone heard from AT-A -loss? She always had a way of making me feel better. AndI have not seen her posts.....
  6. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    Hi ((((Miranda,))))

    I have been in touch with At A Loss. She doesn't post here anymore but wanted me to let you know that she thinks of you often and was so proud when you did the newspaper article. She is sending BIG HUGS your way & knows you have the strength to get through this difficult time. I feel the same way because only a very strong person would have been able to do the newspaper article. You are an inspiration to all Miranda.

    All my best. Hugs. Joann
  7. Miranda

    Miranda Guest

    Hi Joanne

    Do they post on a different website? Because I have noticed a lot of people missing...Well I hope they realize how much of a impact they had on the lives of those around them....and they find thier way back......
  8. megsdoo

    megsdoo Guest

    Hi Miranda:

    I'm new to the board and I also have Alopecia Areata and having a hard time with it.
  9. sawyersmom

    sawyersmom Guest

    hi miranda........

    I agree with you that this hairmare sucks.....i have lost eyebrow hair as well. I just look overplucked. you are not alone hon.

    if you ever need someone to talk to....let me know.

  10. ruthie

    ruthie Guest

    Hi Eveyone, I have a question does anyone with Alopecia Areata or hairloss have hard time talking with family freds without speaking of hairloss ,..ias diagnosd with Alopecia Areata in june 2004 and i haven't been same i find try and sociaize best i can and laugh talk about othr things ,but especially when i speak to my sisters i finasteride myself taking about Alopecia Areata i know they can't do anything for me and i'm so SCARED and the last conversation i had with my sister iives away left me in tears she is tired hearing about it i guess when i just found a new bare spot at top of my head ,i was a mess i have enough underneath i can't style my hair i have so easy because it's diffused alot , she thinks everything is always about me ,it's not i am a compassionate caring person , i suffer ocd obsess alot when under stress ,i was wondering if anyone can tell me how i can keep this to myself, i have always been a fearful person ,but Alopecia Areata really change my life it's like greiving i just don't think anyone should judge ones behavior at difficult time like this some days i'm okay than when i have to wash my hair or see a new bare spot it starts all over again .... has anyone else ever had problem with family understanding them about hairloss? thank you for listening , best wishes to all:} Ruthie
  11. losinit47

    losinit47 Guest

    Ruthie..I wont even try to tell family..In my case,they will just throw things in my face that really they know nothing about..I cant go on about this cause I have a sense of respect and privacy 'for them' but for me it would not work.
    But, I have heard that some people really get caring and understanding from the family members.....but at the same time, some people are the types that just cannot stand to hear the same thing talked about over again...the understanding goes just so far..of course this is from not being in your shoes..they can never know how it is killing you..Sometimes this fact makes me want to scream and rip someones face off...Lord am I angry today..sorry..
    Ruthie, you have us here, always know that..this is what I have to lean on too, I understand that even tho this site is a God send, it does not take the place of people in your real world..but again, this is all I have to lean on...lean on us Ruthie
  12. ruthie

    ruthie Guest

    losinit,i'm sorry that your having a bad day today ,are you having your get together that you spoke of with friends,oh i hope it goes well and you cheer up, i know it's hard at times .....Well i am trying to read a book its called 'pulling your own strings'and i'm on a chapter where it says you will never realy get someone to understand what you are going thorough or feel what you are really feeling bad upset about so true, i know my sisters love and care about me and i do them also ,i won't say anymore either but i am going to try so hard not to mention my hairloss problem to them ,i' so used to telling whats on my mind i obsess not meing to so this will be DIFFICULT ,iam also having few bad days and top it off i had those palpitations their scarey ,i forget who else mentioned on here they also get them ,ever since i was diagnosed with alopecia my symptoms are more frequent ,too many fears at once ...well my B/F listens and i thank you and others here for kindness and support ,for me i just need to take my xanax as prescribed i try be brave take one a day ,but this Sadness Worry Crying over hairloss is exhausting it's on my mind 24/7 even when i'm cleaning or busy so now i need to listen to relaxation cd's try get rid these panicky feelings ,losin i guess we all need try stay strong i wish best for everyone take care try enjoy yourself tonight i'll be thinking of you :} Ruthie
  13. losinit47

    losinit47 Guest

    Ruthie..tx so much..I am so down and negative today..yes, I have my get togther tonite, nervous about my hair but what can I do?. I'll do my best with the styling..I hope the lights are low...I'm sorry you have such panic, its awful..I wish I could take Xanax..My doctor gave me some once but if makes me too sleepy, and I have such a problem with sleepiness anyway.
    tx you for your kind words Ruthie..
  14. AmandaC

