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Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by Miranda, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. RobinL71

    RobinL71 Guest

    Hi Ruthie... well... I've been pretty sad and desperate over the past several months due to the fact that when I was 100 pounds heavier... I was miserable but had a head full of gorgeous hair... but finding this board and implementing new and positive things into my life appear to be helping me... I'm now convinced that the reason I'm going through this is so that I can help others deal... I'm actually considering writing a book on my various trials and tribulations with obesity, hair loss, etc... and calling it "Venus Rising" (The name of my business is Venus Bodyworks so that I can help all women who want my help to find their inner venus). Anyway... I only have CTE... which for myself (not speaking for others just me)... CTE is not nearly as traumatizing as Androgenetic Alopecia and Alopecia Areata... so you gals are my heros... As an aside... if you want to tone up your muscles... don't be afraid to use heavier weights and work hard... alot of women think that using heavy weights will cause them to bulk like men... this is a myth and in fact it's using low weight/high reps that yield a soft look... heavy weightlifting combined with sensible cardio and nutrition is how I lost all my excess weight and toned up... and it's how over 100 of my clients are losing weight and toning up as well... Also... when you work out twice per day.. I hope this doesn't mean you are lifting twice per day... overtraining the muscles can undermine your efforts... go to my website: http://www.venusbodyworks.com I'm fairly busy with my business and can't provide the same one on one, in depth assistance I offer to my paid clients... but I'm always willing to help out those who need my help but can't necessarily afford to hire a trainer...
  2. the_girl_who

    the_girl_who Guest

    hey ruthie and hello to venus (checked out your website, thats something to be proud...quick question....havent done any exercise in ages. Thinking of doing some running. Last time I did do this....I over did it and went all dizzy. Should I progress slowly?)
    Ruthie, you did make me giggle, not about bumping your head but thinking it may do some good! Hah. I have had the same thought or even thinking it may make my hair fall out even more. My boyfriend picked me up and forgot how low his ceiling was and I just went SMACK right into it. It really hurt! Laugh about it now.

    Suduko is a mathmatical thing. You have a box and in the box are other boxes. You have to make sure you get the numbers 1 - 9 going down and up in the columns but also to go 1 - 9 in each seperate boxes. Never repeat a number. Its confusing to explain but if you type suduko in google there will be so many results. It works for me as I just get absorbed in trying to solve it.

    Had a bit of a crap day today, very tearful getting scared about the future and going back to university. Ahhh its shit! I get so angry as well like I start hating everyone, but these people I hate are my loved ones why am I thinking this! My sister text today asking what you up to I'm with a friend getting ready to go out. Makes me so jeoulous. She is my twin sister and she is absolutely fine. Not losing a single hair and she is having the time of her life. Meh makes me start crying now. Just want what everyone else has. Guess that aint the way life works. I just really feel like I cant go on today. Been real low suffering from horrible pains in my head. Hopefully feel better tomo.

    So ruthie you like your soaps? Do you watch Ugly Betty? I quite like it, its so stupid. I wouldnt say Ugly Betty is ugly at all! Big brother is on in the UK at the mo so kinda watching that aw well. NOT GOOD! Anyway I guess I should go to bed.

    Hope you had a good day. Hope you dont mind me asking but whats your profession? I'm a student but I am on summer holidays right now. Normally I would be working my ass off like I did last summer but I have no confidence to face a job let alone working in a cafe. That stressed me out last year because putting my hair up was a problem. Some girl started bugging me asking why I always covered hair past my ears....its because above them I had no hair. Meh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    want to scream loudly and just cry but I just cant. meh meh meh
    anyway sending love to all of you lot out there because I know how horrible some of you all feel and its nasty stuff. x
  3. RobinL71

    RobinL71 Guest

    If you haven't been running for awhile...you should build back up to it...
    try walking/running combos for a bit... see how that feels... then slowly increase the running portion of the combo until you are able to run a satisfactory distance. Let me know how you make out.
    Oh... and even though you shouldn't eat right before running... you should make sure you have a good nutritious meal at least two hours prior... the dizziness maybe a blood sugar thing.
    You should also try eating within 20 minutes of running... again for blood sugar reasons.
  4. ruthie