    AmandaC Guest

    I understand completely ruthie and losinit. I can't mention my hairloss to my family anymore because their sympathy and compassion had a limit and evidently I crossed it pretty quickly. I come here because I know I am welcome and I am just like all the women here who are hurting and searching for answers. So come here and cry and vent and talk all you want! We are here to listen and learn together.
  15. ruthie

    ruthie Guest

    Amanda c, How are you? i wanted to thank you also ,when i joined here you gave me alot support and understanding i'm happy to hear from you ,...i'm sorry to hear your family has a limit to sympathy etc about your hairloss, i guess thats what Happened with mine, it just hurts to be the victim of this emotional pain to live it everyday ya know i put on a happy face even when i'm sad inside at times ,but like the days that are unbearable like past few days is difficult ,it's such a vicious cycle ,it's so hard to be Silent about hairloss and sadness and fear of the worse ,i do have 2 friends that call me but they are very understanding ,and i say call at your own risk ,because most time i do talk about how my life has changed watching my hairloss not get better ,it weighs heavy on my mind ...but i do also lose myself in some laughter about other things on the phone ,i appreciate this forum eveyone is so kind and understanding ....Amanda i hope you have a nice weekend i need to get caught up on reading more posts geez i get confused skipping around from the other sites ,this is wonderful that we can share our feelings on all of them ,well im going to watch my soaps i even started checking everones hair out on there geez i'm consumed ..Hug's to you Amanda:} Ruthie
  16. ruthie

    ruthie Guest

    losinit ,your so welcome oh i feel for you that you had a bad day, tonite may be fun for you help you forget the day, i know how you feel really you have my support, i know you said you may have a Baileys that would be nice to enjoy one of those ,i give you alot credt for having a get together, that's a positive thing to do and good for you losinit.....i'm going try do some christma shopping tomorrow ,walking around mall makes me very nervous because right side towards back of my hair is shorter it's noticable and so much hair is gone underneath ...years ago i bought these Revlon Hair extensions that clip in hair just to see how they were i never used them i had thick hair ,i was curious and they were on sale, only thing is i can't clip them on underneath bare areas i thought i could make right side even filled in but it's impossible and i'm afraid to have anything pull on my hair i have ,ugh this is frustrating ,so i will try get through the day and especially without buying no new hair products i wasted so much money already ,i am hoping my dr wil maybe try do more tests if it is the immune system and really Alopecia Areata i wish they had an idea what the trigger could have been ,i read in a cosmotology book that something injured the nervous system,i know i was under stress few months before this happened and not eating much so it's 2 years now so if it was stress than hairloss alopecia causing more what a mystery ....please let us know how your nite went ,i'm happy you will be around friends , many Hugs to you. ttys ruthie
  17. joanne

    joanne Guest

    hi, everyone. i haven't posted in a long time but was reading your page and my heart really hurts. i have no one to talk to about this as i keep this a secret from everyone - except my husband. but although he knows i wear wigs, i never, ever let him see me without it. we laugh about it sometimes, he is really caring, but i can't stand it anymore. i want to be normal. my hairloss is not alopecia but pattern baldness. i stared when i was about 12 yrs. old. i always had thin fine hair but didn't realize i was loosing it until a "friend" said to me on the way to school "your bald in the back, you have hardly any hair on top". i never forgot her words and the way i felt - like i wanted to die. that feeling has never left me from that day to this and i'm now in my early fifties. i simply can't talk about this to anyone, that little girl inside is so ashamed. the really strange thing about all this is that with the wig on i look really pretty. i'm not being vain just truthfull. but i know it's all a lie. i guess i'm going through a bad time. i wish i had more courage instead of hiding but i don't
  18. BrokenWings

    BrokenWings Guest

    Add me to the can't talk to family list. My situation is a little different though. You see I am the one who is supposed to take care of everything when my mom passes(she is 80) This includes the care for my mentally ill sister. My other siblings are not trustworthy enough to take on all the responsibility so it was always understood that I would be the one. Now however, I have this tumor and things are uncertain. My family should be there for me but it always gets turned around and I hear"what are WE supposed to do if you are not around? You can't die. You have things people are counting on you to take care of." My mom is the biggest culprit so I can't really even lean on her. I know they need me but I could use some understanding here. I didn't ask to be sick. Sooooo I don't talk to them about it anymore cause I somehow become the bad guy for being sick. It's unfortunate cause I don't know whats going to happen to me and I could really use a hug from a sister or brother once in a while.
  19. ruthie

    ruthie Guest

    Joanne, i'm sorry to hear that you had hairloss since age of 12 ,i don't know how that girl could have said what she did to you ,i know hard to get a thought out of your head like that but don't feel ashamed ,you sound like a wonderful person and your husband sounds like he is so supportive and caring ....I'm glad that you feel pretty with your wig on ...my b/f tells me just get a wig that makes me feel better knowing he will still look at me same.....Some people i know say just get extensions they will never ever understand i can't ....I feel so Alone until i come here read and share thoughts hear others Theirs so many times i want to just go out do things socialize and i'm too tired at times to fix hair i have if i didn't have this alopecia i would stay front mirror hours not complain ,...but i try do best i can ,i rationalize because i don't know what triggered mine ..best wishes to you continue to feel pretty.:p Ruthie
  20. ruthie

    ruthie Guest

    Brokenwings, i'm so sorry that you have another illness, i FEEL for you sounds like you do so much ,How do you do it, yes you sure should get some understanding for sure from family ,especially what you are going through ,sounds like you are a caretaker i know it's got to be so stressful for you, ...i took care of my mom when she had cancer until she passed away and my brother needed me because he had an addiction and he passed away ,I find the only one that cares what i'm going through is my b/f ,i have arthritis in my lower back it gets really bad at times ,i was always there for family now i need kindness and understanding or just a call ask how am i dealing with life at this time ,they know i'm a mess get very symptomatic than i get palpitations and anxiety rarely goes away ,.....I hope that you get better try and stay strong (((((Diane)))) take care of yourself :} Many Many Hug's to you Ruthie

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