    ruthie Guest


    Hi Venusbw, i just checked your website out wow you look fabulous .i would never ever think you had a weight probem you should be so prod of yourselfand now your helping others ,you should write a book ,honestly when you mention hairloss and losing weight i have had long history eating disorders 'Bulimia ' and right before Alopecia Areata in 2004 i was out of controll i was under alot stress so i would binge and purge ,i was told that my body wasn't getting any nutrients or vitamins and my family always swears they think my hailoss is from eating disorder......but i told the Derm he just blew it off ....but it will be a year and 3 months i haven't had any bouts of buimia .but i know still don't eat right and i am still battling a weight problem sort of ,i always say i need to gain hair lose weight lol...i don't ake vitamins i'm afraid if Alopecia Areata is an overworked immune system will the vitamins be good i question everything ,i suffer wh OCD so i worry about everything .....i don't think a day has gone sine 2004 with Alopecia Areata that i'm not stressing about hairloss .....for the weights i may try 10 lbs i need firm the underarm area if you know what i mean ,my roblem is i don't like meat andthey say your hair made from protein i know that and i'm going try eat maybe fish i did eat red meat few weeks ago so i will see ......i know you said when you had weight problem ou had alot hair ,omg same here i could brush my hair so hard maybe 2 hairs came out ,than through years on and off i had shedding hair when i tryed lose weight and became vegatarian sems when i ate bad foods i never shed any hair , just can't win ,but i have seen alot bulimics on tv shows have tons hair so its a mystery ..thank you for sharing i think if you writ a book it would be wonderful, it would help others...well i have to go to my md soon i have been eating cereal and i gained 5 lbs so he gives mr that not so good look ,it said on box dood way to lose weight ,can ask where you are from? take care bye now. Ruthie
  5. ruthie

    ruthie Guest


    Hi the_girl_who oh i'm sorry you had a crappy day yesterday ,i know haow you must feel going back to the university,i don't have a profession .i did help my sister at this Bar but since Alopecia Areata anxiety ocd i can't do much right now long story......my confidence is really bad also ,....well you and i do think alike in many ways don't feel bad about way ou feel about being angry and hating your family ,you have a twin sister wow ,i can relate to how you feel when she tells u shes going out etc you are stuck Alopecia Areata.....when my sister calls me tells me she is going out with her friend ,i cry when get off the phone ,hard to show happy emotions i don't mean to sound selfish just that i really don't want o know ,i'm depressed want to be so many places it gets to be a struggle .....it's why my other sister that lives away is visiting in july my sister said we will have a girls night out, it scares me i know i won't be going ,i'll go to lunch or try shop thats it.....i don't care what anyone says Alopecia Areata is difficult to live with and all other hairloss others have ,i just want to be understood by those that don't have a clue what it's like ...yesterday a friend called me that has panic attacks and she said just by talking with me telling me what she is feeling going through helped her ,thats how i feel i always listen with kindness and few only few others say oh not hair again ,makes me angry sad and than i feel ore Alone ......that math game sounds like fun i will have to look it up, i'm gpoing to my md in about 5 min i have that brown liner covering big bare spot on top ,embarrasing .council group went okay last night ,this girl will say i can't tell where your hairloss is i thought if i didn't conceal it she would .she just started group so i told her my hair was over shoulder but this awful Alopecia Areata took it away ,i guess im' in one those down moods today take care i hope you feel better today ,i hope i anwswered everything hard when can't forward like in an e mail see what other person wrote as your writing i have web tv ,i don't want a pc i want hair more lol ,okay i'll end on that . Bye for now Ruthie
  6. RobinL71

    RobinL71 Guest

    hi Ruthie... I'm from New Hampshire...it's a pretty decent place to live...I like to ski so it's nice in the winter...
  7. the_girl_who

    the_girl_who Guest

    Hey. Alopecia Areata is a struggle, it puts your life on stand still and you are living every day but not getting anywhere if you know what I mean? I mean you are standing up to it and fighting it by going to these councilling meetings. You aint sitting around doing nout about it. I find it hard to talk to people about my Alopecia Areata. I reckon in the end we will except it. It will take time and our confidence will come back and finally we can be happy with our selves again. But again i'm speaking for you here Ruthie because I think you are so much stronger than you think you are. You have it in you to get through this. When is your sister coming by?
    My sister text me unexpectedly yesterday asking me to text her ASAP. I did and she had a boyfriend problem. I mean i'm glad she can come to me and talk to me about her problems. It makes me realise she really doesnt have a clue what i'm going through though.

    I cant bring myself to talk to my own sister about it or my parents because I feel it wont get me anywhere. I am always trying to please them by working hard at uni just so I can hear a well done, we are proud of you. But they were happy with me today as I past my theory for my driving exam so its just the final test left! Hah lots of training for that. I did a spot of shopping as well.....bought myself another hat. I seriously have a big collection now! Ah i'm spending money I dont have. Its stupid.
    I hated the mirros it just made me realise how much I really couldnt live without a hat now.

    I'm getting more excited for saturday though. I am catching a train to my boyfriends house. Its a bit of a trek....about 3 and a bit hours to get to London then 2 and a half hours from there. I cant wait to see him. Its been 2 weeks (hah.....but I'm used to seeing him everyday but since we finished for the summer we live on completely different parts of the UK).

    I have been trying to stay more calm and less snappy today. I really feel like exercise would help me though. I cant really concentrate on that while at my boyfriends so when I'm back home I will begin. Whilst I am away though I am going to visit some wig places in London along with this clinic. I will keep you updated on that and I probably will have many questions I will ask and want opnions and all that jazz.

    Anyway want to say thank you Ruthie for just being there, reading my posts and things. I feel a bit self involved because I mean I know this really isnt a place for diary entries....the amount I write it seems like it. All of you ladies on here are an inspiration. Anyway bed. :roll:
  8. ruthie

    ruthie Guest

    t_g_W, Oh thats wonderful you passed your drivers test good for you, even though your trying get through this Alopecia Areata you did something positive,i'm so happy for you,i went to see my md few days ago ,he can see how Alopecia Areata is affecting my daily life and socializing etc ,so he asked if i wanted a second opinion with another Derm, i would like try get a scalp biopsy i never had one i know i need to accept what i can't change ,sometimes i feel strong and than other times not .....i always like reading your posts, every word has helped me in many way's,sharing your feeling about Alopecia Areata...i hope you enjoy your train ride to see your boyfriend thank's again for your kindness ...have a great weekend and everyone else here bye now. ruthie
  9. the_girl_who

    the_girl_who Guest

    hey ruthie just checking by, how are you? hope you had a good weekend....cant believe its friday! hope all is well x
  10. ruthie

    ruthie Guest

    Hi the _girl_who, I was thinking about you ,wondering how your train ride went to see your b/f,i hope you had a good time.....Oh i wish i could say i'm doing okay but i'm not....my md wants me to see another Derm well i think i posted it here ...and i'm scared and i want help but i'm afraid side effects from Rogaine or whatever he may want to try ,so i'm trying think of way to cover bare area on top my head so i thought sunglasses ,i'm used to rubbing that brown eyeliner on never ever leave my apt without concealing it ,but he will need to look on my scalp so this will be in August ..Did you look at any wigs yet ? its's humid hot here in Pa i think how would it be with wig on in this kind weather ....i have to force myself to go out ,so now i take a xanax right before i leave my apt, i bought all these new clothes shoes purses it's like they mean nothing without my longer thick hair i had ,sorry for the negativety ,but i'm trying to get a therapist to help me deal with this Alopecia Areata ......i gained 10 lbs now i have 2 problems hard to get it off ,the one positive thing i do is exercise but i was eating chocolate kind makes me feel better not on scale ,take care your always in my thoughts stay strong.:wink: Ruthiex
  11. the_girl_who

    the_girl_who Guest

    hello ruthie,
    my stay with my b/f was really good. I am so much more relaxed and happy there. I'm now back home with my parents and they are at work or busy most of the time So i spend days by myself (expect 2 pet dogs who stink out my room!). Not been home long and I already feel so miserable and just burst into tears like a snap of a twig.

    Thats cool you went shopping got your self some nice things but understand where you coming from. Whats the point of having nice things when you feel horrible. I think you should embrace these new clorthes though, they must make you feel good one way or another. Take a best feauture of your body or face and just be happy with that.

    Anyhow....I went to 2 places in London. One place called White Cliffs (which used to be called Farrel....places in the USA). They offered a system of european hair with lace. So good ventilation, looked good when on (saw loads of photos) even tried one on but I didnt actually look in the mirror as the wig felt so heavy on my head I thought I must look ridculous. However, boyfriend said it looked alright even better if it was properly fitted. I really liked the idea and this whole system. BUT.....

    ITS SOO EXPENSIVE! Hah So i dont have that money right now. You cant just have 1 you need 2 of these systems so it comes to about 3000 pounds! 1500 pound each. Dont know what it is in dollers. They have a foundation there where you can put forward your story and they take 50% off as long as you have photos of before and after so future clients can see. I think I have to let that 1 go since its money I dont have.

    2nd place I went to was Trendco. It took some courage to walk in there but the set out was nice with wigs everywhere! A girl younger than me 19, showed me around and asked what I was looking for. She didnt push me to try any on and gave me some good advice on how I could get wigs cheaper. I got some magazines showing varietys of different makes, style of wigs. She told me she had alopecia areata and was wearing a wig. I would have never noticed she was, it looked really nice.

    Its freaking me out though, I going to visit this place near me and probably will take a step in trying some on. Then there is the step of cutting/shaving remaining of my hair. Ahhhhhh!

    I just dont know where to turn where to go. I noticed really really light hair popping up, some darker areas as well on the top of my scalp. I dont know if is called peachfuzz....(what is that?).....or if its hair coming back and growing instead of staying a cm short.

    I really Hope the new derm will be helpful for you. But check out askdocweb.com that questions and answers about rogaine/minoxidil and even this forum helped with my decision on whether or not it was for me. I decided no because apparently its not really for people with alopecia areata. Thats awesome you doing the exercise, how do you just get up and do it? I really want to get into it but i'm unfit so the whole idea of it is just urghhhhh.

    I hope you have a good weekend, relax! Take care xxx
  12. ruthie

    ruthie Guest

    the_girl_who. i' so happy that you had a nice time and visit with your b/f and especially relaxed thats great,he sounds so supportive it's so nice you can share your feelings about you Alopecia Areata with him,my b/f is same way his favorie words are 'Don't worry about it' lol and when he tells me that i feel brave and secure until ,i have to go some where and he's gone to work......thats good that you got to go to some wig stores ,oh i know some are so expensive wow ,3,000 thats alot .....i know when my sister bought me wig months ago when i first tryed it on felt heavy and like a mop ,but it needed to be cut some at least little below shoulder's this was too long,it's so sad all of us here jus want normal hair and a solution ,i always had hard time shopping for clothes never in my wildest dreams did i think i would be shopping for hair ,its really hard and emotional,and painful ......i hope you find something that will make you happy and feel good on your head ....oh i hope thos hairs are going keep growing for you ,i'm happy for you.....i get confused too about any hairs i see or feel too, like top i felt little stubbles for months but they aren't growng ...thank you for the advice on me seeing this second Derm cause i'm so scared ,this HLfeels like a dream i just can't believe how it changed my life.....i have been reading some' Quotes of wisdom 'my councler at the group i go to has me do one quote a week than tell in one paragraph what t means to me and i have read it to the group...he wants me stop looking up so much stuff on hairloss on internet ,but i feel the compulsion still do it ,but i love reading biography so i do take a small break lol.....Well i force myself to exercise it's like i feel guilty if i miss doing them ,plus i gained 10 lbs oh i don't need 2 problems lol......oh i think i told you congrats on passing your drivers test i'm sorry i meant your exam you mentioned ,my mind so messed up,i think i got it right lol..anyway i see alot positive in you ,i hope to try work on like what you said others areas of good things about myself....when i get a nice compliment from someone i say oh but my hair ,i know i have to stop this ,but all i could is keep trying ,take care have a ice weekend.:p Ruthie
  13. the_girl_who

    the_girl_who Guest

    Hey ruthie, feeling scared about tomo but putting a brave face on. I would like to hear some of your quotes if you dont mind sharing them...may inspire me. I think researching hair loss is a good way of coming to terms with it......I used to advoid them because they always made me upset but then I thought I need to look at them to understand as much as I can do about alopecia. One website which left me feeling odd was one which said....some people often keep looking for a cure but in the end it maybe best for them to come to terms with it.......that hid me hard because I thought it sounds like you giving up hope but I dont know I guess I have stopped looking for a cure now.
    You will have to say how this new derm was....I am going back to the docters in december who will then refer me onto a derm. I'm only doing this so then they can refer me on to NHS and i can get free wigs.....hopefully I will be happy with wigs......I just cant believe how I got by last time i suffered from alopecia areata. I was in complete denial about the way I looked and what was going on but things sorted itself out and I went 2 years without suffering from it again.
    Anyway, I will prob post again about tomo I can imagine to say about my day and I probably will have questions and worries to cry about.
    Hope you had a better day......also maybe you could send some sunshine rays to England....its raining non stop here!!! its meant to be summer!!! xxxx
  14. the_girl_who

    the_girl_who Guest

    hey ruthie, hope all is well.....i havent been on here for awhile....dont think I seen many posts from you so hope your alright x

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